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News HYIP-industry (19.10-25.10.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
With a slight delay, we are announcing our weekly news release on the portal, which is not a reason to skip it at all. As usual, during the week we watched what is happening in the hyip investment industry, highlighted the most important and main events and now we will combine all this in a single news report. There are some concerns about the new products that have appeared, although the options are well prepared and can shoot with proper management, all of them are united today by the almost complete absence of advertising costs, we will continue to monitor them. According to recent scams, we have fully paid off with our partners who have submitted applications for compensation, reducing their losses by at least half. If you want to be maximally protected on deposits and bear minimal risks, join Profit-Hunters - the best investment portal on the Internet.

New projects: - launched a week ago and took a position for smooth promotion. If we take into account the minimum plan, then the project belongs to middlemen with plans of 110% -125% in 7-14 days with payment of the contribution and interest at the end of the term. Analyzing the first two plans for a period of 30 calendar days at 3% -4% on weekdays, we get the profitability of the fast category (66% -88% per month). At the moment, significant costs for technical equipment are noticeable: GoldCoders license, DDoS protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl certificate with a greenbar from Comodo for a period of 1 year, unique design. The costs for the promotion and services of monitors are still very low, we will remain on the side of the observers. is another novelty of the week from the mid-income section. Immediately, we note the most powerful technical selection: a self-written script, a domain redeemed for 10 years, a dedicated server, DDoS protection from BlockDos, ssl from Comodo with green line support - in general, all the power of the industry. The project has 2 tariffs: daily at 5% within 31 working days and 112% after 10 calendar days. In the first case, the deposit is included in the payments and make up the total amount according to the results in the amount of 155%, in the second case, the deposit together with the interest rate is charged at the end of the term on the balance. The minimum amount to create an investment in a project is $ 20. You can work with such marketing for months, there have already been cases, but the result mainly depends on the intentions of the admin and the correct promotion, which is practically absent now. - the admin offered something interesting and non-standard for an investment decision to potential investors. I must say right away that the option is not at all playable, but this does not mean that it is not working. A single tariff is offered with periodic charges of 40% every 10 days for 40 days. The total net profit will be 60% for the entire period + the body of the deposit. In fact, the investor will receive the first payment no earlier than 10 days, and will repay the investment only in a month. Time will tell what it is, a typical bubble collection or an application for a long-term work. Promotion, as such, does not take place, moreover, according to the administrator, he is not going to carry out it in the near future, thereby ensuring a smooth start. Let's see what happens.

bench: - of course there was a suspicion of short-term work, but to work only 4 days - defies any logical explanation. Investors did not even come close to getting the opportunity to return their invested funds; such administrators from the industry need to be eradicated. I think many people fell for the massive purchase of advertising on monitors, but it turned out differently, a scam. - 20 calendar days, the admin didn't even pass the circle. On the other hand, everything is logical for the scammer, the volume of payments began to approach the breakeven zone, which was the reason to stop making payments to investors. Only the very first depositors got a meager opportunity to cross this threshold, taking into account the received refback, staying with their own. Under the protection program, we have halved the losses of our partners who filed applications for compensation on time. - the project did not come into operation with the beginning of a new week, which we no longer hoped for. Similar excuses about hacking and recovery processes are heard from administrators in a number of 99% of cases, and this one was no exception. In fact, from the start, 2 first rounds were completed, the protection of deposits for our partners worked on the portal, the fund of which was able to cover about 60% of the total losses.

Events: continues to delight with its stable work and instant payments for more than two weeks. To be honest, we did not expect such a return from him, the admin this time very well confirms his reputation. More than 15000 users have connected to the project, and their number continues to grow. - set themselves ambitious tasks: by the beginning of next year they plan to increase the number of daily registrations to 2000 new members, and also pay attention to the development of a media platform for video conferencing. Work is actively underway to connect new payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds, and in January 2016, new functionality and profitable areas for investment will be presented. Further, investors expect more global goals with the ability to buy out a share of real estate forever, with the right to receive ownership of the acquired property. - by popular demand, a new payment service OkPay was connected, with which it became even easier to replenish the balance in the project thanks to numerous payment methods. - 3 months have passed since the start of the project, the administration draws our attention to the stability of work during this period and high profitability, which has practically not dropped below 3% over the past few weeks. According to average statistics, the daily profit is about 3.6% per day and may continue to grow. Also, the administration is proud to announce high-quality reviews on the best investment sites on the network, among which is our portal - The company sponsored a charity paintball tournament for children from a boarding school. The tournament was attended by 80 teenagers and children, the winners were awarded various gifts and prizes from the sponsor. Watch video footage from the scene on the project website or at the link - another repost contest has ended, where, based on the results of a random number generator, five lucky ones were identified, each of whom got $ 50 for a phone or bank card. For details of the drawing, see the official group of Miralty Partners. - as promised, a new payment system WebMoney was connected to the system. They also adhere to their schedule of events, conducting webinars on working with the fund and "Friday" promotions, in which you can get a bonus of up to $ 50 for a video review or review. On Sunday, October 25, the alpha version of the Palarium Exchanger mobile application was presented. - started accepting deposits using the Neteller payment system. Draw investors' attention that payment transactions are not automatic and are processed within 24 hours. - traders have earned 3.5% profit on Smart plan this week. Detailed daily profit can be viewed on the statistics page. - we have made changes in the payment regulations, now all withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours, on weekends there is a free schedule. - introduced additional protection that will protect funds in the project from fraudulent hacking and hacker attacks, while asking to use complex passwords with numbers, capital letters and other characters. Also, now they are recruiting participants in the Vkontakte group for a tournament with a main prize of $ 50. The tournament will start on October 27, to record you must leave your nickname in the comments of the news. For details of participation and conduct, see the official group

News of the website:

1) this week received several appeals to us on the subject of fraud, contact the customer via Skype. On behalf of our portal scammers offering to collect a pool in project by transferring funds to them. In no case do not get fooled by these offers, we never do such mailings and private calls. For your own safety check every character in the name Skype and always check the latest information on the website

2) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 19.10.15, protected - up to 19.11.15). (on the website - with 24.10.15, protected - up to 31.10.15).

3) published a draft review:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid out 60% of losses (over $ 300). - 50% loss paid (over $ 300).