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News HYIP-industry

I welcome you dear partners!
Did you miss the news releases? Today we will fix this situation and talk about the state of the hyip industry at the moment. As before, we will touch upon the promising novelties of the investment market in the review, we will speak out partially on the recent scams and of course we will tell you about the changes in the existing projects. As parting words, we want to warn you about the current summer season in the industry, which has always been difficult, especially for beginners. Therefore, invest carefully in new sites, do not operate with large amounts at the start, do not forget to withdraw funds after each accrual, and choose the right upline, which will always help to correctly form a portfolio and take investments under protection, with which your risks will be minimal.

New projects: is the freshest novelty on the blog, it was launched only yesterday and is not even advertised anywhere. Marketing consists of fixed packages costing from $ 100 to $ 100000, the yield is floating 0.5% -2% per day without refund of the deposit. Accruals will be received daily until the total income reaches 280% of the amount of the initial deposit. It seems that they took a self-written script as a basis, but technically it is still poorly prepared. We go in first and start to figure it out, we will soon issue a detailed review. is a May novelty with ambitious goals. Already, various events, presentations are being held, offices are opening, in general they promise to develop well on earth and online. We recently switched to a new engine and redesigned the site, resulting in new functionality. The investment part includes three tariff plans with fixed income from 0.86% to 1.48% for 201-232 days, depending on the amount of the deposit. The minimum investment amount is $ 99, the body of the deposit is included in the accruals. There is an opportunity to enter auto and real estate programs with good benefits. is a new promising project with a pre-launch, gathered a lot of hype around itself and officially launched three weeks ago. We have placed it on the blog in the “Test” category and we plan to make good money here. Marketing offers floating profitability from 0.4% to 2.2% per day for 220 days with the included deposit. Investments are accepted only in cryptocurrency, in USDT you can also replenish the account, the minimum contribution is from $ 100. By technical standards, it is perfectly prepared, based on a self-written script, there are also restrictions on the amount of deposits, we recommend that you pay attention.

bench: is a frankly weak result, despite a good overall period of activity. Given the smooth level of development and low profitability, I could still work calmly for myself, apparently the admin is a completely newbie and just did not know what to do with the project. Now HYIP no longer pays and does not work, all our partners have received compensation in full. - the admin could not repeat the normal work and successfully skimmed the project for himself at an early stage. In 23 days, it was possible to earn 32% of the profit on the first tariff, taking into account the referral from the blog, but most users suffered losses. The admin did not meet the expectations, there are a lot of losses, we fix the scam. - 135 days, but taking into account the marketing peculiarity and aggressive start, the first investors did not earn anything. Those who entered after the lowered thresholds in the background, in principle, received a profit, but the fact that the admin works worse and worse every time is a fact. - successfully shot within 54 days and made money for each plan, going full circle. There are no claims to the administrator, he allowed to fix 25% -75% of net profit at work rates, depending on the amount of the deposit. At the moment, the project has not paid for a long time and has been moved to scams. - the project has been working for 11 months, since June last year, and actually demonstrated an excellent work with the global participation of investors from all over the world. The official launch took place in October, with the first major event in Dubai. All this time, they developed "richly", which charged numerous leaders who unrestrainedly pushed the platform. In addition, the ever-growing dynamics in the cryptocurrency market have played a decisive role. Not surprisingly, as soon as the bearish trend took over the market, there were immediately serious problems with profitability, delayed payments and other changes in the unilateral decision on the part of the fund. The first calls began a month and a half ago, but now they have completely closed the input and output from the project. Despite the fact that starting from June 1, we came out with new directions, I highly do not recommend starting new deposits. Changes in the investment conditions with the deprivation of the right to withdraw funds by traditional methods is equivalent to the actual scam of the project. - two full months online and almost a month on the blog. Everything was fine until it was time to return the next portion of the deposits, which the admin did not consider necessary to do. Project scam, paid compensation to partners within the available fund.

Events: - the admin pulls the project perfectly, to date it has been working for 5 months, of which the 4th month on the blog, thanks to which the partners earned about 50% of the profit. There is no particular development network, we continue to get profit. - added for depositing and withdrawing USDT on the Tron network and the Ripple cryptocurrency. is a long-term investment program that has been in our portfolio from the very start and has been running for the second year already. The administration regularly conducts various webinars and promotions, opens offices, plans to launch auto and real estate programs, as well as much more, which allows the project to be in service. In the offices, new cryptocurrency payment systems Litecoin, Ripple, BinanceCoin and Tether have recently been connected for investment. Now, by the way, a promotional campaign is being held in conjunction with DavChange, according to which you can get a trip to the island of Bali, having fulfilled certain conditions for personal contribution and team turnover. The promotion was launched on June 11 and will last until July 11 this year. - the site has become multilingual, 7 different localizations are used, including the Russian version. We added the function of automatic profit reinvestment, according to which you can set the proportion of reinvestment from 0% to 100% and thereby increase your profitability. For active partners, a landing page has been developed, with the help of which it has become even more convenient to invite new users. Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Binance Coin and Tether TRC20 have also been added for investment. has been on the blog for more than 50 days, investors are steadily making a profit, and the project continues to develop steadily. Since the release of the review on the blog, we have managed to translate the platform into Vietnamese, Italian, French and Chinese, have launched an official telegram chat and a functional telegram bot. New payment systems have also been added: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BinanceCoin (BNB) and 6 more cryptocurrencies on the BEP-20 protocol (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano ADA, DAI, USDT, BUSD). In addition to the mobile application with automatic updates, we introduced an application for macOS and Windows users. The project is developing well, webinars from leaders are being held in different languages, we continue to participate. - have developed a unique referral program, according to which active partners can earn up to 20% of the deposits of attracted referrals and receive a bonus of up to $ 1500. To receive such special offers, you must fulfill the conditions and contact support. - there is a week left before the next adaptation of payments, during which it is necessary to bring the Karma indicator in your accounts to 100%. - as you know, due to circumstances beyond its control, the project stopped working with the PerfectMoney payment system, the management of which is taking some new measures against pyramids, imposing a commission of about 10% on incoming transactions. In this regard, they immediately made it possible for several days to prematurely close all deposits in this payment with the right to withdraw to the wallet. To date, a replacement has already been found by connecting the Tether stablecoin (USDT TRC20 and USDT ERC-20). New cryptocurrencies Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron and Binance Coin are also connected. Please note that the Zetbull project has been in operation for the third year already. From recent updates, we created the first professional video presentation, opened an affiliate program for regional representatives, and also added a new fund section - FIXED, where you can invest in any cryptocurrency with fixed rates.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On ​​the site - from 10.06.21, under protection - until 13.07.21). - (On the site - from 11.06.21/20.10.21/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). - (On the site - from 16.06.21/26.07.21/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). (On the site - from 27.06.21, under protection - until 18.07.21). (On the site - from 28.06.21, TEST project) (On the site - from 03.07.21, WITHOUT protection). (On the site - from 04.07.21/12.12.21/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - 70% of losses paid (over $ 500). - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 55% of losses (over $ 500). - 50% of losses paid (over $ 500).
* 75% of losses were closed for Bounty participants and VIP-partners. - paid 10% of losses (over $ 500).
* 20% of losses were closed for Bounty participants and VIP-partners. - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 300). - 50% of losses paid (over $ 500). - 20% of losses paid (over $ 500).
* 30% of losses were closed for Bounty participants and VIP-partners. - 60% of losses paid (over $ 500).