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News HYIP-industry (30.11-06.12.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
The next investment week in the HYIP industry has come to an end, during which several memorable events were noted, which we will be talking about today's news release. Still the most popular in the recent period are short-term projects with one-day plans. For a long investment of resolute investors now there is not much, and the administrators from the end of November stepped on the scaffolding. Of recent projects, it's a pity to say goodbye to such grants as Miralty-trend and Grand-rialto, spent 7 and 4 months, respectively, to earn time was enough. To the current novelties, we recommend to be cautious, besides, in the section "Decent Projects" there are still more reliable sites that have proved to be stable work for a long time in their segment. In the near future we will add a few more investment programs, follow our announcements.

New projects: - a new English-language marketplace with a unique design and is not entirely logical marketing. Plans for a gradual opening of now there is only one rate with a deposit included on 55 days with a daily accrual of 2.75%. The contribution will be to beat a little more than a month, just breakeven occurs at poslenovogodnie holidays. I do not think that everything will go here under such conditions, would rather wait for the opening one-day plan, see how manifest itself in the future. - new sredneprotsentnik with mediocre design. Tariff plans are designed for a period of up to 15 60 working days, the minimum investment is $ 30. Work rate is only the first in 15 working days, but the return of the deposit before the New Year somehow imposes a bad idea. For technical data, we have a good set of: license skrpit, DDoS protection Ddos-Guard, ssl-encryption from Comodo with grinbarom. the cost of advertising is quite significant at the start, we'll see how it will continue. - fresh mullion with repeatedly yuzaniya Fastovsky design. Short-term investment plans of up to 4 12 days. With increasing amounts of investment contribution period is reduced. With this layout, the project is doomed in the short term, at best, will work on a range of 12 days. Technically part of all good: the GK license script, dedicated server, DDoS protection GeniusGuard, ssl-certificate from Comodo on 1 year. Interest has caused the presence of very rarely used in HYIP payment system PayPal. By admin monitors went well, watch for another project for a while.

bench: - although the project was not heard, but still worked very well, most of the participants are satisfied with the result, judging by the grateful reviews in the project topic. The admin personally announced the completion of the work, thanked everyone for their participation and gave a subtle hint that he was preparing to launch a new site. Site closed, scam. - there is no longer any point in keeping a problematic project on the portal, nothing has changed lately. The admin still makes selective payments in small amounts. If you still have funds stuck in the project, break it down into small amounts, you may still be able to pull something out. As far as is known, deposits are no longer returned, in which case it makes sense to open a new deposit from the balance and receive interest. Of course, this is not a way out, but there is still a possibility to reduce losses or slightly increase profit in this way. We declare a scam on the project, on the whole we are satisfied with the result, let many people earn money. - a miracle happened, the administrator has not restored the payments, explaining this simple and trite, it is unable to pay a number of applications filed for withdrawal. This fact shows us that there is no real activity is not even close was just well-planned and well-implemented high-yield investment program. However boast such a result (just over 200 days), not every administrator can therefore direct claims do not have. The site is not already running, scum. - a lot of words, but little action, the admin so much talking about the project that soskamil it just 7 days. On the one hand, the same period for all tariffs repeatedly brought to a rapid close, but here, to be honest, expect the game longer. Admin paid only a matter of an application for the return of deposits, scum. Looking forward to your application form, the day after tomorrow will pay compensation.

Events: - launched a repost contest with a prize pool of $ 100. To participate, it is enough to join the Vkontakte community, repost the entries about the competition and that's it. “On December 8, the winner will be determined among the participants. - all are also working stably, showing good trading results, as evidenced by the next video examples of trading during the current week. - made regular charges and payments under the Trust Management plan. - made a decision to open official representative offices in neighboring countries: Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, Estonia and Moldova. Applications from potential representatives are asked to send to marked with the subject "Representative" and indicating inside the letter their country, city of residence, login in the project and contact information. - the minimum payout for AdvancedCash payment system is $ 0.1, deposits are processed automatically. To reduce the load on the script and improve the performance of the project, all virtual deposits were closed and the funds were returned to the balance. If desired, virtual deposits can be created anew, but if you have already understood how the system works, then you are asked not to make new deposits on virtual accounts. - the AdvCash payment system was connected as a payment method. It is also reported that the minimum withdrawal on Neteller works from $ 5. All bids less than this amount will be canceled. We made minor changes to the rules section and ask you to read the item marked with three stars for convenience. - made a number of improvements for the partner section in the personal account. Now you can send an internal letter to all your personally invited partners in the "mail" section. In the list of partners, we have implemented display of information about partners' Skype. Also, there is statistics on registration and clicks on your link. - over the next week they plan to close the issue of connecting the withdrawal of funds from the project to the cards of Russian banks. Over the past month, traders in total managed to trade 14% of profits for investors according to the Smart plan. - in honor of three months of work on the network, we launched a small promotion with bonuses for replenishment of funds:
5% for the sum at the completion of the $ 10 to 500 $
10% for the sum at the completion of the $ 501 to 3000 $
15% for the sum at the completion of the $ 3001 to 10000 $
20% for the sum at the completion of the $ 10001
The promotion is valid until December 10 2015, inclusive, to receive the bonus you must make a deposit and mail screen indicating the transfer of their login.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 30.11.15, protected - up to 30.11.16). (on the website - with 01.12.15, protected - up to 05.04.16).

2) published a draft review: (Carthage Rent A Car)

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 50% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 60% of losses (more than 500 $). - paid 110% of losses (more than 300 $).

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