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News HYIP-industry (16.11-22.11.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
I propose to consider and along the way discuss all the numerous events that have taken place this week in the HYIP industry. Surely, each of you, with active investment, stepped on a rake set by unscrupulous admins. Over the past 7 days, projects have been literally pouring in, leaving behind a post-scandalous debate of angry investors left alone with financial losses. Our compensation fund is not able to fully reimburse all losses to partners, so we urge you to be more careful about investments in the pre-New Year period, no matter how seasonality is denied, but this happens from year to year. For new products, we chose, perhaps, the highest quality samples with the lowest risks, which are worth taking a closer look at. As part of the deposit protection program, the portal included quite working investment products with good technical parameters, for detailed summaries, read our detailed reviews. Well, that's all I wanted to say briefly about the weekly news release, for more information follow the link "Read more ..."

New projects: is a new script centerpiece from GoldCoders with a unique design. There are no questions about the technique in general, everything is at the best level: dedicated server, DDoS protection from BlockDos, ssl encryption from Comodo. Investment rates are developed for 5 and 15 working days. In the short plan, accruals are made at 1% per day, the deposit is returned at the end of the term. In the second plan, the deposit is evenly distributed over 15 days with 8% accrual. The admin is in no hurry to buy advertising, perhaps he plans to delay until next year, besides, the limits on the maximum contribution are severely cut. We will definitely follow the further development. is a fresh English-language investment platform with good technical equipment, running on a licensed GoldCoders script, protection against ddos ​​attacks is supplied by CloudFlare, ssl from Comodo. The tariff plans are attractive, the body of the deposit is evenly distributed over the entire investment period within 12-50 working days. The interest rate varies from 3.1% to 9% with accrual on weekdays, payment instant. The minimum deposit amount is 25 USD. In promotion, the admin allocates a decent amount of funds, using mainly the services of foreign advertising services. is another novelty of the week, it was well received at the forum, so the effectiveness of the work depends on the mutual efforts of the admin. Investment plans are attractive, the terms are relatively short, from 5 days to a month, the deposit is included in payments at three tariffs with a total earnings of 105% -150% and in one tariff the return occurs at the end of the term together with a profit in the total amount of 108% for 5 calendar days. The minimum payable for opening a deposit is $ 10. The technical base is at a chic level: GoldCoders license, dedicated server, ssl encryption from Comodo with greenbar, DDoS protection from Ddos-Guard, unique design. Development is smoothly growing, in a small circle, the admin has already paid dividends on deposits to the participants, we will watch for a while.

bench: - once again you can make sure that the list of plans with a single investment term negatively affects the capital of investors. Not even a circle was passed, although the starting players crossed the breakeven zone with a small profit, but as a general result, the admin worked unexpectedly badly. We are waiting for your applications under the "Deposit Protection" program. - in low percentages now in general trouble is happening, this section has practically exhausted itself, the admins do not want to deal with their projects at all. The organizational part is still traced at the start, then the activity tends to zero or for the earliest possible acquisition of finance from investors. In fact, the project worked for 7 full weeks, without giving the participants time to make a profit. The site is unavailable, the time limits are out, scam. - a crowdinvesting company worked for only 1.5 months, and did not receive the status of a payment system, another attempt failed. In principle, it was easy to make money here, the time to exit also allowed. The beginning of this week began with the fact that the administration without warning revised the terms of marketing and froze investors' deposits for 100 days with a fixed interest rate of 2% per day. Naturally, such changes caused a storm of dissatisfaction among investors, and the scam could not be avoided. - 10 days that turned upside down in the admin's mind defies explanation. It seems that he began to give the first deposits after the circle he had just passed, when he immediately turned off the tap and mumbled. The only thing that is clear is that the investors were still ready to play and go to reinvest, but the manager apparently decided that was enough. At the forum, some individuals immediately flocked to shit in our direction about this, but they are not able to offer anything but idle chatter. We ask our partners to provide in the appropriate form reports on losses for compensation payments. - 14 days, but before payments on the second plan, the case never came. In fact, only one minimal circle with a yield of 7% for the week is quite a bad result for a project with this capacity. In any case, the idea of ​​realizing the resource claimed at least for praise in the direction of the admin, but after such an insignificant result, only pity and disappointment are felt to the admin. Scam, do not invest. - for exactly one week the admin was able to keep the project, without showing any activity in development. Most investors missed this project by their wallet, but still there were many victims. The admin turned out to be a pathetic and lazy scammer, do not invest.

Events: - launched a new system of tokens, which are special codes that increase the value of your investments by 3% -10%. The tokens are valid for 3-7 days, you can use it only once. To receive a token, you need to make a contribution to the system, after which you will receive a token corresponding to the nominal value to use it on the next contribution.
3% - for deposits from $ 10 to $ 99.99
5% - for deposits from $ 100 to $ 499.99
10% - for deposits from $ 500 to $ 50000
Since 18 November 2015, the administration has arranged a daily promotion for the distribution of tokens with a nominal value of + 5%, where 50 lucky people will be selected among the participants, who will pick up the phone during the call of the call center operator. In December, they plan to conduct a large-scale competition in social networks, set up special lots with higher rates and many other personal gifts for the new year.
For agents arranged a re-certification, in connection with which the page with the agents covered, on all questions sent to the support service. The procedure for re-attestation of agents will take place from 20 to 30 November and is a personal deposit from 1000 $, presence in the structure of 10 of active users with contributions from 100 $ and an interview with Sergey Timofeev, which can be contacted via timofeevsergey85.

All these innovations, of course, are encouraging, but we strongly recommend that you abandon any investments, since the administration forcibly transferred almost all active lots for rent with daily accruals for lots for sale in which there is no daily accrual, and deposits are returned at the end of the term, i.e. .e. in other words, they froze the withdrawal of funds for at least a month. We gave the project the "Problems" status. - they continue to delight with stable payments and record their progress in video reports, showing investors deals with good profit. - summed up the next results of the trading period, for which the net profit for investors amounted to 7.21% of the deposit. - inform about the project schedule on New Year's holidays:
31 December - shortened day (up to 15: 00);
1-3 January - days off;
With 4 January, the work will continue in normal mode.
Deposits made by you 1-3 January, will be transferred to the active deposit 4 January on Monday. Applications for the withdrawal of funds on public holidays will be processed within three working days. Interest will be charged 28 December and 4 January in working order. - from the latest news it is worth highlighting the launch of a repost competition with cash prizes in the official group of the project in VK. We launched a new format of the affiliate program, where profits will grow along with an increase in turnover in the structure. We also updated the form for manual replenishment of payment systems. For more details see the website. - in the period from November 16.11 to November 20.11, the company's traders have made a profit for their investors in the amount of 4% according to the Smart tariff plan.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 17.11.15, under protection - up to 17.12.15). (On the site - with 17.11.15, under protection - up to 15.12.15). (On the site - with 17.11.15, under protection - up to 23.11.15). (On the site - with 19.11.15, under protection - up to 06.12.15).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 50% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 30% loss (more than 300 $).

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