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News HYIP-industry (21.03-27.03.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Today is Sunday, the next investment week in the HYIP industry ends, as always, let's go over the main points of the last days, identify promising newcomers, notify about recent scams and talk about events in the life of existing projects posted on the portal. Excellent reviews at the start and prospects for further development does not mean that the profit will be guaranteed, recently we have already seen this - this is, in particular, about the new "Investments Ondios", but the offer is definitely worthwhile and requires special attention, perhaps we will soon add it to monitoring ... This week there are much more scams than newcomers to the highly profitable arena, briefly for each we note inside the news. In any case, we compensate our partners on time, sometimes we pay to breakeven with a small bonus. We continue to work on compiling fresh reviews and videos, visit our portal, we are always glad to see you.

New projects: is a mid-income hyip project with a strong technical base and long-term marketing. The plans are divided into 100 working days with the classic increase in interest rates with an increase in investment. They also implemented a shorter plan of 20 business days with a total return of 116%. For all tariffs, the deposit is included in payments, the minimum investment amount is $ 20, payments are made instantly. By technique: a self-written script, dedicated line, ddos ​​and ssl protection are available. Works for a week, develops smoothly, for a detailed analysis, read the overview on the portal. is a worthy novelty of the mid-term section, launched on March 23 this year. The project offers an average profit of 45% to 70% per month, accruals every day for 60 days, the deposit is included in payments. There is a shorter plan for 15 days with 1% charge per day. Visually it looks great, the technique is normal, the resource itself is functional, many different chips are provided. Development promises to be smooth with the connection of popular EPS in the near future, so far only AdvCash and Bitcoin. The project is really interesting, we will watch it.

bench: - more than 310 days if we take into account the launch of the project. Considering the appearance before the general public only at the beginning of February with new plans and a redesign, it worked only 40 days. The first depositors managed to recoup their investments at the expense of interest, but the administrator did not pass the circle. Still, the project had initial prospects, but due to the current competition in the HYIP industry, it could not withstand the load. The project doesn't pay, scam. - 32 days or 1 full circle after the rebranding, it is not clear why the admin dragged more than a year of partisanship, but he certainly does not know how to work with the general public. I returned some of the deposits to the first players, then switched to the lifelong pending mode. Who knows, last week they lowered the limit on the 2nd and 3rd plans, maybe there were flyers, or maybe the admin just faced a cash outflow for the first time, one way or another, payments do not go through, here is a scam. is another fast track without a single covered circle, the result of all 7 days. The administrator, following the results of the game, made a pitiful sight, accusing investors of no flow in the letter, while they themselves said they spent a huge amount on advertising (complete nonsense), while leaving about 90% of all deposits to their pockets. The case when we have the opportunity to fully compensate our partners for losses with a small increase, so to speak, for moral damage. - worked for 25 days, i.e. exactly a circle according to the minimum plans. Those who entered the project in the first 4-5 days received a profit of up to 20% + personal contribution, later players, at best, approached the breakeven zone. The atmosphere "In the game" was good, the people actively participated in the project, but the administrator could not stand the first serious outflow and hesitated. The site is not available, there are no payments. - because of such admins, sensible projects suffer, well, the investors themselves in the first place. It seems like a sensible hype, everything is with him, work plans, but in the hands of a scammer it turns into an ordinary "sucker". Even the first investors managed to return no more than 50% of the investments, the rest fell on the administrator's paw, scam. - went to the problematic section at the very beginning of the week, in principle there is no point in repeating. Admins do not want to work in a competitive environment at all, they do not need to think much of a normal middleman in 14 days. There are no payments, scam. All partners who applied for compensation were paid. - quickly, full 4 days worked and then with problems entering the site. Yesterday evening, payments from the project were not received, especially since the deadline for the minimum plan ended. The admin did not provide any comments, we send them to the scams. We will publish the news about the collection of applications for compensation a little later, follow the portal. - in fact, it has been a scam here for a long time, in recent months it was almost impossible for an ordinary player to withdraw profit. Each time the administration infringed on the rights of participants, focusing on referrals. Now the site does not open for several days, we take it to the gateways.

Events: - announced the postponement of the planned webinar, we are also pleased with the completion of the first investment round for a month, the deposits have been paid to all investors. They offer to look closely at buying shares for new warehouses and inform about the drawing of cash bonuses among active investors. - created a community in the Viber mobile app. If you want to stay up to date with all the events of the project or just chat and receive quick answers, please provide support with your phone number and you will be added to the group. We have added certificates for active investors to the LC with the display of your personal data confirming your investing activities. Certificates can be downloaded and printed. - for ease of use, we have introduced into the project the possibility of replenishing and withdrawing funds through the popular AdvancedCash payment system. - customer support via Live chat on the site is now available in Russian. Also added a section "Video", where interesting videos about the project will be posted. - signed 2 agreements to open a tour. franchise agencies. One travel agency already accepts its clients in Odessa, the exact address and contact details are available on the website. Now the agency is preparing to open in Russia. - the company is featured on 4 largest news sites, which affects the popularity of the project. The possibility of using Visa and MasterCard cards to replenish the account and withdraw the received income is also connected. - expanded the opportunities for attracting investors to the project with the help of new high-quality landing pages and a back office through which you can track all your advertising materials, as well as filter visits to advertising pages. - connected the WebMoney payment system, which is capricious for this industry. Regular city conferences, webinars are held, and an interesting video interview with the project management has been published:

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On site - from 20.03.16, under protection - to 21.04.16). (On the site - with 21.03.16, under protection - to 21.06.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 40% losses paid (more than 300 $). - paid 50% losses (more than 500 $). - paid 100% losses (more than 300 $). - paid 40% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 15% losses (more than 300 $). - 100% losses paid + bonus (more than 300 $).