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News HYIP-industry (25-31.08.2014)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
The investment week is over, and with it the hot summer. I would like to note that the summer period sent a lot of high-quality projects to the "closed" section. At the moment, the situation in the HYIP industry is terrible, middle managers' admins often work worse than fast ones. We hope that autumn will delight us with the opening of new promising and long-term programs. Our partners were paid compensation for closed projects. To learn more about the latest week's updates, scams and new events, read the news below.

New projects: is a new piggy bank with no time limit for deposit and with the ability to withdraw a deposit at any time. Under the terms of the investment offer, the investor will be charged 1.5% -4% on weekdays and 1% on weekends. The company has been officially registered in New Zealand since 2009. The technical part is collected well, there is a script license from GoldCoders. A wide range of popular payment systems are connected for replenishment: Perfect Money, Payeer, Ego Pay, Bitcoin, Okpay. The minimum deposit amount is $ 10. is a fresh medium-profit HYIP project. The program provides for investment plans with a daily charge of 6% -8%. For all tariffs, the investment period is 20 days, the deposit is included in payments. With the technical component, everything is fine, the minimum participation fee is $ 15. According to the plans, the worker is only the first, according to the rest, the minimum wage is too high. The admin is in no hurry to spend money on advertising, it is better to watch the further development for now. is an interesting mid-income project officially registered in October 2013. The program has developed a unique marketing, according to which the daily profit will be from 0.7% to 2.4%. The amount of profit depends on several factors: the size of your deposit, the size of the investment portfolio of the structure and the number of active referrals in the structure. The technical data looks decent, the project is developed on a self-written script. The deposit can be returned in 10 days, the minimum deposit is $ 10. is a high-quality mid-interest project with tariff plans that allow you to earn from 6% to 13% per week for a period of 5-30 weeks. Accruals are made on weekdays (Monday-Friday). The company has also been officially registered since August 22, 2013. The affiliate program contains 5 levels in depth, 8% of deposits on the 1st line. The minimum deposit is $ 20.

bench: - only 4 days worked on this project, which indicates a disgusting result of the administrator's work. It is clear that with a period of 15 days, all participants remained in a large minus (in percentage terms). What prevented the council from working with such and such technical indicators and working tariff plans? There is only one conclusion imposed, that the admin is another quick camera. - unexpected scum have to fix in the next middle-income project, as Regulations already broken on payments. The program worked only one full minimum circle, giving the opportunity to earn 18% gains. As some have gone on 2-th circle and participated in 2-m level, it is necessary to calculate the losses to many investors. With these plans, you can work for a long time, but what made the admin stop is anyone's guess. - administrators do not want to work at all, so they will scam their projects. So here, the admin did not even work half the term of 20 days, which indicates a loss of about 40% -50% of deposits. From the start, the handwriting of a serial scammer was noticed in the middle, it is quite possible that it is. Instant payments are suspended, the project is not paying. - this wonderful project generally no desire to comment. Admin appeared arrogant kidkov and its members did not make any payments. We hope that from ordinary investors here no one has come.

Events: - added the ability to become an official representative and receive an increased referral reward. For representation, you need to have a deposit of at least $ 500 and partners with a total deposit of $ 1000 or more. Send a request to with the subject "Representative" and indicate in it the country of residence, contacts for communication and knowledge of languages.
with 19: 00 29 2014 year in August in order to stabilize the system undo feature on the early withdrawal of the deposit.
We set a time limit in which the contribution has to work a minimum cycle. For details, see the news of the project. Such actions often lead to inevitable consequences and resentment participants.

BTC Legacy - added the ability to top up the balance using OKpay and LiteCoin payment systems. The system works in automatic mode. - announced the start of a photo competition dedicated to the anniversary of the project "6 months online!" The competition will run from 25.08.14/10.09.14/24 to 24/15.09.14/1. To participate, you must have an active deposit in the system and send an original photo with the Gbgroup5 logo and a slogan to The results will be summed up on 200. The winner for the 3st place will receive an IPHONE 100S, for the XNUMXnd place - $ XNUMX for the account balance, for the XNUMXrd place - $ XNUMX for the balance. - added the ability to automatically accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency. For review, ask to enter your personal account. We opened pages on the social networks Vkontakte and Facebook. We also sincerely congratulate all pupils and teachers, students, educators and parents on the Day of Knowledge. Details in the project news. - at the request of investors, a news section has been opened, where they will report on new scientific discoveries and various promotions. So they launched a promotion that pays for activity in the Vkontakte group. On the MMGP forum, a lottery was launched from a project with a total prize fund of $ 164. - interviewed the most active referral manager of the project, who attracted investments in the company in the amount of over $ 500000 and earned more than $ 50000 on referral deductions. - during their work in the network, they paid about $ 50000 to their members, and also connected the new SolidTrustPay payment system to receive investments.

News of the website:

1) Open deposit insurance with the support portal coated 110% in the project SAFE WALLET. The size of the insurance fund of the project is $ 1500. With the general rules, registration and other terms of insurance can be found in the forum thread:

2) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 29.08.14, protected - up to 14.09.14). (on the website - with 26.08.14, protected - up to 05.09.14).

3) published a draft review:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid more than $ 500. - paid out 55% of losses (over $ 500) - paid out 15% of losses (more than $ 300)

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