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News HYIP-industry (16.03-22.03.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
As usual, today we have prepared for publication a weekly digest on the events taking place in the hyip investment industry. Last week the situation was noticeably better in terms of stability, but this week also showed us several high-quality new products that can show themselves on a positive side, of course, with the assistance and sufficient experience of the admins. This time it was also not without scams, for those projects that have not worked out their minimum period, our referrals can certainly count on compensation from the portal. What else has happened in the last 7 days, read on ...

New projects: is a new medium-rate guerrilla that launched just yesterday. According to the plans, it offers from 1% to 1.8% on weekdays, the deposit refund after 20 days. A maximum of 2 deposits can be opened for one account, payments from the balance are carried out instantly. The minimum deposit amount is from $ 20. We recommend that you do not invest in the first time, since the administrator has no time to even view the texts, the LibertyReserve payment system, which has long since left us, is still hanging in the FAQ, and there are also other inaccuracies and shortcomings. is a new medium-sized project with a unique design, strong technical basis and excellent investment plans, in which the deposit is included in payments. Thanks to the appearance of the resource and the study of the personal cabinet, the project has to itself. It is technically well-equipped: the license script H-script, the domain for 2 year, the dedicated server, the protection of user data and from ddos ​​attacks, a unique design. The duration of all investment plans is 30 calendar days, the deposit is included in daily charges from 4% to 5%. A detailed review of the project can be viewed on our portal. is a new mate with attractive external data and working offers on investments. According to the legend, the company is officially registered and in addition to trading in the Forex market, it deals with the sale of real estate and the installation of gas equipment on cars. Technically, the project is developed on a self-scripted script, has a unique design, ddos-protection from CloudFlare, ssl-encryption from Comodo. Investment plans are classic with an accrual of 1.4% to 2.2% for 30-45 days, there is also a savings plan with an indefinite period of 1% daily and the possibility of withdrawing the deposit at any time. Reinvest provides for raising the interest rate for each tariff, the minimum contribution from 10 $.

bench: - for more than 400 days the project served for the benefit of investment and profit, but only 59 days were the most significant not only for investors, but also for the administration. The last figure shows that the project has suspended work just before the moment for the return of the first deposits at new rates. Even under such circumstances, marketing conditions allowed to increase investments by more than 70%, so the result cannot be called bad, many of them are in profit. At the moment there are no more payments, the site is no longer working. - the admin quickly stopped the project, only 14 days was enough for him to leave absolutely all investors in the red. Instead of the expected profit, even the first investors were able to return only half of their own investments. The result is simply disgusting, the project was excellent in all respects, but it got a fast camera, which needed only a few thousand at the start to be completely happy. The project does not pay, our partners can already observe compensation for it in their wallets. - The admin turned out to be a pitiful scammer, having completed the project early. The project started as a partisan, but literally after 4 days I dressed up in a fresh design with new investment plans, and after another 2 weeks we see such a sneaky unexpected scam. Investors did not have the opportunity to return even 50% of the deposit. Instant is disabled, the regulations are violated, fake payments are sent to the mail. We fix the scam and collect applications for compensation payments to our partners. - this fast also smoothly approached its finale. To say that the admin has worked badly will not turn the language. In general, 20 days for fast with a high interest rate and short-term plans is quite a decent result. The program successfully got out of the "Protection of deposits" on the portal and continued to work further, so we can safely assume that all our partners were left with a profit. Perhaps the admin could still pay a few days, if not for a large contribution on the eve of the scam, which probably put a fat point in the project.

Events: - released a lot of news over the past week, the first of which is the blocking of an official group on the Vkontakte social network for using spam. The issue has been resolved and the group will be unlocked from March 29. In connection with this event, the story contest is being extended until April 5, where you need to write your own history of participation in the project and your own contribution. The results will be announced on April 6-8. In connection with the emergence of the possibility of accepting a deposit in Bitcoins, we created a step-by-step instruction on how to create a deposit with illustrations. The next news was changes in the coupons of the contracts, namely, coupons for + 3% and + 5% to profit were excluded from circulation, and in exchange they introduced a new coupon for +20 to profit. And that's not all ... Yesterday we signed a contract with the Robocoin company, which is engaged in the design and creation of cryptocurrency cashing machines. The contract was signed for the supply of a batch of such machines to Russia. We also launched a new promotion, according to which for each new deposit you will receive 5% of the nominal on the balance, from where you can immediately withdraw to your wallet. The promotion will last until March 25 inclusive. - launched a new promotion, which offers an additional 10% bonus when creating a new deposit for any tariff except Supple. The promotion will be valid until April 20, 2015. For other valid promotions, see the "special offers" section. - the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in cash by SWIFT / bank transfer, Paxum, eCoin and others has been expanded. The minimum deposit amount is $ 30, the minimum for withdrawal is $ 10, commission is 0%. - share their interview with the project visitors, which was taken by one of the well-known monitoring monitors Monhyip. The interview tells in detail about the history of the creation and development of the company, about the plans of the administration for business development, as well as about the creation of other interesting projects. Speaking of new projects, work has begun on preparing a payment integrator Ronexmerchant, thanks to which various online stores will be able to accept a variety of payment methods. The development of a new project has already begun, and will soon be presented for general review. - for technical reasons, the company's website changed its domain to (before that it was located in the .com zone), in this regard, all partners are asked to make changes in their referral links and banners. At the moment, the server is working without interruptions, charges and payments are carried out as usual. - have connected the English version of the site and are planning to enter the foreign market. We also added a new page "Reviews and reviews", where information about the project from various sources is located. Various adjustments have been made and all identified errors and shortcomings in the project have been corrected. - new video reviews from project investors have been added. - internal transfers between Webtransfer members, from account to account, are now available. Participants can exchange funds with each other using any convenient methods without spending money on commissions of payment systems. For security reasons, all transfer transactions will be verified by Webtransfer operators. A “Protection Code” option will soon be added to allow members to insure their money transfer transactions.

News of the website:

1) Once again, a fast lottery with real cash prizes was held between users on the MMGP forum. As a result of the lottery, we received 13 satisfied winners with prizes: 6 participants - $ 5 each, 6 participants - $ 3 each and 1 participant received $ 10.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 16.03.15, protected - up to 21.03.15). (on the website - with 17.03.15, protected - up to 01.04.15). (on the website - with 17.03.15, protected - up to 20.04.15).

3) published a draft review:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 50% loss paid (over $ 300). - 50% loss paid (over $ 600).

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