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News HYIP-industry (19.02-04.03.2018)

I welcome you dear partners!
In today's news review, we will briefly go over the events of the last two weeks in the hyip industry. In general, you can talk for a long time about each novelty, which recently appears mass, but the schedule is very rich, so we will only mention those that are on hearing, and if there is an excuse, then the remaining investment resources will be mentioned in our next releases. Just want to note that all the new products on Profit-Hunters are naturally under protection, but this is not an excuse to go immediately to everything. We only provide financial support and choice among projects with low profitability, middlemen and fasts. Where to invest, you need to make a decision already to you, based on personal preferences and opportunities. We want to wish you stable profits and congratulate you on the coming of spring, we are sure there will be many more worthy projects ahead.

New projects: is a fresh mid-percent with gradually opening plans, that's how we thought at the start, but the admin did not begin to stretch the process and quickly opened access to all marketing. Strange act, activity, although not falling, but doubts arise. Total 3 work plan: 1% daily for 22 days (deposit at the end of the term), 137.5% and 160% for 25-30 calendar days (deposit included in payments). The technique is normal: licensed H-script, dedicated server, DdS-protection from CoverDdos, ssl-encryption from Comodo with greenbar. We will follow the development, there is still potential, but how would it not turned out to be fictitious. - a new and very high-quality medium, which already knows about every active investor. The latter offers a chic choice for investing from 5 to 35 days, the profit for a full circle can reach from 5% to 100% of the deposit. In total, in the project 6 of working tariff plans, in each of them the minimum from 30 usd, the type of charges is different, you can see details in our review on the portal. In the first three days, the fund's cash office seemed to be popping up from the deposits, but the admin is well done, hopefully will survive this period and will continue to work. is another young HYIP project with conservative profitability, just launched yesterday and immediately appeared on our blog. Marketing is not for everyone, so to speak, for an amateur, but it draws attention to itself. Marketing involves two seemingly similar plans, but they are different. The first plan carries out lifetime accruals of 1% on weekdays, according to the second plan, there is a flexible percentage of income from 1% to 3% until the net profit reaches 50% above par, the body of the deposit is included in payments. The minimum deposit is $ 25. There is still nothing to say about development and results, we will follow further developments.

bench: - 76 days, the project will remain in memory for some time, the admin did a good job, it’s a pity they couldn’t realize our plans, and the potential was not bad yet. In any case, for the blog, the project fulfilled all obligations, successfully passed the protection period and continued to make a profit for more than a month. - 175 days in the work and two weeks less on the Profit-Hunters blog. I think the comments here are superfluous, the admin has perfectly worked since the fall of last year, you could have time to enjoy a stable game and double your investments. - 30 days, not enough for an administrator of this level, in the past he had much better performance, but here we can say that most of the deposits were made in the first two weeks by insider information, then the outflow went. In fact, 4 laps were completed according to the weekly plan (28% of the profit), the game on the popular plan for 50 days led the participants to a maximum return on investment, i.e. to breakeven, and then we know what happened. Spring was met without him, payments stopped on the last day of February. - the admin worked poorly, although not so, it worked disgustingly, 19 days in total. Taking into account the charges only on weekdays, the participants received 11-12 payments each, i.e. it didn't even come to breakeven. Only thanks to refbacks, some users came out in a modest plus, but there are few of them. I do not argue that the main amount of deposits fell on the first week after insiders and other flattery at the start, the admin did not dare to survive this period and cut off the ends. The project is a scam, compensation within the framework of the fund was paid to our partners.

Events: - as promised, they launched a bounty program with the distribution of free bitcoins. You need to register on the site, on social networks and follow simple steps. You can familiarize yourself with the details in the project or on our blog, for this we have published a separate news on VIP Bounty, they also announced an indefinite insurance for 2000 $. In addition, before 8 March (only 5 days), a spring promotion is held, according to which + 5% will automatically be added to all new deposits. Well, the news branch completes the opening of the Club of Millionaires, where investors will come with deposits from 5001 $. The official opening is scheduled for 10 March, the club members are waiting for a lot of different privileges, profitable offers, bonuses and other nishtyaks. - added a temporary new line of three plans with an investment period of 5 days. Daily accrual, depending on the amount, will be from 6% to 14% per day, deposit return at the end of the term, total income - 130% -170% of the amount. The new tariff offer is temporary and will be valid until March 6, 2018. - resumed accepting investments according to a one-day plan. We also launched a bounty program with free bitcoins. All you need is to be a registered participant in the project, in social. networks and join the telegram chat. For each network on the site, certain tasks are scheduled, the simple completion of which will lead you to receive bonuses. Fulfill your goals, leave a request with a progress report and get additional profit. - the project is slowly developing, talks about all the achievements of partners, and of course it is changing for the better. The site has a new version of the site in Chinese, and in the coming days they promise to include German and Spanish. A mobile version of the resource should appear at the beginning of the week, we wish the administration good luck in further progress. - the administration is confidently moving forward, performing any tasks on the way. Recent changes include enhanced user privacy protection and expanded company verification. Now you can also independently change your upline in your personal account and use an automated telegram bot. is another project where the administration launched a bounty program with bonuses for being active on various social networks. On this occasion, we have published on the blog a separate Article, having fixed in it no less iridescent news about the formed insurance in the amount of 1000 $ for an indefinite period. Also, you should know that until 10 March, all investments from 100 $ will be added as a new deposit + 15% to the invested amount. - have developed a new version of the translation of the resource in Chinese and Arabic.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 19.02.18, under protection - up to 15.03.18). (On the site - with 20.02.18, under protection - up to 25.03.18). (On the site - with 20.02.18, under protection - up to 26.02.18). (On the site - with 21.02.18, under protection - up to 25.04.18). (On the site - with 25.02.18, under protection - up to 07.03.18). (On the site - with 26.02.18, under protection - up to 16.03.18). (On ​​the site - with 26.02.18, under protection - up to 26.03.18). (On the site - with 27.02.18, under protection - up to 12.03.18). (On ​​the site - with 28.02.18, under protection - up to 15.03.18). (On ​​the site - with 02.03.18, under protection - up to 01.05.18). (On the site - with 03.03.18, under protection - up to 07.03.18). (On the site - with 03.03.18, under protection - up to 17.03.18). (On the site - with 03.03.18, under protection - up to 05.05.18). (On the site - with 04.03.18, under protection - up to 24.03.18). (On the site - with 04.03.18, under protection - up to 07.03.18). (On the site - with 04.03.18, under protection - up to 16.03.18).

2) published a draft review:

Mr.HeisenBot - stable income up to 3.6% per day.
VIP Bounty in the project + 2000 $ insurance is unlimited.
Unique Sequence - launch of the Bounty program and an unlimited protection fund for 1000 $.
Ryna Holdings - growth of the company, personal choice and indefinite insurance fund for 1000 $.

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) Articles on crypto-currency topics are published:

Why is the Litecoin crypto currency digital silver and will it be able to compete for gold?

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 15% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 60% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 27% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 10% loss (more than 1000 $). - paid 50% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 43% loss (more than 500 $). - 60% losses paid (more than 500 $).