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News HYIP-industry (23.02-01.03.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
The current week was just terrible in terms of work projects that continually stopped its activities one after the other. February Ending strongly pumped up by checking out winter skamopadom. Today 1 of March and would like to congratulate all of you on the holiday of spring: warm, bright emotions and cheerful mood. I hope that the spring season will bring a lot more profitable investments and positive moments. As usual, every Sunday, we acquaint you with the latest week, notify about to stop their work projects and inform on the recent events in the work programs.

New projects: is a mid-interest hype project with a bare design, the so-called "guerrilla". It started just today and took about a dozen monitors for tracking at once. The technical side is at a decent level: a licensed GoldCoders script, a dedicated server, Ddos protection against Ddos-Guard, ssl encryption from Comodo for a period of one year, a verified PM account. The project has a single investment plan for a period of 105 days at 1.5% every day. The minimum contribution is only $ 1, the maximum contribution is limited to prevent kooky and is $ 150. Payments are made by instant, Skype is present for communication with the administration. is another "partisan" with a quick start on a set of monitors, but the contributions are still almost invisible. Of the plans, the worker is only the first, at 0.6% daily for 90 days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 10, the deposit is returned at the end of the term. The technique is relatively normal for a partisan: a licensed GoldCoders script, a dedicated server, Ddos-protection from Koddos, ssl free for 3 months. We recommend you wait for the design change.

Easternbuildingalliance is a promising novelty in the mid-range section with a unique light design and high-quality video presentation. Marketing includes a wide range of investment proposals, among which there are plans with a deposit included in payments (4% -7.2% for 15-30 days), a return of the deposit at the end of the term and daily charges (0.9% -1.7% for 20-80 days), return of the deposit and interest at the end of the term (1.4% -1.7% for 30-50 days). On the technical assembly, there is a full range here: H-script script license, dedicated server, ddos ​​protection from blockdos, domain redeemed for 4 years, ssl encryption from Comodo with greenbar. There are no quick actions in the ad set, the development will surely be smooth. is a great investment medium with an easy multilingual design. Investing in the international Forex market lies behind the legend. The technique is well assembled: a self-written script, a dedicated server, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl certificate from Comodo for 2 years, unique design. The investment period is 5 calendar days with a total accrual of 105% for deposits with a return at the end of the term together with interest and 25 calendar days with a deposit included in daily accruals of 5.6%. The minimum deposit is $ 20. The admin connects advertising sites daily without sudden movements in dynamics.

bench: - nothing good came of this project, the newly-made payment system did not go full-fledged, and quite quickly. Due to the complexity of the investment conditions, the program never gained popularity. I worked for 26 days, at the moment there are no payments, we fix the scam. is the loudest scam of the week. The reason for this was the transfer of the topic on the mmgp forum to the scam section, thanks to one user from the same forum. It is still not clear what goals he pursued, but achieved the result. It is not known how long this project would have worked, but in the next few weeks there was no point in closing. The promotion took a lot of money, and the preparation was excellent. I'm not going to blame anyone for this fast-paced person, it's just a shame that ordinary investors have to suffer the most in an absurd situation. - for a piggy bank with the possibility of withdrawing a deposit at any time, it worked quite tolerably for a period of 34 days. The admin did not fulfill his promises to expand the information content of the site and increase its popularity through further high-quality promotion. With all the initial dampness, the project did not take advantage of special demand among investors, and no one waited for the promised innovations. The project doesn't pay, scam. - the admin of this project turned out to be completely inadequate, having taken a listing on the portal, he wanted to be showered with deposits. In our case, the admin's plans were not implemented, which is why he behaved completely unreasonable. If we omit the last event, then in general it worked not very badly. Given the availability of short plans, in 10 days of work, investors had the opportunity to ride several times at various rates and get out with a profit. All our referrals will naturally be paid compensation, you can leave applications in the specified form. - just as quickly scammed, as well as changed into a new "suit". In the plans of the administrator, throughout the entire period of work it was to collect more money in a short time, I see no other options. I worked 15 days after the rebranding, which corresponds to half of the minimum period. The result is far from commendable, they expected more, no one was able to return the investment, even taking into account the refback and the deposit included in the payment. - it is not clear what plan the admin of this project adhered to, but he behaved very strangely and incorrectly. I allocated a decent amount to insure users on the mmgp forum and just a couple of days later I stopped paying. He does not respond to requests on Skype, he worked out of the ordinary. - just a terrible result was shown by the local manager. With a daily interest rate of 0.8%, it worked only 10 days, while the minimum investment period is 30 days for all plans. Projects of this quality and marketing can work for months, admins are completely impoverished. Payment regulations violated, do not invest.

Events: - share their goals and achievements with the provision of charts, pictures and videos. They plan to introduce a system of achievements with the accrual of bonus points that can be exchanged for gifts. Also, the contest “Send photos - get money” ended, where it was necessary to take a picture of oneself against the background of a screen with a website image. On the site you can see all the applicants for winning the competition. - opened another new branch of the company in the city of Almaty at the address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, st. Furmanova 65, Office 205, BC "F65". Contact phone number: +8 800 070 07 40. Photos of the office and a map of the road can be viewed on the company's website.
Also on February 20, the CRFIN included the Leveron company on the "black list" on their website. In the latest news, you can read the detailed comments and explanations on this matter. - reports on overcoming the current crisis. The first tranche of funds was received from the broker Alpari, due to which all withdrawal requests were processed according to the regulations. - Webmoney (WMZ and WMR) has been added to the collection of numerous payment systems for deposits and withdrawals. For WMZ, the minimum deposit amount is 30 WMZ, the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 WMZ. For WMR, the minimum deposit amount is 1500 WMR, the minimum withdrawal amount is 500 WMR. The company has verified its SolidTrustPay account, and now all transactions are carried out automatically. The minimum deposit amount is $ 30, the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1. - for the convenience of many clients, the Qiwi payment system was connected, with which you can directly replenish the balance in the project and withdraw the accumulated funds. Regular conferences are held with the head of the company. - a special Skype chat has been opened for project investors, the link to which is available only to investors with active deposits in their personal account. In addition, a project logo has been developed for use on the Internet. Also, a meeting of investors with the project manager took place, which was recorded on a video camera. - launched a new competition timed to coincide with International Women's Day - March 8. The winners will be 10 creative girls in 10 specified nominations, each of which will receive $ 200, and the best of the nominees will receive $ 1000. In addition, each participant in the competition will be credited $ 50 to the bonus account. You can send your works of authorship for the competition to the mail address: with the subject line: "Nomination number and its short name." For details of the conditions of participation and the dates of the competition, see the project website.

News of the website:

1) bonuses for the activity in the topic portal on the forums and in the official group of VC, plus an additional a prize most active commentators in a group of VC cash prizes. In the future, we will continue to support and encourage the active partners of our project, so even performing simple actions, with us you can earn extra income.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 25.02.15, protected - up to 01.03.15).

3) published a draft review:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 50% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 110% of losses (more than 500 $).

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