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News HYIP-industry (22.01-28.01.2018)

I welcome you dear partners!
On the calendar, it's Sunday again, which means another reason to sum up the results of the investment week in the highly profitable HYIP industry. Traditionally, in the body of a news article, we will consider promising new items, mainly our personal choice, go through the main events and note the projects that had to be transferred to scams due to the termination of payments to participants. Follow our regular reviews on the portal. Now the most relevant is the contest "History of the Old School Admin" with a $ 1000 fund, take part in it and perhaps you will become one of the winners.

New projects: is a new mid-term project, presumably from the old "seven" admin, which has completely lost confidence lately, nevertheless, there are still "fearless" investors. Regarding the project, there are no complaints at all, according to the technique, a self-written script, a dedicated server, a domain for 5 years, ddos ​​protection from CloudFlare, ssl from Comodo with an American greenbar. Marketing traditionally includes 2 plans: SHORT PLAN - 2.7% only on weekdays for 14 calendar days, a deposit at the end of the term; LONG PLAN - 5.4% daily for 28 calendar days, the deposit is included in payments. The minimum deposit amount is $ 30, the withdrawal commission is 5% of the amount. At the moment, there are restrictions on payment systems (only Payeer and Bitcoin) and on the maximum amount. Together we have excellent project preparation and an unreliable manager. The circle should definitely let go, and then only time will tell. - there is a completely new project on the portal, almost no one has gone there yet, and it has already been immersed in the MMZP. In any case, this is our choice and we will not change our decision. The admin in the project is foreign and can lead to success. All plans are designed for 30 days with charges from 7% to 15% on weekdays, the deposit is included in payments. Minimum deposit - $ 25, withdrawal from $ 5. We added a project in VIP format, and at the same time contributed personal funds here, we recommend. - a sensational novelty of the current week, have already managed to pretty much throw it here according to the insiders' past. The admin in the project is experienced, can show a decent result. The site is based on a self-written script and is integrated with a telegram application, CloudFlare monitors the DDoS protection, and Comodo is responsible for data encryption, the greenbar is also present. The main tariff plan works for 15 calendar days, charging every 3 hours 1% of the deposit (8% per day), the deposit is included in payments, the net profit will be 20% for the term. The second plan is not entirely relevant and allows you to earn from 5% to 15% per month, withdrawal of the deposit and profit at any time. The project has already been picked up by all successful bloggers on the network, Profit Hunters are also in the subject and have invested their money, on the blog the project is marked as a personal choice.

bench: - 49 days, I took with me about 50% of the profits, which, in principle, is not bad for a fund with unlimited marketing. Those who came with us in the first couple of days managed to break even, so no compensation is required. The site does not open, there are no payments, scam. - it was not enough until 8 months, but this is not a reason to praise the project, because in fact did not even work out the circle. The resource appeared on the portal only last month, so absolutely all our partners who followed the blog link were at a loss. Submit your applications in the form, we will see what we manage to compensate. The current fund amount is $ 500. - 50 days, the newbie admin could not adapt to the HYIP market, not showing himself in any way. The admin talked a lot, but it didn't come to action from the language, with the development, too, complete silence. So they don't work in HYIPs, the administrator still has to learn and learn, but it is better to leave this business to experienced comrades. The project was not remembered in any way, except that some of our partners were left at a loss. The fund was able to compensate only half of the total losses. - 13 days, very weak work, although technically it was prepared head and shoulders above its competitors. It seemed that the admin had enough reserves for development, but we did not notice any active measures towards promotion. Apparently the admin had enough of those kopecks that he had after deducting all the preparation costs. The site is still opening, but there are no more payments from the project, scam. and - 13 and 7 days, even with such seemingly small terms, the overall result turned out to be quite profitable, as for the fast category. In both projects, the basis for marketing was daily plans, so you could earn money without being greedy.

Events: - from February 1, there will be changes in the withdrawal of funds in the Payeer payment system (rubles). Previously, the commission was 5% when withdrawing any amount, now there is no commission for amounts up to 3000 rubles, for amounts over - the commission also remained 5%. - warn all users of the project that the Currency Global mobile application has appeared in the Play Market, but the company does not have an official application at the moment. Be careful, it is scammers. If the project had its own application, it would have been reported on the project website or in official groups on social networks. If you have already downloaded the application and logged in with it, be sure to delete it, and also change your passwords and PIN code. Keep in mind, only from official sources you need to find out the main news and updates in the project. - temporarily suspended accepting payments via Payeer and AdvCash, requests for payments will be processed in a stable manner. - expanding the list of deposit methods and this time new cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR) are connected. Coins are converted upon replenishment at the specified rate. - provided participants with the opportunity to independently choose the commission for outgoing transactions in the Blockchain. Also, there was a smart prompt with which you can monitor the amount of funds withdrawn and the available amount by limits. They continue to conduct webinars and training courses, be sure to visit them if you want to be financially literate.

News of the website:

1) We have already published the third part of the "history of the Old School admin" on the blog and have identified the winners in the two passed stages of the competition. Accordingly, 3 participants have already received their cash prizes. Undoubtedly, all the articles are interesting and the decision on choosing the best ones is not so easy, nevertheless, the winners have been determined, the rest are asked not to despair and continue to participate in the competition.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 22.01.18, under protection - up to 31.01.18). (On the site - with 23.01.18, under protection - up to 05.03.18). (On the site - with 25.01.18, under protection - up to 09.02.18). (On the site - with 28.01.18, under protection - up to 05.04.18). (On the site - with 28.01.18, under protection - up to 18.02.18).

3) published a draft review: - the music of your success

4) Articles on crypto-currency topics are published:

Crypto currency Tron - scandalous token with active growth rate

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 37% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 50% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 30% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 30% loss (more than 1000 $). - paid 35% loss (more than 300 $).