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News HYIP-industry (15-21.12.2014)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
It is not very long to wait until the end of this year, and in this regard, many begin to closely deal with preparations for the New Year holidays, and the craving for investment at this stage is gradually weakening, and the choice in the field of the hip industry is now very modest. Over the past week, they have not taken anything to the portal, as the number of unscrupulous admins has increased, as evidenced by the following list of recent pews, where it was not possible to practically profit anyone. In projects that have repeatedly proved their solvency is still good, I hope at this rate will continue to work in the New Year. To get acquainted with the latest events on them we offer in full news.

New projects: is a fresh project with increased daily profitability and good technical data. According to its minimal plan, it fits closely into the framework of the average percentage section, where it actually is located. The yield is 2% -4% per day for 15-45 days, charges are made every 24 hours. The admin has already made several advertising purchases, we will closely monitor the following steps. is a new medium-term project with long investment plans for 90 working days and a deposit refund at the end of the term. Medium-level engineering, second-hand design, accruals on floating interest 1% -7% on working days, manual payments, minimum contribution from 20 $. With a low probability, the administrator will be able to attract potential investors here, but we will continue to observe the further development.

bench: - for 10 days it was possible to watch interest payments from the piggy bank, deposits stopped giving even earlier. Some were counting on a smooth start followed by overclocking, but we did not see the dynamics in development from the admin side, which actually led to the imminent closure. The result was not indicative at all, the manager showed himself from the worst side. - as expected, nothing good came out of participation in this project. Investors received their accruals on deposits within 20 days, and did not wait for the return on investment. Most likely, the admin initially planned to arrange a premature scam, setting long terms according to plans in the absence of proper development. - I think many people watched the hot events in the topic on the mmgp forum for this project, the beginning of which was the sudden blocking of multi-accounts and, as the admin interpreted, suspicious individuals. In fact, the admin did not violate his own rules, since all funds were returned to the blocked ones to breakeven, but the justified indignation of investors for the time spent and nerves prevailed. The project was moved to the problematic section, from where selective payments took place for several more days, at the moment payments are not received to anyone. The project worked for 1.5 months, but only those who came here at the start managed to break even or get a small profit. Unfortunately, it was added to the portal rather late, so our referrals can apply for compensation. - long-term work did not work out here and all the plans for further major development, about which the admin shouted so loudly in the news, turned out to be just dirty dust in the eyes. In fact, the admin turned out to be a pathetic scammer who was not even able to pay off deposits in the first round. The regulations are violated, the project does not pay. - another middleman is leaving the arena this week, having fulfilled only the minimum circle obligations. Only those investors who entered the first tariff at the beginning were able to take up to 10% of the profit. The rest, even taking into account the deposit included in the payments, failed to return their investments.

Events: - we wish everyone a Happy New Year 2015 and announced the work of the company for the New Year holidays. Interest accrual, deposits and withdrawals will continue as usual without any technical restrictions. Delays can only be in the customer support department, since not all managers will be in support from 25.12 to 05.01.
They reported on the opening of their forum, where you can discuss the company's work, financial news, investments, analytics and much more. The forum is located at - On December 17, the company turned 1 year old, in connection with which we thank investors for their support and summarize the results for 2013-2014:
- According to the Standard plan: a total profit of 231,4% was received for the entire period (investors received a 102,9% profit).
- According to the plan Premium 24%: the total profit was 187,2% for the entire period (investors received 144% of the profit).
- According to the Seven Gold plan 45%: a total profit of 245,9% was received for the entire period (investors received 180% of the profit).
- The total drawdown on traders' accounts is 18,5%.
- Funds invested: online - 1.541.000 million rubles; offline - 2.849.000 million rubles
- Registered investors as of December 17, 2014: 250 people (165 active).
Warned that from 26 December 2014 to 12 January 2015, the Finance Department will not work. Applications for withdrawal of funds for the deposit Standard can be submitted from 22 on 25 December inclusive. Starting 26 December, processing of withdrawal requests will begin, which will take 24 hours. With 12 January 2015, applications are submitted for withdrawal of funds for Premium 24% and Seven Gold 45%. Processing of applications for withdrawal of funds under the rules.
For residents of Russia have organized a special exchange office, which accepts ruble transfers to an account in VTB Bank and Yandex.Money. You can use the exchange service by contacting from the mail indicated during registration. In the application, specify the account number (for example, U1234567), the deposit amount (25 $, 50 $, 100 $, 500 $ or 1000 $) and the payment method. Then the operator will send you data with the exact amount of payment and payment details, where you need to transfer payment within an hour.
It is also reported that this week ended the first payment cycle, which means that the first investors made a profit on their deposits. Noted that the program registered more than 2000 participants. In addition, many could notice the appearance of a Russian-language version of the site, and next year it is planned to translate into Spanish, German, French and Chinese. - they have connected a new payment system EgoPay to the site, they also plan to connect Bitcoin in the near future. We have announced the start of the next "Guess the Score" contest, which will take place on Monday, December 22, 2014. For details on the competition, see the official Vkontakte group. - published new video reviews about the project from satisfied customers. The next entries are available on the website in the "Reviews" section.

News of the website:

1) This week there were no events on the portal due to the lack of online. It is worth noting only the announcement of the beginning of the collection of applications for compensation to our project partners SetiCard, Raisean and Bin Invest. Send your applications on this form with the name of the project in the subject.

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