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Review and reviews of the investment project Coinbanker. Unlimited fast with 8% charge per day and instant payments

The blog has an excellent replenishment in the form of a fast indefinite term Coinbanker. The site was added to our portfolio right on the start day, we connect at a very good moment and this significantly increases the chances of profit for our team. And the conditions for earning money in Coinbanker are more than attractive, because the HYIP offers investors an unlimited period to receive from 8% per day with the possibility of a quick exit to profit. Further in the review, we will detail the conditions for investing in the project, features of registration and creation of a deposit.

Coinbanker (Project Start: January 7 2021 years).

According to the legend Coinbanker investment project was founded by COIN BANKER TECHNOLOGIES LTD, officially registered in Panama. It provides clients with the opportunity to make money on cloud mining of cryptocurrency. The company's activities are not detailed, investors are given the opportunity to find out in general terms in which direction the company is working. Also, the fund's website does not provide documents on the official registration of Coinbanker.

Design HYIP is bright and pleasing to the eye, and the picture corresponds to the activity - even without reading the legend, you can understand that the project is working with cryptocurrencies. Coinbanker's interface is standard for HYIPs: at the top of the page there is a menu with links to all sections of the project, there are also registration and authorization buttons, which are duplicated in the center of the page. As for the personal account, it will delight both experienced investors and beginners with a compact set of necessary functions.

Marketing highly profitable and includes six perpetual tariffs. The plans will bring a solid percentage of profit from 8% to 30% per day, due to which investors have the opportunity to quickly break even. After that, their deposit will be safe, and the accrual of net profit, already without any risks, will continue. Investments in Coinbanker start at $ 20, however, not all plans have such a low entry threshold, so most investors who carefully diversify their portfolio will prefer a tariff with a minimum interest.

Tariff №1 

  • Profitability 8% per day
  • The deposit will work indefinitely
  • Deposit amount from 20 $ to 10000 $
  • Exit to breakeven: on the 13 day

Tariff №2

  • Profitability 12% per day
  • The deposit will work indefinitely
  • Deposit amount from 1001 $ to 5000 $
  • Exit to breakeven: on the 9 day

Tariff №3

  • Profitability 16% per day
  • The deposit will work indefinitely
  • Deposit amount from 5001 $ to 10000 $
  • Exit to breakeven: on the 7 day

Tariff №4

  • Profitability 20% per day
  • The deposit will work indefinitely
  • Deposit amount from 10001 $ to 25000 $
  • Exit to breakeven: on the 5 day

Tariff №5

  • Profitability 25% per day
  • The deposit will work indefinitely
  • Deposit amount from 250001 $ to 50000 $
  • Exit to breakeven: on the 4 day

Tariff №6

  • Profitability 30% per day
  • The deposit will work indefinitely
  • Deposit amount from 50001 $ to 500000 $
  • Exit to breakeven: on the 4 day

Technical part:

  • Gold Coders script with license;
  • SSL-certificate from Sectigo RSA (for a year);
  • IP address: (dedicated server);
  • Protection from Ddos-Guard;
  • Unique design.

You can view the project status on the website Allhyipmon.
Detailed statistics of deposits and technical features can be found at Investorsstartpage.
The technical analysis of the Coinbanker website is available on the website Hyiplogs.
You can find out the opinions of investors about the project in the discussion on MMGP.

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin.
Output type: Instant.
Application amount: $ 1 for PM, $ 10 for BTC and $ 5 for other cryptocurrencies.
Withdrawal commission: not charged.

Partnership program two-level - 5% -1%.
5% of the deposits of direct referrals registered through your link.
1% of the deposits of second-level referrals.

Registration on the Coinbanker website, creating a deposit and withdrawing profits:

1. Cooperation with Coinbanker can be carried out after official registration on our affiliate link... To create an account on the HYIP website and access your personal account, on the main page, select "Sign up account" or "Sign up».

2. Sequentially enter in the lines of the registration form your name, login, password, mail address and details of your payment wallets. Finally, it remains to ask a secret question and answer, check that your invitation was Bona Hunter (ProfitHuntersBIZ)and also put a tick in the checkbox. Registration ends by pressing the button "Sign up account».

3. The creation of a deposit occurs through the section "Home investment". In it you will be asked to familiarize yourself with the current tariffs, and after that you will need to specify the amount, payment system and press the button "Spend". As soon as you replenish your balance, your deposit will start working.

4. Earned profit is withdrawn from the project in an instant mode, for this it is enough to create a request through the section of your personal account "Withdraw earnings».

Contacts: feedback form.

Conclusion: Coinbanker is a perpetual fast project with profitable marketing and a recent launch. The fund offers its participants to earn on excellent rates with a solid percentage of 8% per day. Due to such a fat profitability, investors have the opportunity to quickly reach breakeven and then they will earn a good profit without any risks. In addition to marketing, Coinbanker liked its high-quality website and convenient personal account. There is also a whole arsenal of payment systems, and the withdrawal of profits to the wallets of investors is instantaneous.

For our partners, a great advantage is that the asset got to the blog right on the start day and there is an opportunity to be one of the first to connect to highly profitable earnings. As a result, we have a noteworthy fast, the work of which is just beginning, which is extremely important given the fact that marketing is unlimited. Such conditions will definitely attract the active attention of investors who will support Coinbanker with their deposits, we advise you to pay attention to the HYIP and our readers. Don't forget about the deposit bonus in the amount of 7%, as well as until 22.01 the site will be under the "Protection of deposits" with a fund from $500.

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