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Review and reviews of the investment project BitATM. Quality indefinite term with 3% charge per day

In a stable autumn season, projects with perpetual marketing acquire special relevance, because during a period of increased activity on the part of investors, they are able to show steep results. The site called BitATM can boast not only perpetual earning conditions, but also a decent technical study, as well as an experienced foreign administration. What else are the advantages and features of the fund, we will consider later in this review.

Bitat (Project Start: 23 September 2020 years). SCAM!

According to the legend the company has been operating since 2017 and has developed a whole network of ATMs around the world that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency using cash or a bank card. Now the company is entering a new level of work, so in 2020 a platform was developed for receiving investments in order to expand the network. It also follows from the project legend that BitATM needs investments in order to re-equip ATMs and carry out cryptocurrency mining, which will provide the project users with a stable profit. Official registration in the UK is confirmed by Certificate No. 12847024.

Graphic Design The project is unique, presented only in the English version, but for the future several more language versions have been announced, including in Russian. Despite the fact that while the resource is not entirely friendly to the Russian-speaking user, it can be noted that the interface is very convenient and intuitive, it will not be difficult to understand the features of the resource. The site is not overloaded with unnecessary information, the main site contains the most compressed data, while a more detailed description can be found in the sections of the site. The laconicism and convenience of the functionality is also characteristic of the depositor's personal account, which opens to the user immediately after a quick registration.

Investment conditions in BitATM they are presented with a single tariff plan, which, without exaggeration, is a classic of the HYIP industry. Marketing offers to invest from $ 10 and earn a profitability of 3% per day for an unlimited period. It is easy to calculate that the user will be able to reach the breakeven point in 34 days, after which the investor will start to receive unlimited profit on the balance.

  • 3% per day perpetually
  • Min / Max contribution: from 10 $ - no restrictions
  • The body of the deposit is included in the accruals
  • Achievement of the breakeven on the 34 day
  • Estimated profitability per month - 90%

Technical part

  • Samopisny script;
  • Domain leased for 5 years (until July 2025);
  • DDoS-protection from Cloudflare;
  • SSL encryption from Cloudflare;
  • Unique English language design.

You can track the activity of investors, as well as find out the status of the project on the website InvestorsStartPage.

Project topic on a popular investment forum MMGP.

You can find out the status of the project on monitoring on the website Allhyipmon.

For a detailed technical analysis of the project, as well as investment statistics, see HYIPLogs.

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
type of payment: instantly upon request (instant).
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1 for fiat EPS and $ 10 for cryptocurrencies.

Partnership program: three-level, 10% -3% -1%
10% of the deposits of direct referrals of the first level
3% of investments of second level referrals
1% from investments of partners of the third level

Registration on the BitATM website, creating a deposit and withdrawing profits:

1. You can work with the project after registering on the official website. Make the transition to the main fund by this link, then use the button on the main page "New account". A registration form will appear, in which you need to specify your username, password and email address. Enter your PIN code below, accept the terms of the user agreement and click the button "New step". Next, you will be asked to specify wallets in payment systems, after which registration will be completed.

2. After logging into the site, use the button "Make deposit". In the application, indicate the payment system and the amount, then confirm the creation of the deposit and pay through your wallet.

3. Select the section “Withdraw funds"To request the profit received in the project to your wallet.

Contact us: eemail, phone number, address of the London office, online chat in Telegram, group in Facebook.

Conclusion: BitATM is an unlimited term from a foreign administration with high-quality training and classic marketing. The site has already managed to attract the attention of investors, and not only with its lifetime marketing, but also with rumors that the fund is managed by an administrator with experience. Is this so - there is no reliable information, but a HYIP has been prepared at the highest level both in terms of technical assembly and the adequacy of its marketing. It can be noted that the investment conditions are very attractive and offer the time-tested 3% per day on an unlimited basis. In the past, we have seen HYIPs with such conditions more than once, cooperated with many of them and received profit. In addition to the advantages described above, the fund pays profits instantly, there is a generous affiliate program and a whole arsenal of popular payment systems. We recommend that our partners take a closer look at BitATM, because the site has everything for productive work. We offer a bonus to the deposit of 12%, as well as "Deposit Protection" with a fund of $ 500, which will be valid until 10.11.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX.

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45 reviews for "Review and reviews of the BitATM investment project. High-quality indefinite term with 3% charge per day"


    Date: 09.11.2020/21/14 41:1203138290:1008688363 ID: 1012405059 Details: P2 → PXNUMX Amount: XNUMX USD Comment: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from BIT-ATM NETWORK


    Date: 08.11.2020/19/54 36:1202011697:1008688363 ID: 1012405059 Details: P1.01 → PXNUMX Amount: XNUMX USD Comment: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from BIT-ATM NETWORK


    Date: 05.11.2020/19/42 05:1198898347:1008688363 ID: 1012405059 Details: P8.04 → PXNUMX Amount: XNUMX USD Comment: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from BIT-ATM NETWORK


    Date: 04.11.2020/20/55 42:1197931015:1008688363 ID: 1012405059 Details: P0.99 → PXNUMX Amount: XNUMX USD Comment: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from BIT-ATM NETWORK


    Date: 03.11.2020/21/15 10:1196943619:1008688363 ID: 1012405059 Details: P7.92 → PXNUMX Amount: XNUMX USD Comment: Withdraw to InstantMonitorCom from BIT-ATM NETWORK

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