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News HYIP-industry (15-21.09.2014)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Another week in the field of investment has come to an end and, as always, some projects stop their work, in exchange for them new programs with different preferences and perspectives open. We have added several new projects under protection and one time-tested and stable work MaverBet, for which a full review is being prepared. We pay our partners generous and, if possible, 100% compensation for the unfair work of some admins, so even when you are in the red, you will be in the black with us!

New projects: - srednepribylny project with numerous tariff plans to choose from. Depending on the
the plan you choose the deposit is returned at the end of the term or part of the payments made by the accrual
calendar days. The minimum deposit amount of $ 10 for a period of accommodation from 15 days. Project design is a bit
gloomy, but unique. The project assembled a remarkable technical terms, ssl-enabled green
line. - not a bad mullion, was added to the portal at the beginning of the week. The technique is great, plans
workers, automatic payments. The program offers its investors 1% -2% on 20-30 working days. there is
small comments on the site, the project development is proceeding normally. is an interesting middle interest on metal recycling. Technical data
comply with the standards, the yield on the investment plans reasonable. Tariffs are divided into 2 type
investment, included in the deposit payment and return of the deposit at the end of the period. Term of deposit placement
for all tariffs is 30 days from the expected net yield of 17% -30%. The minimum deposit amount
to participate in the program 10 $. Overall, not bad, look at how the administrator will manifest itself by the development. is a high-quality middle interest with mlm roots, specializing in issuing
microloans. The project has just recently started and has already raised considerable buzz in the investor community, from the start
showered decent contributions. Marketing offers to earn 150% total return for the 30 days, distributing
payments 50% of the contribution of every 10 days. The minimum fee is $ 10. Advertising Project goes on
sms, e-mail and skype mailing lists, the theme fixed on mmgp forum for the promotion took all experienced refovody.

bench: - once again you can make sure that piggy banks with an unlimited investment period and
the possibility of withdrawal of the deposit at any time, do not live long in recent years. Though it was possible to
earn here to 15 10% of profit for the days of work and the plan allows, but the risks were very high. - paid regularly for 48 days, at the end of the payment delays grew into theirs
and the absence of moving to the problematic section. Marketing a period of work for a relatively small
proposed to 250 days, but had the opportunity to withdraw the deposit before the time and stay in profit. By
Observations are potential investors were few, mostly played alone monitors. - worked for 40 days, giving investors the opportunity to complete
full circle in 30 days and come out with a profit of 45%. Fearing the outflow of funds before completing admin
investment period proposed changes in the tariff plans for a period of 5 days, but apparently members
such a proposal is not interested. At the end it was held only small payments, other requests
canceled, so we went feykovye payments. The project does not pay, recorded at the bench.

Events: - as you know, in the project it was possible to enter funds from one payment system and
interest free display to another. With the 1 2014 October, the conditions for the withdrawal of funds will be changed. output without
Commission will be possible only in the payment system, from which was made the completion, in other
cases will be charged a fee of 3% of the withdrawal amount. If the deposit is in the system will be placed on
for more than 30 days, the Commission on the withdrawal of the other payment system will not be charged.
Ahead of schedule for the planned innovations. Early news was reported on the opening of the spring of the year 2015
own office, but this event is already held in October 1 2014 years. The company's office is located in
Moscow, near the metro station Savelovskaya. - please note that from 17.09.14 a new one has been included in the user agreement
paragraph, which reads:
During a panic on the forums, social networks and other illegal actions, which lead to panic or to
insulting the project - blocking the account for 1 month, for repeating - forever. In order to deal with
problems and difficulties, please contact Skype or online consultant.
Also reported near the webinar, the duration of which will be more 40 minutes. AT
webinar will discuss many important issues, complete the project training. For details, see
news. - inform about the successful development of the company and thank investors for their trust.
The main event, which was planned a month ago, there was the opening of an office in China in
Shenzhen at 4018 Jin Tian Road, Futian District.
Also discovered a group on the social network VKontakte, where you can chat with other members of the company.
Link to group: - report a bonus charge of 5% of the deposit when creating a deposit for any
of the provided plans. - by popular demand from partners and members of the company opened a bank account
VTB24. - the founder and director of the company, Alexey Fedorovich Bondarenko and
It reports a fairly respectable yields (approximately 200% per annum), which is an excellent result for
passive investment. The company's founder is also shared with the future development plans: 1) It is planned to
New Year opening of the new investment plan for a long period of investment and more
profitability; 2) developed interesting and promising for both sides cooperation program; 3)
It is planned to increase the partner remuneration; 4) By 2015-2016 years in one of the Russian cities
It plans to open a consulting office.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 15.09.14, protected - up to 15.10.14). (on the website - with 21.09.14, protected - up to 08.10.14). (on the website - with 21.09.14, protected - up to 11.10.14).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 100% of losses (more than 400 $). - More than $ 500 paid out. - 100% of losses paid (over $ 500).

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