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News HYIP-industry (30.05-11.06.2017)

I welcome you dear partners!
In the courtyard there is summer, time for rest, travel and entertainment. Together with this, on the portal Profit Hunters announced new summer promotions, in which you can already participate and generously earn, as do some of our regular users. In today's news release, we want to share the accumulated information on potential newcomers to the industry and fresh developments from existing investment projects. Also, in turn, we note recently closed areas with varying success and talk about the results of the portal for the last two weeks. The general situation in the hyip-industry is not the most favorable, so make a meaningful decision to invest in a particular project, well, we begin.

New projects: is another novelty in the mid-term category with powerful technology and stylish design. According to legend, the project is focused on cryptocurrency trading, the project website contains official registration documents. The resource operates on the basis of a licensed script H-script, there is an ssl with a greenbar from GeoTrust and ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard. The investment part covers daily accruals from 1.84% to 5% within 120 calendar days, at the end of the term, the contribution is not refundable, profit payments are made instantly. The growth of the interest rate depends on the amount of the deposit, the minimum investment is $ 10. The total period is quite long, but the return on recoupment will come no later than 54 days. How many will work is unknown, but I liked the filling and in the right hands it can shoot well. is a new medium-profit project with a well-prepared multilingual design and high-quality hardware on a self-scripted script. The basis of marketing is several tariff plans for 60 calendar days with daily accrual of 2.5% to 3.5% per day (the deposit is included in payments), there is also a short plan for 15 days with a total yield of 110% (deposit and profit at the end of the term). For the largest investors there is a proposal on individual terms. The minimum contribution to the project is from 25 dollars. The participants appreciated the site well, except for small details, we will observe the work. is a fresh middleman, a newcomer to our portal with a VIP listing and protection of $ 500 deposits. We have already said everything about the project in a detailed review, we recommend that you familiarize yourself. Of the main points, one should point out long-term marketing with the same investment period for all investors - 90 calendar days. The interest rate, depending on the size of the deposit, can reach from 2.2% to 2.8% per day. Technical training at the level: licensed GoldCoders script, old domain, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl encryption with greenbar for a year from Comodo. The admin here is foreign and experienced, we hope it won't let you down. is an unusual average interest rate with attractive investment offers from 10% to 140% of net profit in 10-60 days. In all plans, the body of the deposit is enclosed in accruals, the minimum deposit is $ 10. You should also know that payments are fully automatic, so check if your details are correct. On the technical side, the project is based on a self-written script, has a dedicated server, DDoS protection from Genius Guard, ssl encryption from Comodo, a unique design. In general, the game can turn out to be active, if the admin wants it, we leave it under supervision.

bench: is a good indicator for 13 months from the start. If you don't get carried away, then even after the rebranding, there was an opportunity to make good profits. Still, most of the thanks to the admin came from users who played before dressing up and changing marketing. Good job, it’s a pity that the admin did the trick just by the end, announcing grandiose innovations before the scam, and launched an additional action. In general, we have no complaints, we fix the scam. - only 15 days, the admin set up many, although in general they had great prospects for the project. According to the manager, the advertisement did not give the desired result and they were not interested in the project. From the outside, everything looked different, the site was in demand, bloggers recommended it to their partners, but the administrator decided to throw everyone away. Leaving, the administration promised to compensate for the loss of active participants on blogs over time, but the irony is that he promised everyone this that he was unlikely to be fulfilled. Payments are no longer received, here is game over. - work 6 days with a total period of 60 days, the admin turned out to be a typical fast camera. In principle, there is even nothing to comment on, all investors are at a loss. In turn, we did not just leave it like that and fully compensated for the losses of our partners, adding a little on top as a bonus for a flawed admin. Instant is disabled, there are no payments, the site is down. - completed the project for about 190 days. For comparison, it took no more than 125 days to reach the breakeven point. Those who entered in the first couple of months managed to take a little profit, but the admin was apparently tired of pulling the project. There are no payments, the regulations are violated, scam.

Events: - for all active participants with at least a minimum deposit in the project, a new promotion "bonus investment certificates" was launched, which are bonus deposits with a nominal value of $ 20 to $ 300. You can get a bonus contribution by completing any agreed actions that contribute to the development of the project. This includes: creating a banner for social media. Vkontakte networks, recording a video about the site on YouTube, showing activity on forums and in chats, creating and publishing a review on your blogs, attracting referrals and more. The size of the bonus deposit depends on the quality of fulfillment of the conditions. To obtain a certificate, you must contact the administration and describe the steps taken. You can find out more about the action on the project website. - warn all participants not to use mobile applications that appeared on the network to work with this program, since they are not official and created by third parties. If you have already managed to use them, in order to avoid losing your account, be sure to change your password and put two-factor authentication. - have taken some measures to increase the insurance fund since June 5. Now the cost of the voluntary insurance program has increased in price, and the increased percentage of the company's excess profits will be deducted to the insurance fund. After long negotiations, a new partner from the Republic of Tatarstan, MCC Livorno Finance, which is engaged in micro-crediting throughout Russia, joined the Cashbury holding. The partner site for online loans will be available from July 1, 2017. - launched a new tariff plan for 1 year with a fixed rate of 15% per month (3.5% weekly). The minimum deposit amount does not change and is $ 50. If your current contribution has worked for at least 90 days, you can transfer it to a new plan. - continues to develop confidently, two short circles behind, and with them, 20% of the profit. According to the “Profitable” plan, investors went into breakeven, which is also an intermediate result of good work. Recently, a number of changes have taken place in the project: the Advanced Cash payment system has been connected, for both plans the maximum deposit limits have been increased (for the basic one - $ 300, for the profitable one - $ 500), and also launched an investor chat on Telegram. They promise to connect another EPS next week. In addition, only on June 11 and 12, a bonus of 5% of the deposit amount will be added for all new deposits at the “Favorable” tariff. - more than 6 weeks in work, which is good news. The admin adheres to a smooth promotion, systematically connects only high-quality sites for promotion. Development is taking place in many countries, from the news on the site, the admin says about the opening of agency offices in Brazil and Ukraine, while at the stage of negotiations. For active partners, there is a promoter competition, all conditions are in personal accounts.

News of the website:

1) Launched new summer seasonal promotions, with the terms of which can be found on the portal. In June, we begin to publish articles on various financial topics, in this regard, are ready to generously reward from 30 $ to 150 $ for a qualitatively prepared unique article.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 29.05.17, under protection - up to 11.06.17). (On the site - with 30.05.17, under protection - up to 01.07.17). (On the site - with 31.05.17, under protection - up to 21.06.17). (On the site - with 31.05.17, under protection - up to 15.07.17). (On the site - with 01.06.17, under protection - up to 01.10.17).

3) published a draft review:

4) Video review of project is published

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 50% loss (more than 500 $) - paid 110% loss (more than 300 $).