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News HYIP-industry (26.08-08.09.2019)

I welcome you dear partners!
Unfortunately, the summer is over, I hope everyone had a good rest, now it's time to get into working mode. As you know, the autumn season is annually famous for good activity in the HYIP industry, so we are tuned in to a lot of profitable offers and a stable profit from investments. September has just begun, but high-quality novelties are already appearing, including partisans declaring the beginning of an active phase and coming out with a rebranding. For the new season, we have prepared something special for all our blog users. Actually, we propose to talk about all this in the next news release, let's go ...

New projects: is a new medium-profit project that opened registration three weeks ago, but began to appear on the main aggregators and blogs only from September 1. The resource has been worked out in detail, the visual and technical data are as good as possible. The functionality is based on a self-written engine, a dedicated server, a domain for 5 years, DDoS protection from CloudFlare and ssl with a greenbar from GeoTrust. Marketing is unusual, charges are daily and flexible with an acceptable range from 0.5% to 1.5% per day. The body of the deposit is included in payments and stops working when the total amount of payments reaches 200%. With an average percentage, the contribution is paid off in 100 days. The project accepts investments only in bitcoins with a minimum contribution of 0.003 BTC. The investment fund itself is capable of creating competition for any existing platform, it is well prepared, but the payback is quite long, so that interest in the project from both sides does not disappear over time. Let's watch him for a while, I wonder what the dynamics will be here. is a new middleman with charges of 1% -1.4% per day on an indefinite basis. If desired, it is allowed to return the deposit upon request after 33-44 days, the specific period depends on the tariff you choose. The design is simple, the technique is rather weak. Deposits are accepted using popular payment systems, minimum wages from $ 25, manual payments. On the blog, the project is in VIP format, went here at the start, you can find out all the features from our detailed review of this fund. - former party, has been operating since March. At the moment, a complete rebranding has been carried out and nothing has survived from the old conditions, which is why we are placing the site in new products. The project looks attractive, well-prepared. Marketing is popular, it includes two rates (after and daily). One allows you to earn 110% after 10 days with a one-time charge of the entire amount at the end of the term, the deposit limit is up to 100 usd. The second plan provides for charges of 2.6% daily for a period of 60 days, the total income is 156%, the deposit is available from 101 usd and more. Technically, the resource has an excellent assembly with a script license from GoldCoders, a dedicated server, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, a 1 year greenbar from GeoTrust. The opinions of users were different, but the project is definitely worth attention and is capable of generating profit. is a quality investment product with excellent preparation. According to the most relevant plan, the project belongs to the fast category, but if we take into account the minimum percentage, then we are dealing with an average income proposal. In fact, of the various variations, it is worth looking at only two tariffs: Basic (2.1% daily for 17 days) and Magnum (1.7% on weekdays and 1.1% on weekends for 365 days). On both, the minimum salary is $ 10, the first plan certainly looks preferable. The technical data is quite strong: a script from GoldCoders with a license, a domain for 5 years, a dedicated server, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl with a greenbar, beautiful multilingual design. They did a good job on the project, they get ads calmly, there are questions about marketing, but the overall impression is positive, you can take a closer look.

bench: - 21 days, the admin did not manage to hold out for another week, so that we can fully return the investment and start making a profit. In fact, the problems here began a little earlier, periodic delays in payments, frequent failures in the site, DDoS attacks and other interruptions took place. At the moment, the regulations on payments have been repeatedly violated, we are removing the project from the working section and, as always, we are waiting for your applications for compensation. - about 8 months, but the first six months of serious work was not observed. After the onset of the active phase, the admin did not let you earn. Despite the resulting loss, our partners are all in the black, paid compensation in full from the blog fund + made bonuses. Some time after the announcement of the scam, the admin paid a little, but now the regulations have been violated for a long time, there are no payments. - very quiet operation for about 100 calendar days. Strange, but the admin did not start working with advertising for the whole summer. It seemed that he was just waiting for the moment, in fact he stopped working and closed the site. There are no payments, we transfer the project to a scam. According to the terms of compensation, no compensation is required, the resource has lived through the period allocated for the protection of deposits. - approximately 6 weeks on the blog in the working phase. Considering the possibility of withdrawing the deposit after 18 business days at the minimum rate, it was possible to freely earn up to 20% of net profit. Naturally, we expected more with this project, so the result is not comforting for us. According to the administration, payments will be restored in the near future, anti-crisis measures are now being taken, read the details in the social communities of this fund. We do not cooperate with problem projects, therefore we remove it from monitoring, have time to submit applications for calculating compensations.

Events: - the next stage has been passed, work has been under way since last year, and so for a minute, the project has existed for 10 months after going online. The popularity is growing, the first investors have already earned from 300% to 900% of the profit, which is the most powerful indicator for the industry as a whole. The second mining room will start soon and live broadcasts will be connected again.

Prizm Space Bot - the project is steadily developing and gaining popularity, at the moment it is already 4 months old. Last week, a new MLM simulator ParaMatrix was added to the bot, which is a decentralized matrix game for multiplying the Prizm coin. There are also webinars, live meetings and various events across cities. In addition to building up coins on accounts using a bot, the PZM cryptocurrency rate is also growing, which further increases our profit. - the competition for questions to the administration has finally been completed, as a result of which three winners have been identified, who received from 25% to 100% of deposits. The project has been on the blog for 2 months already, it is going well and is being correctly promoted in the network. Regular tenders were initially the highlight of this project, and now each participant of the first tariff with an interest rate of 1% per day can switch to a higher yield of up to 3% per day, having fulfilled the necessary requirements. - the planned adaptation of payments took place today, the next adaptation will take place on October 13, 2019. Among the innovations, we can note the emergence of a new option, with which you can now delete / convert your deposits into promotional codes.

News of the website:

1) Take a look at our new seasonal blog promotions and the new format for their implementation. Now you do not need to wait for a specific month, all current offers on the "Seasonal Promotions" page will be active throughout the fall.

- Progressive refbacks (the bonus on repeated deposits is now only growing: 120% => 140% =>
- Personal insurance balance - 100% insurance with a choice of project (made a contribution of $ 500 or more? We will insure a new contribution of 10% of the amount, i.e. from $ 50. For VIP-chat participants, we will add 20% of the deposit amount to the insurance balance ).
- PH Bounty: Earn money for simple actions.

2) I would also like to announce our first unique Bounty program on the Profit-Hunters blog. We are ready to pay big money for your activity. Allocating 15-20 minutes per day, leave comments, posts in social networks / forums, invite friends and receive from 20 $ to 100 $ per week. Among the ten most active participants, we will give out a prize pool of up to 1000 $, depending on the total activity. For more information about the Bounty program and the rules for participating in it, see the corresponding section.

Friends and colleagues of the PH blog have prepared a detailed article about our bounty program, we recommend that you familiarize yourself.

3) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 02.08.19, under protection - until 23.09.19). (On the site - with 03.09.19, under protection - until 15.09.19). (On the site - with 04.09.19, under protection - until 20.10.19). (On the site - with 07.09.19, under protection - until 27.09.19).

4) published a draft review:

5) video reviews are published projects:

6) Published articles on HYIP-themed:

How much does hype preparation cost?
MMM pyramid: myths and truth about the famous 90's hype.

7) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 110% of losses paid (more than 500 $)