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News HYIP-industry (17.02-09.03.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
Once again, from the bottom of our hearts we congratulate our beloved girls on the last of March 8, I hope the men were able to please you that day. There is a short break with the news on the blog, so we resume the news digest on the events of the hype industry. The last issue was in February, so we can celebrate the transition to the spring season, which means time for new promotions on Profit Hunters, which have already entered into force. We will also remind about the promotions in the review, you can also familiarize yourself with the terms in more detail in the corresponding section on the blog. Traditionally, in the article we will start with the missed new products, most of them were launched at the end of February, but in March they did not notice anything worthy for the long term. Next, we will discuss the last, failed sites and talk about changes in the work of existing projects.

New projects: is a new overseas middle interest managed by a team of experienced managers. The project has quality technical characteristics and fair marketing. In total, 6 tariff plans have been developed for a period of 1 to 6 months, charges are daily with a floating rate in the range of 0.78% -1.27% (depending on the tariff), the deposit is returned at the end of the term. The minimum contribution cost is $ 25 for each offer. By technique: own engine, dedicated server, domain for 5 years, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl from Sectigo for 1 year. Users like the resource, the development is systematic and dynamic, while the potential is still great, we are watching how the first round goes. is a fresh mid-income novelty with incredibly powerful training and annual marketing. The plans are presented for 365 days with accruals on weekdays, the interest rate is from 2% to 3.5% per day. The internal account provides a separate balance for each currency, so there is no conversion. The minimum deposit is available from $ 10, payments are instant during business hours, and the withdrawal is possible to any EPS. The advantage of the fund is its technical component. The H-script engine is responsible for the convenience and functionality, the domain was created more than a year ago, there is a dedicated server, Ddos protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl from Sectigo with a greenbar. The design is unique, the content is powerful. In addition to marketing, the founders have developed a progressive affiliate program, and Bounty has been created for active users. At the start, the site looks great, it would seem that such a project should be in every portfolio, but usually after 1-2 months all beauty begins to fade from the inaction of the admins. Now the project lives without advertising, therefore, profit is expected for the first investors, we will watch it for a while. is a new middleman, launched last week and almost immediately acquired a VIP registration on the blog. The design is attractive and original, on the technical side, we can note the high-quality protection and strong assembly on a self-written script. They offer to make money on cloud mining with charges from 1% to 2% per day, the deposit is unlimited and non-refundable. The minimum cost of replenishment at all tariffs from $ 5, manual payments. The site has been on Profit-Hunters for 10 days, the dynamics of development is calm, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our review. is a new multilingual project with serious preparation on a self-written script. There are 4 package plans on the site for a period of 18 to 204 days, the minimum deposit is 50 usd, charges from 1.3% to 4.2% from Monday to Friday. In addition to its own engine, the technical equipment includes a dedicated server, a domain with payment for 5 years in advance, ddos ​​protection from CloudFlare and ssl encryption for 2 years from Sectigo. The launch turned out to be quite lively, the reviews are positive, at this stage it is an excellent platform for increasing investments, we will follow it.

bench: - it is difficult to understand for what purpose the admin was launched, after working for only 3 days, and it was not even possible to collect it properly. Another fast, we will pay compensation. is truly the royal work of a doubler, only professionals can give out about 500% in 5 weeks. Within the walls of the blog, the admin easily allowed all our partners to double a couple of times, huge respect for such results. - worked for exactly 30 days, deposits were never returned to anyone. The admin unilaterally decided not to continue the game and stopped the payments. Apparently the kidok was planned from the very beginning, because already in February the project was started to take its course and no actions for development were observed by the admin. The project is scam, do not invest. - the project on the blog worked fine. It was possible to withdraw the depot upon request and get a profit. And the admin developed it competently - he saw that he was taking powerful ads in the right places. In my opinion, the project lacked the technical part / design to become the TOP. Payments stopped on the last day of "Protection" - we will pay compensation. - 18 days on Profit Hunters, which corresponds to completing two laps on the basic package. The admin all the time made attempts for smooth development, maybe somewhere it didn't work out, but the efforts were counted. Our partners, taking into account the refback, were able to earn up to 27% of net profit, which is quite a normal result. - 10 days within the blog, in the first round I managed to give deposits of the minimum denomination. The bulk of investments came a week after the start, the admin did not return such deposits and decided to skip the project. Apply on the blog using the compensation form. - worked over 100 days, of which two and a half months on the blog. The admin showed top-notch work and the most fair play until the very end. On the balance sheet of the contract, the withdrawal wave rose in the afternoon on March 6, and until the end of the day it could no longer be stopped. Users dried up the contract balance in a short time, the balance of 10% is automatically sent to the developers' wallet. In the coming days, the project is expected to restart, the concept of the new game will be slightly changed, if you wish, you can participate.

