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News HYIP-industry (23.03-29.03.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
And again the next investment week came to an end, as a result of which active work was carried out on the portal, in particular, a fresh batch of high-quality hyip-programs were added, which to some extent already managed to prove themselves from the good side. With the end of the current period, the next month is also coming to an end. March in general turned out to be quite productive, stable and profitable, with the exception of a few projects. With our partners, we made a settlement for all compensations, in fact, we are completing this month without debts. Of the new products in recent days, almost nothing has been identified, so we will focus more on the numerous events that have occurred in existing projects.

New projects: is a freshly baked middle manager, just launched today and is a piggy bank with the ability to withdraw a deposit at any time after 24 hours. According to legend, they trade on the Forex market. The percentage of charges is calculated from 1.3% to 2.1% per day and is made on calendar days. The affiliate program is not for smart people, so the cash desk will not be carried out quickly. Technically in perfect order: licensed GoldCoders script, Ddos protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl encryption from Comodo, unique design, RM wallet verified. The admin takes monitoring and blogs for promotion, and the project has been added to the portal under "Protection of deposits". In the near future, we will issue a detailed review on it. is not a new project, but recently it has become completely unrecognizable, since I put on a fresh design, changed investment plans, replaced the affiliate program and began to actively develop. Prior to that, half a year wandered in the vastness of the HYIP industry as a so-called "partisan". The accrual for plans varies from 1.2% to 2.1% within 15-60 business days. At the end of the investment period, the invested funds are returned to the balance in full. On the technical side, there is a license from GoldCoders, a dedicated server, DDoS protection, ssl encryption from Comodo and a unique design. is a very young guerrilla with strong technique, but not working marketing. Of the plans provided, only players with good endurance can afford to come to the fore, receiving 8% per month for a year. The amount of accruals is 4% once every two weeks with a minimum deposit of $ 50. On the technical side, the picture looks better: licensed GoldCoders script, domain redeemed for 7 years, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl encryption from Comodo. We do not recommend taking part here before changing plans and designs.

bench: - 53 of the day is listed for the project, which has not worked its minimum circle. In recent days, only selective payments have taken place, at the moment the regulations have been violated, the scum. - a very disgusting result issued by the administrator of this resource, having worked only 16 days. Surely initially planned to break the cash at the start, pushing for the show is quite a worthy project, which many liked, but got another quick shot. Unfortunately, all those who entered were in the red. The project does not pay, our partners have already been compensated for the abandoned applications. - almost 3 months of the project appeared in the mid-percentage section and was not particularly in demand among investors. With the advent of insurance from our portal, the traffic flow increased significantly, but not for long. The administrator did not cope with this task, and he acted very meanly for his part. In fact, many had to remain in the black, even those who came here without insurance much earlier, could increase their investment, at least half. To date, the project does not pay and is moved to the scaffolding.

Events: - as promised, they summed up and published the company's statements for March, which can be downloaded as a file in the new section of the website "Reporting". As a result, at the moment, $ 7000 has been attracted, which, in principle, is not bad for a recent appearance on the network. For all questions, you will be carefully listened to using the contacts provided. As we mentioned earlier, the company received the status of "Financial Broker", in this regard, they plan to start investing in securities. After a detailed study of the market, a new investment plan will be introduced, which will be additionally announced in the project news. - raised the minimum withdrawal amount to 500 rubles, and in the near future it will rise to 1000 rubles, both for the bonus account and for the investment one. This is due to the high load on the financial department, since the number of active investors is more than 20 thousand, and it takes a lot of time to process all applications with small amounts for withdrawal. To keep the withdrawal of investors' income fast and stable, these measures were taken. - continue to amaze with new events and numerous news:
- Every Wednesday, Coinclab will transfer 10% of all deposits to specialized medical institutions for the treatment of seriously ill children. Thus, making a deposit on Wednesday, you not only earn, but also help children. Charity is carried out only at the expense of the company and will not affect your profit in any way. However, if you want to take part in charity with additional transfers, please contact support. Philanthropy reports will be published on Thursdays.
- We also organized a series of test conferences, where project participants simply communicate with each other, share their experiences and tell each other various interesting things to make money. This direction has become quite popular and received the name "Coinstream".
- There are fresh innovations in the quality of the domestic currency and gift shop. The founders of the project decided to create their own cryptocurrency, and for this purpose they introduced the internal currency of the project called Clubcoin. Any project participant can earn this currency by fulfilling simple conditions for which a certain number of Clubcoins will be credited. The conditions for obtaining local currency can be found on the website. Clubcoins can be exchanged for gifts or functional bonuses in the store, the range of which will be replenished over time. In the future, it will be possible to exchange internal currency between participants, buy it for real money and withdraw it to an electronic wallet. - announces the opening of a new branch of the company in Tula at the address: Russia, Tula, st. Boldina, 45, BC "Europe", office 304. Contact phone number: +7 950 9211110. - today until midnight there will be a special offer, according to which additional bonuses can be credited to all deposits with the amount of invested funds from $ 100 on 4-5 plans. The bonus amount will be + 10% of all (in total) active deposits on these plans and will be credited to an unlimited plan with daily accrual at 0.6% or 18% per month. To receive a bonus, you need to submit an application today using the feedback form, this promotion is not valid for other tariffs with deposits. Also, for the convenience of communication and tracking news, an official VKontakte group has been created. - informs investors about various innovations and events:
- A live chat has become available in your personal account, in which you can chat with friends, ask questions and learn about the latest company news. To communicate in the chat, you must log in.
- We had an interesting interview with the head of Nano Centr with the assistance of the well-known monitoring Monhyip. The interview turned out to be complete and informative, the whole review can be read on the monitoring website.
- We opened an official representative office of the company in Russia, where you can contact by phone with any questions within the framework of the company. Office contact phone number: 8-800-77-56-940.
- We added a new advertising platform "Capture Page" in your personal account, with the help of which it became easier to promote your affiliate link and invite new partners to the company.
- The company has been working online for more than 10 days and is gradually developing its project. In the near future, it is planned to open offices in the countries of Ukraine and Kazakhstan, call-center phones will be available for free calls, where you can apply for advice and technical support. The company also plans to enter the Asian market and make changes to the partner program for the better. - warned that a fraudulent site has appeared on the network -! All participants are asked not to use logins and passwords on other sites, because you can lose personal information and money. The official website of the company is Site mirror - - the official forum of the company was opened, where all discussions and events taking place on the company's own projects will be held. For full use of the forum, you need to go through a simple registration procedure. Forum address: - passed their first milestone, having worked for 3 months since the launch of the site. The project is actively developing, more and more large investors are attracted, the average amount of the deposit has increased significantly. The inflow of investments is more than 5 times higher than the amount of payments on deposits. Available funds are distributed according to the following scheme: 20% is deducted to the reserve fund, which currently amounts to more than $ 5 million, 30% of the funds are invested in the company's production facilities and the remaining 50% are used by traders to trade gold options on world exchanges. Such a scheme of work is able to survive any crises and economic unrest. Ahead will be a lot of new interesting innovations, which are already gradually being implemented. Groups have also been created on the popular social networks VKontakte, FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 23.03.15, under protection - up to 25.09.15). (On the site - with 24.03.15, under protection - up to 24.07.15). (On the site - with 24.03.15, under protection - up to 15.04.15). (On the site - with 25.03.15, under protection - up to 15.04.15). (On the site - from 29.03.15/19.04.15/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 40% of losses paid (over $ 600). - 20% of losses paid (over $ 300).

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