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News HYIP-industry (21-27.04.2014)

NewsI greet you, dear partners.
The last week in the HYIP industry turned out to be very unfavorable for many investors. If the beginning of the week passed in a calm working environment, then closer to the weekend, the time of spring scramble started noticeably. Almost instantly promising, as it seemed at first glance, projects were closed. Gradually, compensation is paid to our partners who have lost their deposits in fast money. We try to choose high-quality resources from other slag. 4 interesting projects have been added to the portal in the category "Deposit protection". Keep reading for the latest developments.

New projects: is a high-quality low-percentage with official registration and documents confirming the real activities of the company. On the technical side, it has reliable data, investment plans with weekly payments. The minimum investment amount is $ 100. Great offers for those who will attract partners to the system. Referral program in 10 levels and decent bonuses for invitees. The project has just started, we advise you to try to make money here. is a fresh centerpiece with a unique design in light colors. Investment plans of the project are in good standing with investors, the deposit is included in payments. The program is developed on the licensed script GoldCoders, tech. part is normal. At the moment there are no problems, but we recommend that you wait until the first deposits are paid. is a mid-interest project with decent technical data on the H-script. Quite nice design and good marketing. Promotion of the project is proceeding slowly, we will follow the development. is a great mid percentile with working investment plans and an attached green bar. Technique at a high level: licensed script GoldCoders, ddos ​​protection from Blockdos, ssl certificate, dedicated server, domain redeemed for 2 years. The minimum for a deposit is $ 10, the minimum deposit period is 10 calendar days. The admin connects a batch of new monitors every day.

bench: - promising at first glance midsection, but the disgusting work of the administrator led to losses. The project did not work and the circle, even those who invested from the first day of the opening remained in the red. The benefit of the deposit was included in the payments and, possibly, some managed to return at least some of it. - an unpleasant termination of work suffered this week and this resource, which started in mid-December last year. In view of the fact that the tariff plan was developed for 180 working days when 0.5% was charged on working days, the result turned out to be unprofitable for all who participated here. - in fact, the scum, but in general the admin was worthy and gave many to go into profit. Almost from the start, the city councils tried to adjust to investors, making corrections in tariff plans in every possible way, but one way or another everything comes to an end. - stopped paying after working for 2 months. Many here hoped for long-term cooperation, but apparently the administration did not think so. Those who came from the start and were not going to stay here for a long time were left with the profit they received. The rest of the depositors, with quiet sadness, calculate their losses. - another nosy project closed at the peak of its popularity. For three weeks of work, investors' confidence has decently grown, the project could still work out well. But the governor can be seen in the light of the approaching May holidays, having worked only one round. is another victim of the spring scam. The project was never completed until the break-even day, which came on the 20th day of work. Most of them are naturally in the red, only those who received refback and referral rewards were able to go to zero and a small profit.

Events: - Made minor adjustments to investment plans. According to the first plan, the ability to expose the compounding function was removed. According to the second plan, there is the possibility of compounding, the limitation on the term of deposits has been removed and now you can keep funds here for an indefinite period and withdraw at any time. Changes take effect only for new plans, and for old ones, everything remains unchanged. - there were changes in tariff plans, namely, they reduced the daily accrual of interest. This decision was made by the company manager for long-term work. For those who have already taken part in the project, the administration decided to meet halfway and compensate for the unpaid funds under the previous plans. Compensation will be transferred only for new deposits with a changed rate. To obtain it, you must contact the support service. - it is reported that now it is possible to replenish the balance from Visa and MasterCard cards, as well as through Privat24.

The mmgp forum has news that since 1 May all HYIPs owned by Piratcoin EPS will be closed. It is reported to close deposits and withdraw money from projects until the appointed date. It is also reported that the EPS itself will continue to work, only the issue of withdrawing the balance from it remains closed.

News of the website:

1) The following projects fall under the "deposit insurance": (On ​​the site - with 22.04.14, under protection - up to 21.05.14). (On the site - with 25.04.14, under protection - up to 01.06.14). (On the site - with 24.04.14, under protection - up to 28.05.14). (On the site - with 25.04.14, under protection - up to 14.05.14).

2) published a draft review:

3) partners paid compensation of lost funds in the projects: - paid 100% of losses in the amount of more than $ 400; - 50% of losses over $ 350 paid; - 25% of losses paid; - paid 25% of losses; - 30% of losses paid;

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