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News HYIP-industry (20.07-26.07.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
We have prepared for you a new weekly digest with the publication of the main events in the field of hyip-industry. The period turned out to be not easy for many investors, the projects fall one by one, destroying all the hopes for making a profit. But it should be noted that this phenomenon occurs constantly and it is necessary to be prepared for different situations. The novelties of the current week should be treated with caution, since virtually no project for primary analysis does not pretend to a long-term investment. In general, and everything that we will talk about in today's review, be sure to read the news portal, so as not to fall into the hands of scammers, who are popular with the site Profit-Hunters.

New projects: - launched on the first day of this week and belongs to the category of average interest rate on the minimum plan, although mostly typical fast. The design did not impress, of course it compensated with a good technical assembly, but the developed marketing goes at the ready to the existing shortcomings, it looks more like a bubble collection for 25 days. We do not recommend entering a large amount, it is best to generally observe how the first deposits will be given back. The administrator is showing interest in promotion, but for how long, in general, we will follow. is a new middleman, perhaps the most eye-catching one we have come across this week, but not everything is smooth here either. According to the texts, comments were found, to which the administrator, albeit unhurriedly, reacts. The equipment is normal, it is possible to enter the office without registration. Marketing offers a floating interest rate of 0.7% to 2.5% daily for 30-150 days. The investor's share of this rate can reach from 40% to 80% (depending on the amount invested), so the income will be about 20% per month. The minimum contribution for participation is standard $ 10. is a nondescript low percentage with minimal costs for its creation and initial promotion. External data leaves much to be desired. Investment proposals should not even be considered seriously, since only 91 days out of 100 will have to wait for the return of your own contribution, while the profit will be only 10%. We immediately bypass the side and look for other options.

bench: - the admin promised everyone about a successful entry into the autumn period, but in fact only barely survived the middle of summer - as a result, we have 89 days. Although trusting the words of administrators is the last thing, it is worth noting that a month ago the influx of investments here was quite significant. The admin got scared of the outflow and scammed at the very first drawdown in the last week, when the amount of payments began to become larger than new investments. Although the administration is already of the old school and the experience is definitely available, but this time I decided to hold the titmouse in my hands. The first investors, of course, are in the black, but numerous reinvestments have led to a negative result. Before leaving, the admin made a kind gesture of his own free will and transferred a small part of the contributions to the participants' wallets, commendable, but of course not enough for everyone. is a good result for its section. In 15 days, the first investors took a good profit, for larger deposits it was even possible to double. By clicking on the link from our portal, it was also possible to earn about 60% of the net profit. The admin has publicly announced the closure of the project, there are no payments, the site is not available. - nothing good came of the project, another kick occurred on the 56th day as soon as the first investors began to break even. We did not notice further smooth promotion, or rather, it has not existed at all since the publication of our review on it. The site is not available now, scam. In the near future we will pay compensation for the project, according to the applications received from our partners.

Events: - reported public holidays and non-working days in the month of August. Within two weeks (August 1-14), there will be no accrual of profit on deposits due to the vacation period for the company's team of traders. During this period, some interruptions in the work of the site are also possible due to optimization of databases and software updates. From August 15, the site will be fully operational. - for the convenience of replenishing funds in the project, a new payment system Payza was connected. Replenishment takes place automatically. - over 150 representatives from 45 different countries and keep pace. They plan to add new payment systems, open offices, hold several conferences on the work of the project, and much more. - Announces participation in the EGX exhibition of computer games and innovative technologies, scheduled for September in England. In this regard, a drawing of three paired tickets for visiting the exhibition for a period of 7 days is announced. The conditions for participation in the drawing are simple, you need to send a letter marked "I want to Birmingham" using the feedback form. In the content of the letter, briefly state in a creative style why you should become an awardee. The draw will take place on August 31, 2015, with the winners announced the next day. - the new office in Dubai is completely ready to receive clients after the completed renovation. Office hours from 10:00 to 19:00 (Sun-Thu). A series of photographs of the head office can be viewed on the project website.

News of the website:

1) The visitors of our site:
In Skype clones are operating fraudsters, who collect a pool of C-7 on behalf portal Profit-Hunters. Do not try to transfer their funds anywhere in this way, do not believe them. Without information on the portal is no pool, we do not collect.

2) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 15% of losses (more than 300 $).