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News HYIP-industry (18.01-24.01.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
We have prepared for your attention another weekly digest on events from the HYIP industry, in which we have highlighted the important points in our opinion that should be paid attention to. Among the newbie projects, there is something to see, while we are not planning to add them to the portal, but we will closely follow their development. Of the latest scams, RoyalAutoGroup worked the worst, many partners suffered losses, to which we compensated part of the losses under the "Protection of Deposits" program from the portal. In general, the week turned out to be quite productive, we added several good projects, prepared a number of detailed reviews, I especially want to draw your attention to a completely new resource that has no analogues on the Runet The Most Club - a closed club for successful people who like to make money. Read our release to the end to keep abreast of all developments.

New projects: is a new investment platform with a non-standard presentation, but experienced managers. The structure of the site looks unusual, according to legend, they have been working in the field of crowdfunding since 2011, and only this year they entered the Internet market to connect private investors to financing startups. To participate in the investment process, you need to purchase a lot at a certain price ($ 10, $ 50, $ 100, $ 300, etc.) and receive dividends from 7% per day to your wallet in full liability, i.e. payments in the project are automatic and do not require intervention. The deposit is included in payments, accruals are made on weekdays. The promotion of the project is carried out mainly through word of mouth, all settlements are made only through Bitcoin, in the future there will be new payment systems. - fresh srednepribylnoy investment product category with a term of up to 20 90 days and daily rate of 0.8% to 1.3%. With the increase in the amount of accrued contribution rate will increase, as well as the time period for the work of investment, return of the deposit is carried out at the end of the period. On the technical side is full of ammunition, ranging from samopisnogo script and verified to the purse. Legend tells of the sale of real estate in Dubai, the design looks good. Promotion of the project practically has not yet begun, we observe the developments. - good nizkoprotsentnik with the registration in Hong Kong and numerous documents. The company is engaged in venture capital investments in different directions, a design idea for everybody. Marketing includes 2 tariff plan with a yield of up to 21% per month. Interest is calculated every day, but only once a month 3 (7, 17 and 27 of each month). Demand until the project is not particularly enjoy, though planned to promote smooth. On the technical aspects: samopisny script domain to 2018 years, ssl from COmodo year, unique design.

bench: - Honored care for the administrator, spent more than 13-months. Suppose there was a low rate of return, but it is suited for conservative players, many remained in good profits. This week payment stuck forever, the site is unavailable, scum. - lousy work, even though the minimum is passed round from the start, but somehow it started to return deposits admin reluctantly. To date, the site is closed, the regulations violated the bench. In the red were, unfortunately, more than 40 our partners, who have already received compensation, in this regard, we do not allow delays. - yesterday afternoon, they suspected something was wrong, but the waiting hours remained in the schedule. Today, there are no changes, so it remains to state a scam. In principle, 48 days for such a project is not bad at all, with 25% of net income in 12 days, but given that many began to seriously look at it only after the new year, the overall picture changes a little. The partners who entered the project with us should have come out with a plus, since the circle worked successfully. The protection is valid to this day, inclusive, so in the near future we will announce the news on the collection of applications for compensation, I hope the losses will be small.

Events: - system testing at the expense of the project has now become possible, especially this function will be of interest to beginners. Immediately after registration in the LC, you will have access to a "Demo account" for 1000 $, just click the "Create" button and the deposit will start working and make a profit. Naturally, the deposit itself and the accrued profit on the demo account are not available for withdrawal. We expanded the localization of the resource, providing users with a Spanish version of the site. - for the possibility of reinvesting the accrued interest, a compounding setting function has been added. To do this, in the "Deposits" section, you need to specify the percentage of reinvestment by clicking on the "Change Compounding" button. In this regard, the calculator on the main page of the site will soon be modernized, which will calculate the profit taking into account the new function. They also plan to pay a bonus of + 10% for every weekend to everyone who contributes on the weekend. While this issue is still being discussed, this weekend has already carried out such an action successfully. - continues to show stable results and successfully trade in the foreign exchange markets. has been working for the second week, and more than 1200 active investors have already been attracted. As part of the expansion of the advertising company, they announced the launch of a number of promotions with monetary rewards, where you need to record your feedback on camera, make a video review of the project, or simply post your feedback with screenshots of payments on various thematic platforms by submitting reports to You can learn more from the news on the website or click on the "Promotions" button. - in order to increase the level of security of your accounts, everyone is asked to change their passwords without fail when entering your personal account, using the old passwords will not be possible. - remind everyone that help (accrual of interest) can come to you in a payment system different from the one in which you helped others. For example, if you made a contribution to PerfectMoney, then there may be charges in Payeer, it depends on which system is more convenient for the participant making the transfer for you. If you are not satisfied with this PS, then try changing funds in the internal exchanger between the participants, creating applications for exchanging small amounts.
Also today all the cards in a day, are on the waiting list assistance to be closed, then help will be available only on the following day, after 00: 01 Moscow time. - finally gave legal effect to the project by officially registering a company in Russia with the name LLC TOP PROJECT (OGRN 5157746204040). Now everyone will be able to transfer funds to the company's bank account and conclude a loan agreement. A high-quality video presentation from the CEO of the company has been prepared for this event. Also reminded of the imminent launch of the mimosa marketing company, which is scheduled for the second half of February, the team is already starting preparations.

News of the website:

1) The opening of The Most Club Club.
On a project we have been working more than six months, trying to think through every detail to all community members feel comfortable paying a nominal fee for joining. At the moment, the club is at its infancy, with the announcement of the project can be found on our website in the future the club will develop, grow into new relevant articles, insider information, and various schemes for earnings and other private information.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 19.01.16, protected - up to 30.01.16). (on the website - with 20.01.16, protected - up to 30.03.16). (on the website - with 21.01.16, protected - up to 30.06.16).

3) published a draft review:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid% of losses (more than 500 $).

4 reviews for "news HYIP-industry (18.01-24.01.2016)"

  1. bona:

    In such fasts, it is difficult to make predictions - people are spinning deposits of $ 2-3k, while successful)

  2. bars:

    as you see, there is still a resource or it is too late to enter the startupinsiders project?

  3. Liliya: - not on the list of worthy projects?

  4. Kim61:

    As for the presentation of Topproject, the CEO is modest to such an extent that he did not even introduce himself ...

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