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News HYIP-industry (25.05-31.05.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
Today's news release coincided with the completion of not only the next month, but also the spring season. The whole summer is still ahead, it's time for a quality vacation and the emergence of worthy investment projects with quiet advertising. Oddly enough, May proved to be excellent within our portfolio. Usually, admins fold this month, and then they run smoothly and make a profit. This week there was not even a single scam, pah-pah. By the way, it proves once again how important it is to have a competent balanced portfolio. Despite the low level of adding fresh projects to the blog, at the same time we are following some new products that you can find in the review. And of course we want to please our regular partners, the Bounty program will continue its work, hereinafter read the small changes. Stay always with us, we will soon announce new promotions on the blog, there will be many more interesting things ahead.

New projects: is a new middleman with an original design and working marketing, in which there are restrictions on plans, as well as on the amount and number of active deposits. At the moment, two plans are open: 1% daily for 7 days (from $ 25, deposit at the end of the term), 5% daily for 24 days (from $ 100, the deposit is included in payments). For both plans, you can make a maximum of 2 deposits, the deposit amounts are available at a fixed nominal value. In the process of development, the limits will increase. On the technical side, the project is based on a script from H-script, domain for 3 years, dedicated server, Ddos protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl from Sectigo for 1 year. The admin is in no hurry to push the advertisement, it started smoothly, we will watch it with interest. is an interesting middleman with smart marketing and quality implementation. Investors are offered 3 categories of deposits, each of which has 3 plans, differing in terms of 20, 40 and 60 days, as well as profitability. Depending on the selected category, interest accruals are available every day, daily together with the deposit, or at the end of the term as a single payment. The minimum investment amount is 10 USD. The project works with popular payments, payments are instant. The technical assembly is a self-written script, a domain for 2 years ahead, DDoS protection from StormWall, ssl from Sectigo for a year. A separate affiliate program with levels, ranks and bonuses has been developed for active participants. The project was prepared remarkably, it was launched recently, advertising is discreet, we leave it for observation. is another mid-income novelty with a beautiful design based on a self-written script, which by the way is quite familiar to us in terms of functionality. The investment line is offered for 11 business days on three different terms of interest. Depending on your choice, the yield at the end of the term will range from 122% to 144%. The minimum contribution for all tariffs is available from $ 25. The plans are risky, but in the absence of large deposits, the admin may well be delayed for a circle or more, so go carefully. Advertising activity is quite high, within a few days the project appeared on numerous monitors and blogs. On PH, the site is registered in the first hours after launch, there is also basic protection of deposits for its partners with a total fund of $ 300, the decision is up to you. is a promising middle interest, presumably from an experienced admin, accepting deposits only in cryptocurrency without conversion. The project is new, it started quietly, while the interest of investors is quite high. Marketing consists of two plans with deposit and return included at the end of the term. According to the "after" plan, you can choose any period from 14 to 20 calendar days, upon completion of which you will receive from 114% to 130%. According to the plan with daily accruals, interest will come from Monday to Friday at a floating rate of 4.5% to 5%, there is no charge on weekends. The conditional profit will come as long as the total amount of charges reaches 150% of the invested amount. The minimum amount of the deposit. Payments in the project are manual, the schedule is up to 24 hours. The technical part was excellently prepared, the project was developed on a self-written script, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl encryption from GeoTrust with greenbar. It is quite suitable for multiplying your cryptocurrencies, we are not adding to the blog yet, but we will continue to follow the development.

Events: - the registration was renewed, now the company "Attonomy Ltd" was transformed into "ATB World Ltd" with the entry into the register of the state. UK companies from 19 March 2020. AttonBank continues to work as usual. - are actively taking measures to popularize the BTL token. By the beginning of next year, they plan to place themselves on exchanges such as Binance, Bitstamp, Huobi. At the moment, having BTL available, they propose to increase their volume using PoS Staking technology and earn 0.5% -1.5% daily for 60-180 days. In addition, we launched two programs BTL Airdrop and Bounty, thanks to which it is possible to receive free tokens to the account. You can get detailed information yourself on the project website. - this week the project turned 400 days old, which is the TOP result. As you know, the admin has launched his main plan with a yield of 2.1% for 20 days. It was immediately available only for investors with an active deposit, but now any user can open a deposit at this rate. Also, now all investment offers on the site work on calendar days. The list of the language menu has been supplemented with one more translation into Spanish. The project has been on the blog for more than 50 days, partners actively support it with contributions (total turnover - more than $ 57000), we hope for a long time. - due to the growth of potential customers from Asia, a Chinese version of the translation of all information was added to the site. At the moment, 5 languages ​​have already been developed in the language panel, in the future the list will be expanded. - prepared a video presentation of the project in English. Next week they are going to give more information about the concept of the resource, as well as add new languages. Within the framework of the blog, the project has been working for 9 days, the minimum circle has been passed, we continue to work further. - changed the deposit replenishment policy. Now, when replenishing a deposit, the day of replenishment of the deposit is considered the start of work. - created a new section in the profile settings, where you can view all the information on the activity of your account, the history of logins to the account, attempts to recover the password, etc. The new section is available in the drop-down menu on the desktop, you can also set a secondary password and enable two-factor authentication. - after purchasing new ASIC miners, we updated the mining farm, thereby increasing the overall hash rate by 15%. Thanks to this, the company offered all participants to purchase power within the next couple of weeks with a 15% discount for any mining algorithm. The Uniex project has already been in the portfolio for two months and has brought partners from 180% of the profit. - the project has already completed its 15th week of work and continues to grow steadily. In honor of passing the distance of 100 days, a promotion has now been launched for all users, thanks to which everyone can buy mining power with a 10% discount. At the moment, there are about 75000 participants in the project, more than $ 300000 have been invested, from 107% to 321% of the profit received from marketing.

News of the website:

1) We decided not to close the Bounty program and extend it for at least one more month. Many ask why stop the Bounty at all, because everyone is fine with her. But we pay bonuses from our pockets and it comes out quite expensive, each month more than $ 3000. And since we are adding a few projects to the blog now, it’s not rational to use such costs. One way or another, everyone likes the program, extends the life of projects and allows our users to have additional profit, so for now we continue to pay bonuses. However, there is one condition: all participants for subsequent unsubscriptions must have deposits of at least $ 50 in working projects. Recommend the Profit Hunters blog to admins of good projects, then everyone will get their own benefit. For a week, bonuses were sent to participants, check wallets.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 24.05.20, under protection - up to 25.06.20). (On the site - from 26.05.20, under protection - until 12.06.20).

3) published a draft review:

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    svp j'aimerai savoir si c'est possible si le site a renouveler son certificat.
    Thank you

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