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A new level of investment protection - Eternal Protection

Good day, dear partners.
HYIP industry is not standing still, and we must keep abreast of new trends and constantly improve the conditions for our referrals.
We offer the best quality level of security deposits for our investors.

Repeat platitudes: the best deposit is an insurance deposit.
And our regular referrals are accustomed to comfortable investment conditions under the "Deposit Protection".
This is our "know-how", three years ago, when we announced the blog and "Deposit Protection", there were no such proposals on the market. "Deposits protection" helps to compensate for losses in fast-paced transactions, but unfortunately in large projects that have passed several rounds and are gaining momentum, it is ineffective.

The most frequent question in support: What do you think, how much more will live such a draft, then? He has been working 2 months, I want to put a couple of kilobaksov.
The problem is that such terms admins work on dynamics. I (like every blogger adequate) do not take it upon myself to do obviously unreliable forecasts.
We also could not offer insurance support for such investors under the "Deposit Protection" program.
Therefore, it decided to open a new program for major projects and major investors: Eternal Security.

We will offer admins who have passed several rounds and are gaining momentum to allocate money to the unlimited fund of "Eternal Protection", which after the scam will be divided among all our injured referrals.
The mechanism for collecting applications, the payment regulations and the rules for these compensations will be completely identical to the usual "Deposit Protection".

The "Eternal Protection" foundation will look like this -

We are confident that these measures will allow our investors to invest in a qualitatively new level of security.

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13 reviews for "The next level of investment protection - Eternal Protection"

  1. Avatar photo AFro:

    And I was more interested in individual insurance, for example, highlighted the project admin 3000 $ Monica, blog, invested $ 50 and know that his come back in the case of a bench, and of course take into account and Refco%.
    Guaranteed enters 60 people. on such usloviyah.Mozhno regulate the contribution of up to 30 100, and the timing of the circle (fast, serednik).
    Many administrators are already doing so, and in the news + mailing (e-mail, cart) .Zhelayuschih be decent.
    I would like to hear the opinion of the Administrator!?!

  2. Avatar photo romserg:

    I would advise to make this icon tooltip, and then this record will go down soon, and people will not understand the value of the shield

  3. Thanks! And then from such "turns" in the heat throws me! ))