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News HYIP-industry (22-28.09.2014)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
I think many will agree with me that we were not expecting quite such a result with the arrival of the autumn period, many projects will scam without fulfilling their full potential, which is why ordinary investors have to suffer losses. However, the current period cannot be called sluggish either, look inside, what new things the last investment week has prepared for us and what we have to say goodbye to. Our partners unconditionally receive generous compensation from the portal and in some cases even remain in the black. Good luck and profit to all of us!

New projects: is a new high-quality project with excellent technical data. Investment
Offers are available for deposits that are included in the payment and returned at maturity. most
investors are invited to invest in the 15 0.8 days under% with a minimum of $ 10 and collect contributions
at the end of the period. Investors with a larger initial capital ranging from $ 300, offered
invest for a period of 20-30 days under 5.8% -6.2%, where the depot is returned along with daily
percent. is a fresh mid-ranger that specializes in poker. Design and engine
the project unique technique at a high level. Investment plans are available both with return
deposit at maturity (1% -2% per day), and the inclusion in the payment of a deposit (4.3% -5.3 per day). By
all tariffs investment term is 30 days, a minimum contribution of $ 10. The project started well,
Many are watching with interest the further developments. is an interesting middle interest program with a piggy bank investment plan, according to
which falls under the investor's deposit freeze on 10 days, after which it is free to enter the
its discretion. Every day the deposit is charged 1.5%, which is quite passable for normal operation. AT
Overall operating plans, specifications for height. By the promotion of the army's most connected
popular domestic and foreign monitors. is a promising investment project, technically well-built, design
unique. There are fees to select how the contribution will be returned at the end of the term or
together with daily charges. investment period 30-90 days, the total profit of 21.5% -
162%. The minimum contribution to the system by $ 10.

bench: - despite the excellent investment conditions, the investment turned out to be unjustified. Only
some investors were able to come to a miserable profit, some went to zero in view of Refco and the rest
suffered losses. Our partners can count on a maximum compensation of such work
nedoadmina. - almost 3 months the project served its investors, which is quite
good result. Participating here from the start, it was possible to almost double their investments,
reinvesting deposit on 2-3 circle. In any event, the opportunity to profit was at everyone. - only one circle completed the project at the minimum tariff, which corresponds to 20%
profit, which was an opportunity to earn. Upon completion of the second round of payments have stopped,
fix scam. - just celebrated 100 days of solid performance in the sports investment arena as
started having problems on payments, the delays do not occur in isolated cases. Administration
asks to be patient and wait until the updates go into effect, but typically such statements
Confidence is not added. Payments can not see, therefore, the project in the problem. - a very weak result was shown by the admin of this average percentage, with such
percent tariff plans can work much longer. Before the end of the insurance,
provided by the project, there were only a couple of days, probably the administrator considered it necessary to translate
deposits back on investors' wallets, and leave it at that, scum project.

Events: - have made some changes to the line of investment plans that will affect
Only new customers registered on the company's website after October 1 2014 years. changes
It occurs only in increasing the size of the entry fee for the tariff plan SILVER (from 100 USD; from
4000 RUB; from 80 EURO).
opens an office in Moscow, as well as new conditions of cooperation are introduced On October 1 2014 years,
and they affect only new customers who have an active deposit placed after October 1 2014
of the year. Since that date, the output of active deposit no commission is only possible after
30 day period while funds ArbitrageTOP system. For existing investors with
active deposit sicteme ArbitrageTOP, placed before the 1 2014 October, the conditions do not change.
For details, see the news of the project. - inform all participants that accruals and payments are made by workers
day, except weekends. Payments are made by the operator during 3-days after application,
usually sooner. If there was a failure on the part of PerfectMoney payment, you must
perezakazat payment. For all inquiries please contact skype online, all issues are resolved mainly
mgnnovenno. The company is also preparing to develop by opening offices to connect to the offline market, and
also it planned to make payments to bank cards VISA from $ 30. - announces the opening of a new office / representative office from September 24, 2014
Astrakhan region. Krasny Yar Street. Soviet 37 bodies. + 7 (905) 360-96-02. On any given address
interested person can get advice, to pay for the details of the deposit, as well as to conclude an agreement.
The discovery of deposits in cash in the office is not provided, all operations are carried out through
bank details of the company. - for partners and clients of the fund, an official Skype chat was connected, where you can ask
questions, share information, to examine reports and insight into aspects of the traders.
To add a chat contact Skype: Leveron.Group - until October 1, each user of the system will receive $ 100 on the balance. When you enter your personal
account on the balance sheet will be made available for the output of gift money, but if the credit rating of less than
1000, the funds will be frozen. $ 100 can be displayed on a purse or reinvest in the system of
as they reach the credit rating 1000 CD. A complete list of methods of credit rating earnings
you can see the section "Credit rating".
Announced a set in the call-center operator team. Combine work (or decree) does not work,
as need someone full-time. Learn more about the applicant and working conditions
See the news on our project. For all those interested in the proposal, you must submit your
resume by e-mail - added the ability to replenish the balance through the Qiwi payment system. Now deposits
It can be opened through Qiwi terminals or directly from your device. For details
please contact by e-mail or via the feedback form. - due to numerous requests from participants, the minimum deposit amount has been reduced to $ 10.
Reducing the minimum deposit amount is less than $ 10 is not possible for technical reasons, as the project itself,
and the terms of trade. Also reduced the maximum deposit amount for a single customer, which is not
now exceeds $ 3000.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 22.09.14, protected - up to 15.10.14). (on the website - with 22.09.14, protected - up to 22.10.14). (on the website - with 24.09.14, protected - up to 04.10.14). (on the website - with 24.09.14, protected - up to 24.10.14). (on the website - with 25.09.14, protected - up to 25.10.14). (on the website - with 28.09.14, protected - up to 14.10.14).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid more than $ 300. - 50% of losses paid (over $ 600). - 100% of losses paid (over $ 500). - 100% of losses paid (over $ 300).

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