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News HYIP-industry (24.10-07.11.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
In today's digest, we will consolidate the past events of the last two weeks, note promising newcomers to the hype industry and send 4 letters to the admins who have ceased to perform a solvent function. In the list, unfortunately, most of the projects moved away, not even giving investors the opportunity to recoup their personal investments, not to mention the promised income. There are many potential giants hiding in our main section "Worthy projects", each one is individual in its own way, but there is a turbulent New Year's Eve ahead, so we advise you to treat your investments in HYIPs carefully and with cold calculation. It’s impossible to get into the heads of the admins, at what stage of development and how much they want to take away, we will never know, for our part, we will always support you financially, and the final decision will have to be made only by you personally. We wish you stable income and profit, friends!

New projects: is an investment novelty with expensive equipment and, in principle, work plans. In terms of investments, participants are offered: 105% after 10 calendar days, 4.5% daily for 30 working days and 25% per week for 6 weeks. The most optimal tariff is the second, how the admin will cope with it, we will follow in the process of work. Payments are made on weekdays in manual mode, the minimum deposit is 10 usd. There is practically no advertising at the start, there are inclinations for smooth development. is a quality mid-interest with instant payouts and popular marketing that is in demand by most potential members. A choice of 2 tariff plans: 1) 5.3% daily for 30 days (the deposit is included in payments); 2) 112% after 10 days (deposit and interest at the end of the term). Each plan is interesting in its own way and carries favorable conditions, the minimum investment for both is $ 20. The technical parameters are as follows: licensed script H-script, ssl-encryption from GeoTrust with greenbar and ddos-protection from ddos-guard. Development is proceeding at the planned pace, the admin has chosen the right course, we will tell you more about the site in our short review. is a middleman project, but the daily income is presented at a rate of 5% per day on a lifetime basis. A deposit at such a high rate is, of course, included in payments, the payback period is 20 calendar days. Technical preparation was carried out according to the maximum requirements with the development of our own script, reliable DDoS protection and a greenbar from Comodo. The promotion moves smoothly, the people gradually pull themselves up and play carefully. You can find out more about the project in our review on the portal.

bench: - worked 54 calendar days, when compared with marketing, just before the end of the second round, they reported on the problems that exist to this day. As a result, one circle is still passed, some have earned 40% -50% profit + refback from us. In this regard, compensation is not due under the terms of the "protection of deposits" program, scam. - not even a small circle passed, 13 days were enough for the admin to join the ranks of fast cameras. The total losses of our partners exceeded the amount allocated for protection, so the fund was enough to cover 40% of the loss, scam. - only 19 days, for a project of this level, well, quite a bit, fasts sometimes take longer. The admin turned out to be a shameful quick camera, despicable and unexpected, let's remember him. Bubble collection is still going on, the appearance of work is being created, paying small change to selected participants. Transferred the project to scams, do not invest. We are waiting for your reports for compensation payments. - in 11 days, the admin managed to withdraw only a small part of the depositors to a meager plus, the bulk of them unfortunately suffered losses. We didn’t take to the portal from the start, so the partners had no chance of at least returning the invested funds. Compensation for the project has already been made, we are fixing the scam. - for two weeks, as expected (they made a note in the review), the administration did not prepare for early conclusions, which led to a premature closure. Frankly, I liked the project and, with the right organization, could have done a great job, apparently I just fell into the wrong hands. Hardly anyone succeeded in fixing a profit, about 20% -25% came out in accruals, and no return of deposits was noticed, in fact, a typical bubble collection.

Events: - celebrated their first month of successful development in the network, in connection with which the three best investors of the month were awarded $ 300, $ 200 and $ 100, respectively. We completed testing of the YandexMoney payment system, investment is now available in Russian rubles with conversion to dollars. We also made a few notes with regards to payments on weekends, and informed about the forthcoming addition of the Telegram bot and changes in the design of personal accounts. Yesterday, many users may have faced the unavailability of the resource, which was caused by the planned transition to a more powerful server. The site is now operating normally. - the language panel of the site has been updated, adding Russian and German languages ​​there. They also shared their achievements for the first month of successful work. - launched a new promotion for the entire November. All investors with a turnover of 30000 or more between November 1st and November 30th will receive a brand new iPhone 7 in their preferred color. We held a presentation of the company in the cities of Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog. They also announced the launch of personalized plastic cards for performing any payment transactions on the site. In this regard, mandatory verification began to identify all participants. At this stage, verification takes place selectively and takes from 2 to 5 days. To do this, you need to confirm your e-mail, send color scans of your passport to the company's mail and take a call from the company's employees by the phone number specified in your profile. What these changes will lead to is anyone's guess. - warned of the appearance of several clones on the project site. We also added the ability to replenish the account using Sberbank cards. The minimum deposit is from 3000 rubles, the minimum withdrawal is from 500 rubles. For instructions on how to replenish your account and withdraw charges, see the website, if you have any questions, please contact the online support. - for new investors, from 02.11.2016, the modified marketing with a floating rate from 0.75% to 2.75% per day comes into force, regardless of the amount invested. For deposits created before the change, accruals will be received according to the previous conditions. - stability continues to delight investors, regular monthly charges and payments have been made under the Trust Management tariff plan. - temporarily disabled the reception of funds through Qiwi for an indefinite period, the withdrawal of funds is carried out in the standard mode. has been working steadily for 7 months and on the eve of this date we have opened a new unique deposit insurance program. We will not describe the content of the insurance conditions in full here, you will find in detail in the project news or social group. We only note that the possibility of insurance covers the deposit by 75%, a really bold proposal. - prepared the German version of the site and added new ways to deposit and withdraw funds through payment systems YandexMoney and Qiwi. The minimum deposit amount for these EPS is $ 30, withdrawal from $ 3. - added German and Vietnamese page translations to the site, Chinese interface will be connected soon. A convenient tool has been developed - online chat; they are also going to launch their bot in Telegram. We have connected a new payment system AdvCash to work, and we are expecting to connect Qiwi and Payza payments. - we have connected a skype chat, where an experienced trader of the company will answer customer questions about working with signals in the forex market. Skype: live: eljul_2 - Trader PFXVCI. Opening hours: from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00 (Monday-Friday).

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 29.10.16, under protection - up to 19.11.16). (On the site - with 30.10.16, under protection - up to 10.12.16). (On the site - with 01.11.16, under protection - up to 14.11.16). (On the site - with 04.11.16, under protection - up to 14.11.16). (On the site - with 04.11.16, under protection - up to 20.11.16). (On the site - with 07.11.16, under protection - up to 10.12.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 40% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 40% loss (more than 300 $). -% loss paid (more than 300 $). - paid 50% loss (more than 500 $).

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    Thanks for the next news release! looked promising, didn't let the second round finish, it's a shame! ...