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Review and reviews of the project. Fresh piggy bank from the TOP-admin with an accrual of 4% per day (Personal choice).

In today's review, we propose to start a conversation about a promising fast from a strong working admin with a good reputation. The project was added to the blog in the "Personal choice" format, in the past it gave a great profit, we hope it will make money again. In marketing, there are only 2 plans for a period of 30-40 days and a yield of 4% to 5% per day. There is a possibility of early withdrawal after 24 hours from the moment of activation with a commission of up to 25% of the deposit. We entered the project from the start, everything was prepared competently, there is protection against cunning, we expect to get a profit.

Bit plam (Project Start: 16 September 2021 years).
PERSONAL CHOICE! The worker is a competent administrator in his niche, he gave a great profit - I recommend!

Bit Plam project overview

According to the legend Bit Plam was founded by a group of experienced traders who came together to create an international financial product for accepting investments and making money in the cryptocurrency markets. For successful trading, traders use proven strategies and professional bots, which allows them to generate stable profits. Part of the capital is also directed to forex and options, thanks to which clients' investments are completely safe. The Bit Plam LTD company is officially registered in the UK from August 31, 2021 (registration number: 13595077).

Design The site looks great on a white background, made professionally and in an original way. The presence of adaptability causes additional solidity in the project, all content is unique, and all links are working and are indicated correctly. The informational part of the resource is presented in English. The internal interface is practical and intuitive.

Marketing is the project consists of two investment tariffs with a daily rate of return of 4% and 5%, depending on the deposited deposit. With a minimum investment of $ 25, the term of the deposit is 30 days, but if you deposit $ 5000 or more, the profit will be accrued within 40 days. In both cases, the body of the deposit is returned at the end of the term, but it is also possible to withdraw funds within a day after the investment with a commission of 25% of the amount. After two weeks of work, the commission for early withdrawal is reduced to 15% of the amount, after the end of the investment period, the commission is not charged.

Investment plans of the Bit Plam project

1. Lite
4 30% daily for days
Min / max contribution: $ 25 - $ 4999
Return of the deposit at the end of
Early withdrawal is available with a commission of 15% -25%
Net income - 120%
Going through the breakeven 25 days

2. More
5 40% daily for days
Min / max contribution: $ 5000 - $ 200000
Return of the deposit at the end of
Early withdrawal is available with a commission of 15% -25%
Net income - 200%
Going through the breakeven 20 days

Technical part:
- Licensed script GoldCoders
- Domain redeemed for 3 year
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection Ddos-Guard
- SSL encryption from Sectigo (on 1 year)
- PM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at Hyiplogs

Discussion of the project on MMGP

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, ePayCore, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Dash, Ripple, Tron, BinanceCoin, Stellar, Tether (USDT).
payment type: Manual (withdrawal of profit - up to 24 hours; withdrawal of a deposit - up to 48 hours).
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10 (for BTC, ETH, USDT ERC20), $ 3 (for all others).
There is no commission for withdrawal of profit, 15% -25% of the amount is withheld for early withdrawal of the deposit.

Affiliate Program (three-level): 5% -2% -1% on deposits of your referrals.
5% of the deposits of referrals 1-level
2% of the deposits of referrals 2-level
1% of the deposits of referrals 3-level

Bit Plam project affiliate program

Registration on the Bit Plam website, creating a deposit and withdrawing funds:

1. Go to the site using the referral link of the blog and press the button "Sign Up". Fill out a simple form, confirm with a tick that you are not a robot, check the upline (should be “Bona hunter") And press the button"Sign Up».

Registration in the Bit Plam project

2. To invest in your personal account, go to the section "Make a deposit". Select an investment plan, specify a payment system, enter the deposit amount and click "Make a deposit". Next, check the data on the deposit and confirm with the button "Process».

Creating a deposit in the Bit Plam project

3. To receive payment, go to the menu section “Withdrawal»Select a payment system on which there are charges, indicate the withdrawal amount and click the button«Withdrawal"To confirm.

