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News HYIP-industry (30.05-05.06.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
According to the calendar, we have another Sunday, summer is already in the yard, and we are preparing to provide you with another baggage of information on the latest events from the market of the modern hyip industry. There is something to talk about this time, it will not be possible to cover everything in one review, but we will try to convey the main points. Many resources have appeared in the context of new products, but the quality of the proposals leaves much to be desired. Weak external data and irrelevant marketing are now far from the trend, so you have to weed out the majority, with the exception of a few that you can and even should look at. The bulk of closed projects falls on the beginning of the week. Already literally on Monday, from one topic to another, the heated situation was transmitted with shouts of "Scam". The biggest disappointment, of course, was the completion of the Mass-Reserve project. Here is a brief announcement of the news release, for details we are waiting for you in the full review, do not hesitate to leave your comments.

New projects: is a medium-profit investment platform with classic marketing and instant payments. On the technical side, we have a domain until 2020, a license for a script from GoldCoders, protection against ddos ​​attacks by Ddos-Guard, ssl from Comodo. Marketing includes 5 investment proposals, built according to the scheme, the larger the investment, the higher the daily income. Accruals are made from 1.5% to 3.5% in unlimited mode, but the minimum period for placing a deposit must be maintained (from 5 to 25 days, depending on the selected tariff). The project just announced the launch yesterday, the minimum contribution is from $ 10, there is reason to look closely is this week's HYIP newbie that has proven itself well both internally and externally. A substantial set of tariff plans has been introduced into the marketing structure: with the return of the deposit at the end of the term and daily interest charges (2% -3% for 20 working days); with a deposit included in payments (5% -6% for 30 working days); with payment of interest and a deposit upon the expiration of the investment period (115% after 10 calendar days and 250% after 50 calendar days). There are no complaints about technical preparation, the design is original. Advertising of the project is moving slowly, the main resources have not yet been used, we will observe the further course of development. is a seemingly interesting new middleman with a single work plan at 5% daily for 25 days (ROI - 125%), the body of the contribution is included in payments. But the admin is apparently not tuned in for a long game, at least the rest of the line of plans has not been calculated + further inadequate castling on obviously scam offers no other opinion. On the go, the admin ran through the monitors with no visible signs for a second run, in general we do not recommend investing yet.

bench: - even in the review, they noted the correct position and competent promotion of the manager, who repeatedly gave a win to everyone who invested and reinvested in the first month. As a result, in about 40 days, 6 full circles were completed at the minimum tariff, and more than 70% of the profit was earned. The result for the middleman is quite normal, on the portal it was successfully removed from protection long before the scam, no complaints. - 104 days, it seems like it gave the starting players to break even by going to net profit. But judging by the reading on the forum, there weren't many such players. During this week, only small selective payments were made, the regulations were violated, we are fixing a scam. Do not be late to send us your reports for compensation payments, only applies to our partners. - the admin sank the project in less than a month, and many really showed great hopes for it, hoping to work here for the whole summer. Only in the process a few moments became clear, which were already too late to rule, the mechanism was started, and the crowd could not be stopped. Only the most cautious and impatient were able to make money on fast play and speculation with stocks, the rest of the portfolio had another drawdown. The site does not open, there are no payments, scam. - but the management of this resource showed quite a good game, having worked for 57 days, which in equivalent to profit reached up to 60% of the initial contributions. Quiet PR all the same played to the advantage of the admin and the starting players, but we, having considered some potential, did not see it as a "burnt out candle". Unfortunately, they added to the portal on the eve of the scam, compensation has already been made to our partners, and I would like to add it in full and with a small premium for a game that was thwarted.

Events: - a new representative office has been opened in Russia, Kazan, where an international conference E-dinar is already planned from 7 to 9 July. For contacts for preliminary registration for the conference, see the website. They also provided an updated list of offices with contact details and addresses in the cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Vinogradovo, Lviv, Dnipro. In June, a leader tour of the cities of Ukraine is planned, the schedule is in the project's news feed. Thanks to an active advertising campaign in the international media, the EDRcoin cryptocurrency jumped to $ 2 in price, because of this, the rate to E-dinar on the internal p2p exchange also becomes 1 to 2. Another update was the addition of site mirrors in case the main domain will not be available (,, and - launched a "2 to 1" promotion, according to which all participants who have lost their contributions to social projects Mercury, Elevrus, AllTogether, Zabota, MMM and others, from June 4 to June 14, can receive 1 equivalent bonus deposit. To participate in the promotion, you must send a letter marked "2 to 2" to, where you attach a screen for transferring funds in one of the projects and indicate your login, date and amount of the deposit during the promotion period. - from June 1, according to the "Trust management" plan, we made regular accruals and payments to all participants. - open an online store selling finished products. While the section is under development, participants are encouraged to come up with a better name for the store and get a bonus from the company. Send all your options to the online chat on the site. Another method of depositing / withdrawing funds through Bitcoin was also connected from the new one. - connected new sources of replenishment and withdrawal of funds from the project. In particular, they connected the Payoneer payment system and added the ability for American residents to replenish their accounts directly from US banks.

News of the website:

1) We attached an unusual online chat in a new format to the portal. In the chat, you can set your online status, add an avatar to your profile, communicate with any interlocutor in a separate window, and much more. The main highlight of our chat is that it combines the audience of three popular resources: the portal, the blog and the monitor. With us you can always get high-quality support, share relevant information and discuss interesting projects. You will learn more about the possibilities of the new online chat and the freshly launched promotion from the announcement (article in the topic: "Announcement of a new chat with a daily distribution of money").

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 30.05.16, under protection - up to 23.06.16).

3) published a draft review:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 20% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 300 $).