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News HYIP-industry (31-06.04.2014)

NewsAnother week passed almost imperceptibly, and it was time to knock out the important points. Nothing special of the new additions to the HYIP industry was noticed. Several popular programs have ceased their activities, but fortunately there are still some that you can work with. Also announced the beginning of the opening of spring promotions from our portal, which will last until the end of spring. Read on for the rest of the details ...


New projects: is a good medium-profit project with a unique design translated into 2 languages: Russian and English. Technically well equipped, tariff plans are popular among investors, where the amount of the deposit is included in payments. While special costs for promotion are not visible, I propose to stand on the sidelines and study the project in more detail. is not a bad, at first glance, middleman of a very fresh origin. All the necessary technical kit is available, uses the GoldCoders script license. All plans, except for the minimum, are short-term. While the movement in deposits is not visible, let's see how the events will go from next week. is a quality project from the HYIP series up to 15% per month. According to legend, the company successfully bets on the Betfire sports exchange. Those. part is chosen at the maximum level with numerous ways of crediting funds. The expected income is up to 12% per month. The minimum deposit is $ 50. is an interesting mid-interest project with unusually long investment periods as planned. The deposit is refunded after 365 days with a minimum deposit of $ 10. The plans also indicate that the percentage may change from time to time. At the technical level, the project is not presented in the best way, however, they say that the admin has come here for a long time.

bench: - The unexpected termination of payments has puzzled most investors. The company worked for almost six months and, according to preliminary data, simply went bankrupt, although was the real activity of the company proven? Delays in payments began on April 1st. Only a small share of restrained investors remained in the profit, while the rest, unfortunately, are counting losses. Many are waiting for the beginning of a new week in the hope of rehabilitation, but I think the facts are clear. - another project with the consecutive opening of new tariff plans did not fully realize its capabilities and was included in the list of problematic programs. I can assume that a large outflow of funds from the project began with a low inflow of new ones, which forced the admin to take extreme measures. - no one predicted a long life for the project, so everything is predictable here. Nevertheless, those who came from the start could test the program for a couple of laps according to the minimum plan and earn 20% of net profit.

Events: - as previously reported in the project, the third Betting investment plan was connected with a yield of ~ 1.7% per day and ~ 40% per month. The minimum contribution for the package is from $ 500. - the project website reports that the holidays will be held in Thailand on April 7, 14, 15 and 16. Since profit on deposits is not accrued on weekends and holidays, no accruals will be made on these days either. - reports that the number of participants in the program has exceeded over 4200 people. Improved performance when updating servers, which resulted in faster response times when visiting a site. And also to attract users from different countries, the site was translated, in addition to English, into 7 more languages: German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Polish.

News of the website:

1) The 2 promotions from the portal began: Spring Growth and Double Refback.

Conditions for passing the “Spring Growth” promotion:
Before 1 June 2014, by ordering a refback on the portal you will receive a one-time supplement - 1 $ for payment for each refback from the portal.

To receive the bonus, you must be a registered user of the portal, specify your nickname on the portal in the application for refback. The bonus acts on the refback amount from 2 $.

Conditions for passing the Double Refback promotion:
Before 1 June 2014, by receiving a refback on the portal and writing a report on the payment in the topic of the portal on the mmgp forum, occasional partners will receive a double refback sum!

How it works:
I wrote 20 random numbers from 460 to 660 on a sheet of paper. If the number of your post in the portal theme matches one of these numbers - you get a double refback from the portal!

2) SCAM of the project. Since the project was under the "Protection of Deposits", it was decided to compensate all referrals for 100% of losses.

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