Feedback form, e-mail, telegram, telegram chat, social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Conclusion: we are participating in a new highly profitable project from an experienced administrator who is always competently engaged in the development of his fund and gives an excellent profit. The main advantage in the projects of this board is profitable marketing with the "piggy bank" functionality, where investors can take back their investments at any time. Please note that for early withdrawal of a deposit in the first two weeks, a commission of 25% is withheld, after 14 days the penalty will be 15% of the amount, after the end of the investment period, the commission for the return of the deposit is not charged. As part of posting on the blog, they came to the fore at 4% per day for 30 days, payments here are manual with regulations up to 24 hours. The choice of payment instruments is huge, minimum wages are available for input, all the details are described in the review. In the past project, the admin did not live up to expectations, while those who were not greedy made good money, so we recommend that you fix the profit. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until October 1, 2021 with a fund of $ 500. We offer our partners a refund of 6% of your deposit.

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77 reviews for "Review and reviews of the project. Fresh piggy bank from the TOP-admin with an accrual of 4% per day (Personal choice)."

  1. Avatar photo Budy:

    Gimana cara daftar untuk bergabung di bit

  2. Avatar photo TimEight:


    3 USDT - 2021-11-24 11:42:57
    4818295c4574314e2d1edf7e919a809ada90b8da16e7ef5146 382b3de23b5587

    3 USDT - 2021-11-24 09:04:24
    efa4dcdf2ebcc24786a9301b24249c13243b9338a2808e81a6 c6f7ec23dd3d20

  3. Avatar photo TimEight:


    3 USDT - 2021-11-23 11:47:27
    787653c342e9a7d4a12878c2f136ed1c0cfa5accfb6bdda28f 864942cfab2b56
    3 USDT - 2021-11-23 11:10:12
    a53f6c0bae4528e6d2fc68fac5ba9583d7ff8d9aaec9f6e846 48705075eb4885
    3.8 USDT - 2021-11-23 03:22:36
    a1e290206bb9c6987512bb40d2e33afb83c3ba2d9fc508a4ab 61ca8a3443564c
    3.2 USDT - 2021-11-23 03:20:18
    51b33b043f488c5d795ac2d570282e2ae239d9280c26eaa470 4b263169db26cc
    3 USDT - 2021-11-23 03:15:24
    39fec8a0d7e01f8613fdebdb262bae81af8b202ea365edb62c 222e56b1264eba
    3 USDT - 2021-11-22 18:12:27
    13234f0babd4da1fd83200016272cd58020fb063b1b79c2bb4 0b49f1b9e0bf9b
    3 USDT - 2021-11-22 15:26:48
    51b395a99705d2bd37b7de543198ca230cf4855e06918cbca7 055687110a9ed3
    3.6 USDT - 2021-11-22 13:37:54
    82991fac6d464c47e6e846b32d508fc252440639894d3e6db4 63190e4dca7577
    3.5 USDT - 2021-11-22 13:37:51
    ed4b7f1ddf3db7ca9e57e534c3aed084efd64d10beeeb6894e c3a41315bfe2ce
    3.3 USDT - 2021-11-22 13:37:48
    e70c35d349e7f1aaa5ceaa3a3eca4ade94fc71cb1e3b55fe8b 908a38aaf3ec4b

  4. Avatar photo TimEight:


    3 USDT - 2021-11-22 12:13:27
    5972c7cca1dd4c7e7c844d356747db111db86bb5945c85c876 26a0ed479e8c2f
    3.1 USDT - 2021-11-22 12:11:21
    f18e8b64f19cccb598d09cd3e848018c18003eca86a46d4f5e fb69e016123cdf
    3.8 USDT - 2021-11-22 02:23:15
    c333270b655954acb80b7209f214f34032e2803f6d1c92d00f 7f043812b3f73d
    4 USDT - 2021-11-21 15:54:03
    acb2fafc3b0d768252f45ad673f5d9f9a42a9dbfcdafd15f5b 2eda5c3f5a7ea9
    3.7 USDT - 2021-11-21 15:47:00
    325abe6e277da3365c39f0c710e83ef969124ea668faa56ebc 483d8fbead98b0
    4 USDT - 2021-11-21 15:46:30
    3c1b76ad55a55e3f7da1d3a6aa485a6ea9eddc16361bd94f0a b98e79e3bbc747

  5. Avatar photo Tolin19:

    I put it on withdrawal on November 20.11.2021, 48 in the MTC. Until now, the application for execution ... More than 2 hours have passed ... This is my 12nd conclusion, the first came without problems within XNUMX hours.

  6. Avatar photo TimEight:

    More payments:

    3.2 USDT - 2021-11-21 01:17:00

    3.8 USDT - 2021-11-21 03:04:33