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News HYIP-industry (16.05-22.05.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Today we are planning to compile another news review following the results of the last week, in which we will briefly talk about new products, the latest scams and recent events on HYIP resources. During this period, three more high-yield projects from the "Worthy" section left us, for all of them, compensation has already been paid to our partners from the portal. In this regard, as well as for payments of refbacks, we practically never admit delays, processing all the generated requests for payments on time. This section was not empty, we expanded it with versatile offers in the Premium format, both with plans for 1 day, and with plans up to 1 year. Of course, the most popular was the short-term project from the popular admin. The protection we set up successfully worked, from here we fix the profit for our referrals, nevertheless, the project still continues to function, saturating the wallets of investors with tangible profit. So, we begin to typeset our review, updating it throughout the day.

New projects: is a beautiful mid-interest project with a nice design and long-term marketing. Accruals are made only on weekdays with a daily profit growth of 0.5%, ranging from 1% to 4% per day. For the first day, the percentage of income will be 1% of the deposit, already on the 7th working day and on all subsequent days, the daily profit will invariably be 4% until the end of the project. The deposit is not refundable, payments are instant. On the technical side, everything is fine: H-script license, dedicated server, DDoS protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl with Thawte greenbar. We observe high-quality preparation from all sides, but there are fears for a short game. Going to breakeven for the first depositors comes in 40 calendar days, so let's see how the admin relates to such moments. - new modern mullion with a unique design. classic design Marketing with a short period of 7 to 42 days, during which accrues daily from the 2 6% to%. The minimum contribution of $ 10, with increasing amount of the deposit interest rate increases, and with it the total investment period. The technical side created an influential level (license script GoldCoders, dedicated server, DDoS protection Ddos-Guard, ssl-encryption from Comodo with grinbarom). Admin began actively advertising may come out of it is something good. is a recently launched novelty with English-language content on sports topics. The estimated return on marketing is up to 10% per week, the minimum investment period is 50 days, after which the deposit is unfrozen through the opportunity to sell shares in the Royal share system. Technical criterion of excellent quality: self-written script, domain for 3 years, protection against Ddos-Guard, ssl-certificate from Comodo. In advertising PR, the admin has not yet taken any action, so we will refrain from commenting, but we will continue to follow him.

bench: - admin skamerkom turned out, no wonder so many ads scored at the start, in order to attract the maximum. First round to 8 days and one fails, skamanul just on the verge of completing the circle of the first plan. Who have come to the losses were quite weighty, because contribution was to return only at the end of the period. No payments, the rules violated are scum. - worked 12 days out of 20, allowing to fight back by a maximum of 70% or more according to the minimum plan. The result is frankly bad, the admin did not give anyone a profit, leaving everyone in the minuses. It is difficult to say by what criteria the admin decided to complete the work. In his words, wallets were hacked, even if it was not so, the administrator's revenue was unlikely to be significant in the absence of large infusions. In general, the project did not pass the test, there are no payments, and the site does not open anymore - a scam.

Events: - provided a new design for the project, and therefore prepared a high-quality video presentation on the main page of the site. Some changes were also introduced in the investment packages: for the Business and VIP plans, now the accruals are daily, for the Deluxe plan - weekly. - announces the first webinar of the company next Friday, where the speaker will be a well-known leader and investor, whose identity has not yet been disclosed. - organizers of the E-Dinar community have planned a summer tour of cities and regions throughout Russia. Starting from tomorrow, the order of events and the schedule of visits to cities is already ready, the first will be St. Petersburg. Mass media of Kazakhstan published a number of publications about the system in the largest media portals of the country. Also this week, periodic technical work was carried out related to the improvement and optimization of the resource. - Added new assets to current offerings. Some updates have been made to the system, a seller's office has been added to the P2P exchange, a new section "Purchase offers" and other additional changes have appeared. - the company has been pleasing investors with stable work and timely payments for more than 6 months, but due to the constant growth of participants, they have to change the rules for withdrawing funds. For PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and AdvancedCash payment systems, the maximum withdrawal time will be 96 hours from the date of application, the withdrawal fee is 3%. On Payza and SolidTrustPay, applications are processed within 24 hours without commission. The change to the regulation came into force on May 19, 2016. - extended the term of the $ 20 per review campaign until May 28, 2016. To participate, you need to be an active investor, record a personal video review of the Yabankir service, publish it on your YouTube channel and send a link to any of all possible contacts.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 16.05.16, protected - up to 20.05.16). (on the website - with 17.05.16, protected - up to 20.06.16). (on the website - with 18.05.16, protected - up to 25.05.16). (on the website - with 18.05.16, protected - up to 20.06.16). (on the website - with 20.05.16, protected - up to 20.08.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 25% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 30% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 20% of losses (more than 300 $).