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Review and reviews of the project. A high-quality middleman integrated into a telegram bot with a yield of up to 5% per day.

Overview of the Fomo AI Bot projectWe added an interesting investment tool to the blog, which was created on the basis of a telegram bot and launched about 4 months ago. The project offers several areas for investment, has its own website with information about the product and a development roadmap. Profitability is floating from 0% to 5% per day and depends on the results of cryptocurrency trading robots. There's also a new flat-rate plan that you'll learn about in the review. The project is promising, the functionality is constantly improving. We offer our partners unlimited insurance with a progressive fund, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.

Fomo invest BOT (Official start: March 2023).
Fomo insurance fund BOT (Official start: July 6, 2023).

Overview of the Fomo AI Bot project

According to the legend The Fomo AI Bot project was created by a team of professional analysts with more than 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market. Developing their own AI-powered bots allows founders to automate trading processes and other areas of DeFi. Cryptocurrency signals and trading reports are published in the telegram chat to confirm the activity.

Design The site is unique and performs only an informative function, since telegram bots are currently responsible for all the functionality. In the process of development, a global update of the site is planned, adding personal accounts and improving functionality. The content is prepared in Russian and English for the convenience of users. The site has an adaptive layout, an up-to-date roadmap and active social networks.

Investment proposals are presented in two directions, for each of which own bots have been developed in the telegram. In the marketing conditions of the first bot, a floating yield is declared from 0% to 5% per day. The deposit is non-refundable and works until it brings 1000% of the total profit. The minimum deposit amount is $100, it is possible to reinvest from a balance of $10. Activation of invested funds takes place from 16:00 to 21:00 Moscow time, profit is also accrued in this time interval. The features of the second bot are to charge a fixed daily rate of 4% for 30 days. The minimum deposit is from $ 1000, at the end of the term the body of the deposit is not returned.

Investment plans of the Fomo AI Bot project

1. Fomo Invest
Charges: 0%-5% daily (flexible rate)
Min / max contribution: $ 100 - no limit
Deposit period: up to 1000%
Deposit is included in the payment
Expected average return ~ 30% per month
Breakeven in 3-4 months

2. Fomo Insurance Fund
4 30% daily for days
Min / max contribution: $ 1000 - no limit
Deposit is included in the payment
Total yield - 120%
Going through the breakeven 25 days

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
— Hosting: Tilda Publishing Ltd
- SSL encryption of Let's Encrypt (on 3 months)
- Unique design
— The project works with the help of a telegram bot.

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at h-metrics

Discussion of the project on MMGP

Payment systems: Tether (USDT TRC20), Ethereum, Binance Coin.
payment type: Hand (up 24 hours).
Minimum withdrawal amount — 30$/100$.
Commission for withdrawal no.

Affiliate program (seven-level): 5% -6% -2% -1% -1% -1% -2% of the amount of deposits of your referrals.
5% of the deposits of referrals 1-level
6% of the deposits of referrals 2-level
2% of the deposits of referrals 3-level
1% of the deposits of referrals 4-level
1% of the deposits of referrals 5-level
1% of the deposits of referrals 6-level
2% of the deposits of referrals 7-level

Affiliate program of the Fomo AI Bot project

Fast start:
For a total turnover of $1000 in your first line, you will automatically receive a $50 bonus on your balance, which is available for withdrawal or reinvestment. There is no time limit for fulfilling the conditions for turnover. The bonus can only be received once.

Registration on the Fomo AI Bot website, creating a deposit and withdrawing funds:

1. To register, decide which bot you will work with and follow the link from the blog. Next, click the "/ start”, select a language and complete the captcha. In the tab "My structure» be sure to check the ID of your inviter (should be «1165891219").

Registration in the Fomo AI Bot project

2. To invest in the bot menu, select the section " list of Assets', then click the ''Fill up balance". At the next step, specify the payment system, enter the replenishment amount and transfer the exact amount to the specified details. After confirming the network, click the "Check payment».

Creating a deposit in the Fomo AI Bot project

3. To withdraw the accrued profit in the section " list of Assets"Click the"Withdraw". Specify the payment system, enter the withdrawal amount and confirm the operation. Pre-save your wallet number for withdrawal in the settings.

Withdrawal of funds in the Fomo AI Bot project

Telegram, telegram bot, telegram channel/chat, Instagram and Youtube social networks.

Conclusion: an attractive novelty on the blog, which is now operating at the stage of investing through a telegram bot. In fact, the bot was launched in mid-March, it has been working stably all this time and making a profit. At the moment, investors are offered two directions, i.e. two tariff plans, each of which has a separate bot attached to it. On one plan, interest is charged at a flexible rate of up to 5% per day until 1000% of total income is received. On average, it turns out to earn about 30% -40% of profit per month. The second plan is designed for 30 days with an accrual of 4% per day. In both variations, the body of the deposit is included in the charges. The development is proceeding slowly, despite the long period of work, this asset has been talked about quite recently. The project can shoot well in the future, according to the roadmap, it is expected to create personal accounts on the site, open offices and launch its own exchange. Various online events are already being held, there are many positive reviews on the network, we recommend that you read it. The project is on our portal under the perpetual "Deposit Protection" with a fund of $500. For every $5000 of turnover in the blog structure, +500$ will be added to the insurance fund. We offer our partners a refund of 7% of the amount of your deposit.

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