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News HYIP-industry (27.06-02.07.2017)

I welcome you dear partners!
Another investment week has left its mark and in today's news review I would like to briefly outline the most interesting moments that I had to face. By the way, for the second summer month I took over the service, in July they promised to launch good projects, so it will be even hotter. Within the framework of the portal, a new super action has come into force, aimed at the development of our Telegram chat, where we will just distribute $ 1000 among our readers within a month, do not miss it. Of the new products in the format of the average interest rate, there were somehow few projects that would have been worth analyzing, so we included several promising fasts in the review. There are also few scams, if we exclude outright slags, of which there were the majority. In our case, the admin of the Asia Invest project summed up, in the coming days we will make compensations for it. A new member of our portfolio based on long-term investments has also appeared on the portal, which we will have time to talk about later. Stay with us, chat, it's profitable with us!

New projects: is a new crypto currency with unlimited marketing, where the yield reaches from 0.15% to 0.2% per hour (3.6% -4.8% per day). Actual for contributions is only the first plan, the project works only with bitcoins. Deposit withdrawal is possible at any time after 24 hours, for withdrawal is held 7% of the amount, i.e. For a period of less than two days to make investments is not logical. On technology everything is fine: a license from GoldCoders, a dedicated server, ddos-protection from Antiddos, ssl with a greenbar from GeoTrust. Outwardly it looks original, investors liked it, which is evident from the good activity. For long-term investment is not worth considering, but for short-term earnings suits. is a highly profitable hyip project, one of the first in the new month. The first impression is normal, we got confused in many ways, but after climbing the site, “carbon” is immediately remembered, because the script is from there, and he and others like him have been working out not in the best way lately. The marketing here is different and offers investors 144% return in 12 business days (12% on weekdays). Top-ranked technically: self-written script, dedicated server, ssl encryption from Comodo with a green line, protection against CloudFlare. For the first day, more than $ 10000 was already thrown in and this is on a weekend, it is interesting to see how the admin will cope with such a flow and whether there will be signs of development. We do not recommend investing large sums. is a new project, in terms of minimum profitability it is on the verge between middle and fast, but fast tariffs with deposits return at the end of the term still prevail. Only 3 plans: 108% after 4 days, 123% after 10 days and 3% daily for 16 days. The minimum deposit is $ 10, manual payments. The technical part, as it should be for any normal project, is prepared with good characteristics: GoldCoders with a license, hosting and protection from CloudFlare, ssl from Comodo. Outwardly, a template design is visible, reworked in its own way. Most likely, the promotion will go mainly through blogs, we will monitor the work of the project in the coming days. According to rumors, the admin knows how to work with a similar line of plans and makes money, we'll see.

bench: - 27 days, about 60% of the maximum of deposits was able to return the admin even to the fastest investors, which entailed a significant series of losses. There are no payments, the regulations are violated, the project has been moved to the category of scams. We are waiting for your applications in the form for compensation payments, the total fund is $ 500. - 10 days of active play were recorded for this cryptocurrency fast, which bore fruit. Despite the short term, most investors closed their deposits with a good plus, some even doubled their investments. Unfortunately, such games do not have the property of long-term work, the project is a scam, but pleasantly surprised.

Events: - have developed a new feature of the "My Safe" program, thanks to which all savings in the account for withdrawal can be further multiplied. The new option allows you to keep money in a separate savings account and every 10 days for an unlimited period to receive passive profit in the amount of 3% of the amount, and the funds are available for withdrawal at any time without commissions. The minimum amount for storage is 100 rubles, there are no restrictions on the maximum amount, as well as on the number of such deposits. From July 6, the commission for withdrawing funds will change. For withdrawal to Sberbank, the minimum commission is 1% + 50 rubles. Withdrawals directly to Qiwi will be closed, you can withdraw them through the AdvCash payment system with a commission of 1.95%. Also, in the near future, many banks in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia will appear on the list. - created a window for voting during the game with a random defrost, where you can choose "for" or "against" the defrost period. This idea was created so that participants can decide for themselves whether you want to sell your tickets during the defrost period or continue playing with frozen tickets and wait for the price to rise. For more information on voting, see the news feed on the project website. - officially announced the opening of one of the cryptocurrency exchangers in Moscow, where you can sell or buy cryptocurrency for rubles. The exchange office is located at Moscow, Sukharevskaya street, 25 (2nd floor). The exchange is possible only for project participants with a personal investment of 100000 rubles or more. It is also reported that the development of Progress Invest LLC is actively growing, partners not only from Russia, but also from other countries are joining. - traditionally, at the beginning of the month, they made regular accruals on deposits under the "Trust Management" tariff plan. - there is talk about the appearance on the site of a new section "Our developments", where all the company's products will be published. First of all, the section will announce its own CMS system with a free license for creating information sites and blogs. The system will be available for download to all active investors. Over time, the CMS functionality will expand, new templates, plugins, designs will be added. Some of the functionality will be paid, some will be free. The entire list of CMS system capabilities will soon be published on the site. - for 2.5 months of stable operation of the site, there have been many changes, including a design update, an increase in the affiliate program, a large number of sweepstakes and promotions in conjunction with blogs. All this allowed the project to become popular and to make money for many participants, but development does not stop there. In July, the administration has planned to launch a deposit insurance program, resume daily draws, the site will be translated into German, and much more. Also, in connection with the achievement of 1000 registered users in the period from July 3 to July 5, a new promotion was announced, under the terms of which a bonus of 5% of the amount will be added to all deposits under the "Econom" plan, and 8% of the amount under the "Eco" plan ...

News of the website:

1) With the arrival of July, our new summer super action starts, according to which we will be giving out free bonuses from the fund in the amount of $ 1000 in the Telegram chat throughout the month. There are practically no requirements, everyone can pick up the bonus. It is enough to subscribe to the portal's Telegram chat and to the portal's Telegram channel, as well as to be an active interlocutor in the chat, i.e. we are ready to pay good money for your communication. And if you invite your friends or acquaintances to our chat, you will be additionally rewarded from the portal. For details of participation, see the announcement or in the "Promotions" section.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 02.07.17, under protection - up to 10.10.17).

3) published a draft review: