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News HYIP-industry (27.06-03.07.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Today's news release, as usual, will be devoted to the selection of new products in the hyip industry with a superficial analysis, we will talk about recent scams and notify about the latest events taking place today in existing investment sites. In principle, the week on the portal went without scams, over the weekend the sports fund spoiled the statistics, which stopped fulfilling its payment obligations. We do not miss the opportunity to replenish the list of "worthy projects" with high-quality investment solutions. Follow the announcements, watch our regular reviews in text and video format, participate in contests in our official Vkontakte group and earn together with Profit-Hunters.

New projects: - I don’t know why the project was placed in the middle section of the mmgp forum, because in all respects there is a full-fledged fast, even the design corresponds to this section. In fact, marketing offers 4.5% -6% per day for 45 days with a minimum contribution of 10 usd (deposit is included in payments) or 125% after 10 days (deposit and dividends at the end of the term), but entry here is only available from $ 1000 ... The resource is in excellent technical form: GoldCoders license, domain for 3 years, dedicated server, DDoS protection from Koddos, ssl from Comodo with greenbar. For advertising, the admin attracted a number of foreign monitors, let's watch the work. is a novelty in the mid-percentage section with a nice design and solid technical rigging. Marketing is not presented in the best way; from a number of investment plans, only the Ascent plan for 30 days with a final income + 50% profit is relevant, the deposit at the end of the term is returned. But here, too, there is a limit on deposits of $ 50. The amount of charges is broken down into 10-day periods. The first 10 days of accrual are received every hour, then every 12 hours and the last 10 days - once a day. Technically: a self-written script, a dedicated server, last year's domain and redeemed for 10 years, ddos ​​protection from Ovh Sas, ssl with a greenbar from Comodo. Signs of development are still zero, on mmgp there are interesting statements on this site, check it out at your leisure if the project interests you.

bench: - the regulations on payments in bulk have been violated. The admin stood in the ranks for 17 days, which for a piggy bank with a deposit freeze of 10 days and an average interest rate of 1%, it was allowed to earn about 17% minus 5% for early withdrawal. In general, about 10% could have been the profit of players who submitted withdrawal requests on time. From the latest reviews, the admin started canceling bids, skipping only a selective detail. As a result, we fix the scam and wait for your reports on the form for compensation. - 27 days worked the project without reproaches from investors even after the termination of payments. As a result, only a risky plan for 10 days with accrual of interest and the body of the deposit at the end of the term could double the profit to participants up to 30%. For the remaining plans with the deposit included, investors did not have enough 1-2 days before the break-even or return to the investment. Apparently the administrator in the process of planning the date of the scam and at midnight, from Monday to Tuesday turned off the site. In one way or another, those who are dissatisfied are few, so the losers are few, the regulations are broken, the scum. - just one circle in 5 calendar days, in my opinion a very bad result. The depositors were so few, and some boldly went to reinvest, but the admins apparently have their own goals in this regard. We can say only one thing, if the admin continued to pull, then interest from the depositors would warm up more and more, and so they got another fast. Do not invest, the project stopped payments.

Events: - the English version of the site has been launched, you can switch between languages ​​in the upper right corner of the site. - inform about the appearance of a clone site on the network, ask to be careful and check the address of the site you are visiting. For the convenience of communication with all users, a skype chat has been created. The results of the first competition were summed up, the winners of which were 2 participants. We launched a new competition to create the best review for a project with a prize fund of $ 350, details on the website. - added site translation in Indian and Chinese. We also opened a new Skype chat for communication in English. - the number of users in the project has exceeded more than 100000 people. Another E-dinar office was opened in Russia at st. Frunze 8, floor 3, office 308 in the building of the Plaza Business Center. Contact phone: 8 (927) 892-25-24. Also, regular conferences and presentations are held in different cities and countries, follow the news on the project website. - everyone is invited to visit the office on weekdays from 12:00 to 19:30 at the address: Kiev, st. Krapivnitskogo 4, entrance 1. We launched a campaign for the whole of July, according to which it is necessary to attract investments in the structure of 100000 or more. The prize is a modern MacBook Air 13 laptop. - as expected, the administration began to develop in a social direction, creating groups on the well-known sites Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter, where you can get fresh information, learn about the latest news and just communicate with other users. Skype support is now also available. - summed up the results for "February-May", profit for this period amounted to 12.1%, the missing guaranteed percentage was added from the reserve fund. In July, the project turns 2 years old, in connection with this event, depositors who support the project from the first days were credited to the active balance 20% of the amount of current deposits with the possibility of withdrawal. Also, for deposits from 12 to 20 months made from 2 to 15 July, a 10% bonus will be added. At the constant requests of new investors, a "test" tariff was added at 5% per month for a period of 6 months and a minimum amount of $ 100. Each investor can open a deposit under this plan only once.

Macaucau. com - launched a leadership race, according to which the top leaders of the system from different regional groups will be determined within two weeks. There are 5 prizes for each region, all winners will be assigned the status of "MacauCau partner". Thanks to this status, all project participants who do not have their own invitation will be assigned to the winners of the competition in the ratio of 50%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5% of all users without an upline in accordance with the occupied place. And that's not all, for the 1st places the winners of the competition will be awarded with a laptop and a telephone for work, for the 2nd - 5th places - telephones will be the prize. In addition, other privileges will be applied to the winners, but the selection will be strict, taking into account the number of registrations, the amount of personal investment and the amount of funds raised, as well as feedback from referrals. See the project pages for details. - added the ability to deposit and withdraw funds using Maestro bank cards. The minimum deposit is 500 rubles, the minimum withdrawal is 300 rubles. - added a new issuer "Prime-BTC" to the catalog of conservative investing with an offer of income from 5% per month. Also, the issuer "" was removed from the listing due to the lack of interest of users of the exchange platform. All investors who invested money in this project were refunded. - continue to work on the multilingual translation of the resource and this time they have prepared a version of the site in Spanish. By July 10, they plan to release another localization, now Portuguese. - decided to accept deposits from users through the Payeer payment system. Minimum deposit amount from 25 usd, withdrawal from 0.5 usd. - it became possible to order online "Visa Classic" payment card by providing the required documents (passport and phone number). You can get a loan on the card up to 50000 rubles and use them to pay for goods and services, or withdraw in cash at any ATM. The commission for replenishment of the account is 1%, for withdrawal - 3%, for non-cash payments the commission is not charged. For the convenience of working with the service, the ability to replenish and withdraw an account through PrivatBank was connected. We also introduced 3 new tariffs for 30, 90 and 180 days with net profitability for the entire period of 14%, 51% and 118%, respectively.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 27.06.16, under protection - up to 23.07.16). (On the site - with 27.06.16, under protection - up to 10.07.16). (On the site - with 02.07.16, under protection - up to 05.08.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects: