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Review and reviews of the project. High-quality foreign middleman with a yield of 4% per day.

Cryptofex Broker project overviewAt the end of the working week, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a detailed analysis of the interesting mid-income project Cryptofex Broker. The first thing that was noticed was the rare and expensive engine from Shadow Scripts, no one used this script for a long time. Marketing offers favorable investment conditions with charges from 4% to 5.5% per day for 30 days without refunding the deposit at the end of the term. The profit will be credited to the balance every 3 hours, payments are instant. As part of the blog, the project is designed in the VIP format, develops smoothly, we recommend.

Cryptofex Broker (Project Start: July 27 2020 years). SCAM!

Cryptofex Broker project overview

According to the legend CryptoFex Broker is a Forex and cryptocurrency exchange trading company. In the trading process, super-powerful computer systems and artificial intelligence capabilities are used, which allows you to manage risks and execute the most profitable transactions in any market movement. All processes are strictly controlled by a team of experienced specialists, programmers and financial experts, so the investments of each project participant are reliably protected.

Graphic Design the project looks neat and is done in soft light colors. The content is only in English, you will have to use a translator, not everything will be clear at an intuitive level. Below you can read our instructions for managing investments on this site, I hope it will save you time and help you understand the basics. As for the rest, the content of the sections is complete, the main page contains all the features of the resource, the links all work. The site is responsive, so the platform is easy to use on any device.

Investment Plans consist of three offers, the so-called trading pools, with the same term of operation of deposits of 30 days, but different rates of return ranging from 4% to 5.5%, depending on the amount of the deposit. The frequency of accruals occurs every 3 hours at 0.5% -0.68%, the body of the deposit is included in payments. The minimum investment is $ 20, the number of active deposits is not limited.

Investment plans of the Cryptofex Broker project

Trading Pool 1
0.5% every 3 hours for 30 calendar days (4% per day)
Min / max contribution: $ 20 - $ 499
Deposit is included in the payment
Total yield - 120%
Going through the breakeven 25 days

Trading Pool 2
0.56% every 3 hours for 30 calendar days (4.5% per day)
Min / max contribution: $ 500 - $ 4999
Deposit is included in the payment
Total yield - 135%
Exit to breakeven over 23 days

Trading Pool 3
0.68% every 3 hours for 30 calendar days (5.5% per day)
Min / max contribution: $ 5000 - $ 100000
Deposit is included in the payment
Total yield - 165%
Going through the breakeven 19 days

Technical part:
- License script ShadowScripts
- Dedicated server
- Hosting from Namecheap
- SSL encryption from cPanel (for 3 months)
- PM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at Hyiplogs

Discussion of the project on MMGP

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Litecoin.
payment type: Instant. Commission for withdrawal no.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 2 (for cryptocurrencies - $ 5).

Affiliate Program (three-level): 5% -2% -1% on your partner contributions.
5% of partner contributions 1-level
2% of partner contributions 2-level
1% of partner contributions 3-level

Cryptofex Broker project affiliate program

Registration on the Cryptofex Broker website, creating a deposit and withdrawing funds:

1. Follow the blog link to the site and click on the "Create Account". Next, we fill out the registration form, everything seems to be clear here. Please note that the passwords in the "Password" and "Secondary Password" fields must be different. The first one is required to enter the account, the second is needed to confirm the withdrawal of funds. Upon completion of registration, enter the security code from the picture, agree to the terms and press the button "Signup«.

Registration in the Cryptofex Broker project

2. The next step is to go to your Personal Account and top up the balance in the section "Fund E-Wallet". Select a payment system, enter the investment amount and click the "Fund E-Wallet". You will be transferred to the merchant for payment, where you need to complete the payment. When replenishing in cryptocurrency, enter the amount in crypt, then send the payment yourself to the specified address and after the required number of confirmations, the funds will be credited to the account.

Balance replenishment in the Cryptofex Broker project

3. To create an investment, go to the tab “Trading Pool". We choose an investment plan, enter the amount of the deposit, indicate the payment order with the available balance and press the button "Purchase". In the pop-up window, confirm the action, click "OK“, After which the contribution will be created.

Creation of a deposit in the Cryptofex Broker project

4. To withdraw profit, open the "Request Cashout". We select a payment system, indicate the option of sending (in our case, to the wallet), enter the amount, then the secondary password that was specified during registration, and click on the button "Request Cashout«.

Withdrawal of funds in the Cryptofex Broker project

Ticket system, e-mail, telegram chat, a group on the social network Facebook.

Conclusion: an interesting investment asset based on a complex rare script, but relatively weak protection. The project was created by foreign administrators, we are not familiar with their previous work, we add it to the VIP section and we will monitor the status of payments. The investment part attracts due to the high interest rate of 4% per day and frequent charges every 3 hours, in addition, each of your withdrawal requests will be processed by an instant, which makes the site doubly interesting. The project was added two weeks after the start, the risks increase, so we recommend that you enter in small amounts. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until September 11, 2020 with a fund of $ 500. We offer our partners a refund of 7% of your deposit.

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9 reviews for "Review and reviews of the project. High-quality foreign middleman with a yield of 4% per day."

  1. investor83:

    Project name: cryptofexbroker
    > Nick in the project: investor83
    > Nickname on the portal: investor83
    > Deposit amount: 20 $
    > Account deposit: First
    The amount of 1.4 USD has been deposited to your account.
    Accounts: U1854 *** -> U23985 ***. Memo: refback for cryptofexbroker from the portal.
    Date: 03: 45 14.08.20. Batch: 328912131.

  2. hadiur:

    Deposit Transaction Date: August 14 2020 11:41 Operation ID: 7770843140 Type of transaction: Transfer Store: Status: Done The amount of write-offs: $ 400.00 obtaining Amount: $ 400.00

    A source:

  3. bossxnumx:

    The bonus is in place!
    Thank you!
    obtaining Amount: $ 3.50
    Commentary: RCB For Cryptofex

  4. Emil:

    Thank you for the refback, I received a wallet 0,003070 BTC on BTC

  5. Nurlybek:

    Bonus received thanks!
    12.08.20/19/26 1.75:1854268 Receive Received Payment 328722812 USD from account UXNUMX to account U. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: refback for cryptofexbroker from

  6. LEONkz:

    Deposit 25USD

  7. Nurlybek:

    DEPOSIT - 25 $

  8. Spay:

    Transaction Date: August 11 2020 21: 11
    Operation ID: 1110900259
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    The amount of write-offs: $ 1.76
    obtaining Amount: $ 1.75
    Payeer Commission: $ 0.01
    Comment: refback for cryptofexbroker from the portal

  9. capral:

    Transaction Date: August 11 2020 19: 41
    Operation ID: 1110813160
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    The amount of write-offs: $ 20.00
    obtaining Amount: $ 20.00

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