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News HYIP-industry (25.05-31.05.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Congratulations to everyone on the first summer day, with the onset of which we will summarize the results of the last week and tell you about its main events. During this period, it is more and more difficult to find more or less attractive projects from new products, so we recommend that you pay attention to the formed list in the "Decent projects" section, among which most of the programs have been working since last year and have proven themselves to be stable and regular payments. Therefore, if you find it difficult to choose a project to add it to your portfolio, take a look at this section of the portal and you will definitely pick something up according to your criteria. In general, enjoy your investment, stay always with us!

New projects: is a quality mid percentile with awesome tech and compelling marketing. Technique: licensed script GoldCoders, domain until 2020, dedicated server, DDoS protection from BlackLotus, ssl encryption from Comodo with a green line. For all plans, the deposit is included in payments, the terms of deposits are from 14 to 28 days with the accrual of 6% -9% on calendar days. Despite the unpretentious design, the project attracts interest, payments are made instantly. is a fresh mid-income project with an original design and Russian-language content. Technically excellent: self-written script, domain until 2018, dedicated server, ddos ​​protection from ddos-guard, ssl encryption from Comodo with greenbar, officially registered in the UK. Investors are offered tariff plans with a yield of 0.8% to 1.4% per day for 15-60 days. Minimum deposit amount from $ 10, deposit return at the end of the period. is a new partisan, of which a lot has been stamped recently. To a greater extent, the project belongs to the category of fasts, only at the minimum tariff (2% per day) you can still define it as middlemen. In general, with such marketing, it will either be transformed soon, or it will go into the problematic section. The equipment is in order, we are observing further actions, if you wish, you can take a ride with the minimum salary at the first rates.

bench: - the admin did better to partisan for 6 months than to go out in public in a new guise and work for 2 months. In this case, you can’t call it fast, but investors expected a better result, whose hopes did not come true. We will not take into account the partisan regime, after the rebranding, the admin gave the opportunity to earn up to 45% of the net profit in the forefront, but not everyone got this opportunity. The project does not pay, does not invest. - 16 days out of the minimum 20 - this is all that the administrator of this site was capable of. In other words, banal fast, in which initially no one had the opportunity to make a profit. According to our observations, there were not many players in the project, since marketing was clearly underdeveloped and was regarded as a "bubble collection" for the summer holidays. Doesn't pay, scam. - many were waiting for the redesign and new marketing from the guerrilla project, but waited for the next scam. It is not yet clear why it was necessary to pull for 95 days and not change. Perhaps the admin did not initially plan to play a big game, costing minimal financial costs, and the last major contribution, on the eve of the scam, played a decisive role. Instant disabled, regulations violated, scam. - just beyond the impudence, a disgusting case, most likely the admin here is the same as in the previous program. With a marketing period of more than 2 months (in calendar days), it worked only 15 days. This proves once again that it is better not to enter such partisan projects before rebranding, let the admins bear the costs and gain experience, or immediately arrange everything as it should be. Fortunately, there were practically no real players here, and the losses were minimal.

Events: - reported that June 8 is an official holiday, and charges will not be made on that day. Withdrawals and deposits will work as usual. - changed the referral offer on more favorable terms: 4% -1.5% -1% from partner deposits. We have connected online support for Russian-speaking users, it is also possible to contact by phone in English. Since May 25, a representative office of the company has been opened in the Republic of Panama, and in June the administration plans to open offices around the world, in connection with which a set of regional representatives will be announced soon. The project has been running for 330 days, continues to actively take advertising and develop successfully. - starting from this week, the website will publish reports on trades for the previous trading period. At the moment the reports will appear in test form, but soon there will be more information on them. Also, work is regularly carried out to improve the functionality, eliminated some shortcomings in the account cabinet and connected notifications by e-mail, informing about all changes in the LC.
If anyone interested in reading the history of the project, especially trade and long-term plans for the future, prepared a fascinating detailed interview with the CEO of the project blog. - enabled the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds in the project through the Qiwi payment system. To use this service, go to your account, click on the "Deposit" button, indicate the amount of replenishment in dollars and select "Payment via Qiwi" from the list. Then follow the instructions to fund your account. - at the request of the participants, the maximum transfer amount was increased to 210000 rubles, the minimum contribution is still 6000 rubles. - held another promotion with a 6% bonus when buying a portfolio, which can be put on withdrawal or used to purchase a new portfolio. - continues to develop successfully in different cities and countries. Partner representations, offices are opened, charity events are held and much more.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 25.05.15, protected - up to 20.08.15). (On the site - from 25.05.15 - redesign and new plans).

2) published a draft review:

3) The project ask you to wait a bit to give the compensation, as the past few days did not come sms-passwords for authorization in the payment system Perfect Money. The case is not unique, the forum mmgp many write about the same problem at the moment. For safety reasons, turn off the authentication service via SMS until you see the point. We sent a ticket in support to address and resolve the issue on their end, so please do not panic. All applications for compensation will necessarily be processed after the problem is resolved. Thank you for understanding!

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