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News HYIP-industry (25.04-01.05.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
First of all we want to congratulate everyone on the bright holiday of the Orthodox Easter, sincerely wish to always remain good-natured, appreciate all the blessings that you have and spend more time with your family, health, success, peace and harmony. Unfortunately, yesterday we did not manage to prepare the news digest and congratulate the visitors of the Profit-Hunters portal on the holiday, so let us speak today. The situation in the market of hyip-industry radically changed its direction, on the eve of the May holidays came the expected spring barn, which struck many. If you have been working in this field for a long time, you should know that such phenomena occur year after year, and this is not always possible to avoid. In the review you will see that the list of skams for the last week turned out to be huge, and it is far from complete. In any case, if you do not play too much, then the profit from the projects could be extracted. In the process, we will also talk about some changes in the structure of the portal and other events in the life of HYIP projects.

New projects: is a solid middleman with the only option for a deposit term equal to 7 days. The percentage of daily income differs depending on the investment amount and the method of return on investment. While maintaining a smooth dynamics of development, there are many chances to turn investments here in several circles, in many respects the result will depend on the professionalism of the management. Little money is spent on advertising at this stage, this can be beneficial or detrimental to the life of the project, let's see how things change next week. is another middle-income investment platform with an indefinite deposit period at 1.5% on weekdays and 1% on weekends. Marketing payments are made automatically, the body of the contribution is not returned. The technical assembly is non-standard, the site's functionality is based on a self-written script, external data is not for everybody. Let's sit aside until better times. is a fresh medium-profit tool that involves placing investments for a period of 12 to 36 calendar days. The profit from the investments jumps out rather high, but at the initial tariff it will fall within the framework of the medium-term, total from 2% to 4% per day or 60% -120% per month. Interest in the game is evident, marketing contributes to this, but in view of recent developments in the general situation on the market, care should be taken when choosing an investment site. The technical characteristics of the comments are not present: the license of the script from GoldCoders was acquired, ssl-encryption from GeoTrust with the greenbar is installed, there is ddos-Protection from Ddos-Guard. The administrator selectively chooses monitors for advertising, the purchase goes on the listings of the mid-price category, we will observe the further actions.

bench: - could not jump over his head, he worked 60 days, allowing the first depositors to be content with a part of the profit due to high interest rates and refback. The tasks that the administration set at the start were not even close. Such work cannot be called a result, nevertheless, the project came out of protection 2 weeks before the scam, in this case no compensation is due. and - both for 7 days, as for the aggressors, in principle, not bad, 30 +% in each could be raised and left on time. On the portal, the projects have met the conditions, the deadlines allotted to the admins for protection have been met, so there are no claims to them. - out of order before the weekend, fixing 48 days in operation. Marketing played in favor of some investors, who decided to beat off losses from other scams here, got stuck in the minuses even deeper. The site does not work, the regulations on payments have expired, scam. - 48 days, the administration personally announced on the website about the closure of the program, it is worth noting the positive work. 2 circles for fast plans brought depositors from 84% net, with larger deposits the profit was even higher. The time of protection on the portal is over, we are sending you to rest with honors. - 20 days, there were thoughts that the admin would not be able to survive the marketed 84 days, but such a sluggish result was not expected. Even taking into account the reflex and the launch day, the participants managed to recapture 50% of the investments, the overall picture looks much worse. Contributions of our partners significantly exceeded the compensation fund, which was enough to recover 15% of the absolute losses. - struck out from the list of worthy well-executed project that stopped fulfilling its solvent duties. The admin has 9 months of work behind him, investors not only doubled, but could multiply their investments several times. At the moment, payments have stopped, the site does not open, scam. is one of the first resources to go bust this week. The admin paid the bills for about 20 days, 1 lap was fully completed. Unfortunately, they took to the portal with a delay, but even having entered with us, there was an opportunity to get an easy profit. Now there are no payments, the site does not enter, scam. - existed for 34 days, although it gave a little money to the first highpers, but does not deserve approval. Most of them built their own financial plans for this project, but the admin did everything, and did not take any action for systematic development. The site is not accessible, scam. - perhaps the best thing I had to part with in recent days. The admin is truly a giant of the hype industry and the laziest or stupid one could not make money here. However, even without being greedy, there was an opportunity to significantly increase your capital after changing clothes. Those who risked at first, I'm sure, were not offended. Thanks to the admin for the game, the good ends sooner or later, we look forward to returning. - it is time to write off the project from the accounts, although there are still selective payments for some EPS, but the fact of the presence of problems is present. In general, we were satisfied with the result, the chances of making a profit remained until the last, we did not need protection, scam. - the series of scams continues, the admin really turned out to be unique, although in many ways it was expected. As a result of 8 days with the declared 100-200 days - there is no point in commenting further. We are waiting for your reports on compensation.

Events: - launched a faucet (service) for owners of EDRcoin cryptocurrency wallets. Anyone can get 0.01 EDRC once an hour for free. To do this, go to the resource, enter your EDRC number, press the “request” button and get a freebie. They remind you that the "Support" page contains a lot of useful information and instructions for working with the project. They are also in a hurry to share a list of published articles in popular media and well-known media portals. - completely prepared the translation of the resource into English localization and started developing the Chinese version of the site. - released the first video digest about the development of the company and the results of its work, the video was posted on the main page. They plan to publish news in this format several times a month. - in connection with the May holidays, until May 5 inclusive, the company is organizing a promotion for a trip to Thailand for 7 days. For details of the fulfillment of the conditions of the promotion, see the website. Also, by the end of the month, the deadline for fulfilling the conditions of the "Weekend Tour" promotion was extended. Another event was the opening of its travel portal at, where every investor can get a discount on the selected trip. - resumed accepting investments in their personal accounts, and also warned of a massive brute-force attack carried out by cybercriminals during this week. To prevent similar situations in the future, now you need to enter captcha when authorizing on the site. The next accruals under the Trust Management plan have been made. - celebrated 6 months since the launch of the online project, and therefore congratulate all the company's clients. During this time, all the conditions of cooperation have never been violated, accruals are made without interruption, payments are received regularly and on time. For the convenience of international use of the resource, a Chinese version of the site was introduced. - they are going to hold a seminar meeting in Greece this August. Invitations to the event will be sent to all partners of the company, whose investments are from $ 20000, as well as to official representatives of the company from the CIS. The trip for such clients will be free, accommodation and flight will be covered by the company. The meeting will present new investment areas and further development plan, as well as provide a report on the results of the first half of the year.

News of the website:

1) Modified the "Recent Events" block into the "Worthy Projects" block with a clickable list for project reviews, which are monitored by the portal. Each project has its own real-time solvency status, we hope you enjoy our update.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 25.04.16, under protection - up to 03.05.16). (On the site - with 29.04.16, under protection - up to 15.05.16).

3) published a draft review:

4) video reviews are published projects:

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 50% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 15% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 25% loss (more than 300 $).


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