MVG Optimus is a strange scam, the project did not manage to settle on the blog, as the admin stopped paying, forcibly generating investor funds in tokens. Who will like it? Honestly, incomprehensible logic, transferred the project to scam and paid compensation to all our partners. - almost 100 days after posting on the blog, it worked perfectly and brought a good profit to us and all partners. Of course, in the end, some played too much and could grab a minus, but you need to invest with a cool head and not be led on "profitable" shares in the process of sunset. The project was removed from the working section, no payments are made. - 27 days, 11 of them on the blog. The circle according to the first plan allowed us to go through, but those who delayed or entered a larger deposit failed to return the deposits. Recently, the accounts of many users were blocked for no reason, and according to the administrator, an attack was made on the project. One way or another, there are no payments, the project is closed, it has performed poorly. is a frankly weak job from an admin with a reputation that, unfortunately, few people appreciate. Some contributors managed to get into a small plus, even the blog partners who made a contribution immediately after the announcement, almost reached breakeven, but the problem is that they were deprived of the project throughout its entire life. At the moment the site is not working, there are no payments = scam. In fact, the total amount of losses turned out to be quite high, but compensation is small against the background of losses.

Events: - added translation of the site in Spanish and Russian., the founder of Janis Lacis, held the first open webinar for the project participants, which you can watch in the recording if you wish. A new section has appeared in the back office, where you can monitor the transactions of trading bots. We also created a telegram bot with which you can track all your financial transactions without entering your account. For instructions on how to activate the bot, see the website. - the project is gaining momentum perfectly, has already brought profit on short plans and continues to develop. Over the past couple of weeks, two new localizations have been added with translation into Korean and Russian, payment systems Percect Money, Qiwi, Yandex Money, Visa / MasterCard / MIR are connected. The possibility of replenishment and reinvestment from the balance is open. Also, company representatives from different countries are now conducting webinars on working with the platform. - on March 14, 2020 in Kazakhstan, Almaty, a briefing will be held, which will be attended by the entire team of the company with a presentation of its business model and investment products. At the presentation, you can meet the founder of the company, traders, experienced leaders of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as have a fun and useful time. - launched 2 contests for investors and referrals, which will last until April 4, 2020. The prize fund for the investor contest is 71000 rubles (50 places), for the referral contest - 55000 rubles (10 places). Any user can participate, prizes are credited immediately after completion to the balance "for payments". is a highly profitable project that has been working for more than 40 days, the first depositors have reached breakeven, and the body of the deposit can be withdrawn at any time. The geography of the site is constantly expanding, at the moment there are 12 options for translation into different languages. The resource is smoothly transformed externally and technically, new functionality and sections are added. A page with official representatives of the fund is available, if you are an active partner, you can leave your application. Also, development is currently underway for the release and introduction of Monelo debit cards into circulation, and a free mobile application is being created in parallel. If you have fresh ideas for improving the program, write to the e-mail address. - worked for 3 weeks, thereby increasing the number of interested investors and partners. In 24 days of operation, the company attracted about 30 thousand users with a total turnover of more than 110 thousand dollars. Every Friday weekly news is released with announcements of new events and changes in the cryptocurrency market. - Binary bonus reward has been reduced to 10% of the investment volume in the smaller branch. We launched an account verification system on the site, for this they ask to provide a phone number and attach a personal photo and photo ID. For unverified users, a conversion limit of $ 100 will apply. Token trading appeared on the P2PB2B exchange, and you can also trade on exchanges in pairs to ETH, BTC, USD, RUB. Some exchangers have started working where you can exchange the WTP token for another digital currency or fiat.

News of the website:

1) In the next 3 months on the Profit Hunters blog, new spring promotions will be available for each of our users:

- Spring insurance auctions (during the draw in the telegram chat, order a deposit for a larger amount and get a fixed insurance);
- Doubled refbacks on the blog (every fifth request for refbek in the general queue will be doubled);
- Secret promotions (subscribe to the telegram channel, invest on the blog links and get 3 secret gifts this spring).

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 18.02.20/01.03.20/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). (On the site - from 21.02.20, under protection - until 01.05.20). (On the site - from 24.02.20, under protection - until 24.03.20). (On ​​the site - from 27.02.20, under protection - until 01.05.20). (On the site - from 29.02.20, under protection - until 01.08.20). (On ​​the site - from 02.03.20, under protection - until 22.03.20).

3) published a draft review:
Car simulator - a month after the start, immediate development plans and TOP insurance of $ 1500.

4) video reviews are published projects:

5) Published a new article:

The dollar is 75 rubles. And here Coronavirus and what to do?

6) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 110% of losses paid (more than $ 500). - 60% of losses paid (more than $ 500)
* Bounty participants have 100% loss closed. - 20% of losses paid (more than $ 500). - 40% of losses paid (over $ 1000)
* Bounty participants have 100% loss closed. - paid out 50% of losses (over $ 300)
* Bounty participants have 75% loss closed. - paid out 15% of losses (over $ 500)
* Bounty participants have 50% loss closed. - paid out 30% of losses (more than $ 300)
* Bounty participants have 50% loss closed.

MVG Optimus - 50% of losses paid (over $ 500)
* Bounty participants have 100% loss closed. - 50% of losses paid (over $ 300)
* Bounty participants have 75% loss closed.

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