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Review and reviews of the project. Long-term low-interest from the top admin, working since 2015, profit from 0.42% to 17.77% per day (Personal choice).

Overview of the Funds Broker projectGreetings, dear partners of the Profit Huntes blog. In today's issue, we want to talk about another investment novelty in the portfolio from an experienced and stable government. The project itself is not a newcomer to the market at all, on the contrary, it has been partisan for almost 8 years, recently changed clothes and acquired updated marketing. Prepared in a high-quality format with a chic unique content. The development is competent, advertising is still maintained in silent mode, we recommend everyone to participate.

Fund Broker (Project start: October 14, 2015; Rebranding: July 11, 2023).
PERSONAL CHOICE! Top old school admin, gave a great profit - Recommended!

Overview of the Funds Broker project

According to the legend Funds Broker is a British international investment company that specializes in trading on the Forex market, as well as on stock and cryptocurrency exchanges. In the process of trading, the company's specialists use powerful modern equipment and AI-based software, which makes market analysis faster and transactions successful. In addition, the company is engaged in mining popular coins, investing in startups and other promising areas to develop its business and increase income. FNDSBROKER AI INNOVATIVE LTD has been officially registered in the UK since April 25, 2023 (registration number: 14825814).

Design The site is unique, looks high quality and professional, all materials are thoroughly prepared. At the moment, only the English version of the resource is provided, in the future other localizations may be opened. The platform is adaptive for any resolutions, navigation is convenient, everything is done in beauty. There are many pages on the site, in addition to the main information sections, there are training materials and a video gallery with instructions.

Investment line includes a wide variety of tariff plans, among which only a few working offers can be distinguished. The choice falls on the first two plans, since only they provide for daily accrual of profits and return on investment, in other cases, the body of the deposit and the declared interest are accrued at a time at the end of the tariff. The minimum investment entry threshold in the project is $30 for a plan that brings 0.42% per day for 570 business days. You can earn higher returns by investing from $130 on a plan for a period of 100 business days at 1% per day.

Investment plans of the Funds Broker project

Daily Profit Plans:

1.First Step
0.42% per day on 570 working days
Min / max contribution: $ 30 - no limit
Return of the deposit at the end of
Net income - 239.4%
Going through the breakeven 239 days

2. Classic
1% per day on 100 working days
Min / max contribution: $ 130 - no limit
Return of the deposit at the end of
Net income - 100%

Plans with accrual of profit and deposit at the end of the term:

STABILITY (from $150): 3% per day for 100 business days (ROI: 300%);
BUSINESS (from $200): 3.6% per day for 85 business days (ROI: 306%);
BUSINESS (from $250): 4% per day for 60 business days (ROI: 240%);
VIP (from $300): 7000% after 100 days (ROI: 6900%);
VIP (from $350): 5500% after 85 days (ROI: 5400%);
VIP (from $400): 3500% after 60 days (ROI: 3400%);
VIP (from $450): 1500% after 40 days (ROI: 1400%);
VIP (from $500): 700% after 20 days (ROI: 600%);
PREMIUM (from $550): 7% per day for 85 working days (ROI: 595%);
PREMIUM (from $650): 8% per day for 60 working days (ROI: 480%);
PREMIUM (from $750): 10% per day for 40 working days (ROI: 400%);
CAPITAL (from $850): 12% per day for 30 working days (ROI: 360%);
CAPITAL (from $950): 15% per day for 20 working days (ROI: 300%);
CAPITAL (from $1100): 17% per day for 15 working days (ROI: 255%);
PARTNER (from $1500): 17.77% per day for 10 business days (ROI: 177.7%).

Technical part:
- Licensed script GoldCoders
- Domain purchased at 10 years (2015 years)
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection Ddos-Guard
- SSL encryption from DigiCdrt (for 1 year) + GreenBar
- Unique design.

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at h-metrics

Discussion of the project on MMGP

Payment systems: Tether USDT TRC20, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin.
payment type: Hand (up 72 hours).
Minimum withdrawal amount — $5 (for USDT-TRC20); $25 (for ETH, LTC, DOGE); $50 (for BTC).
Commission for withdrawal no.

Affiliate program (single-level): from 1% to 15% of the deposit amount, depending on the selected tariff plan.

1% - when choosing "First Step" and "Classic" plans
5% - when choosing plans "Stability" and "Business"
10% - when choosing "VIP" and "Premium" plans
15% - when choosing plans "Capital" and "Partner"

When the number of active referrals in your structure reaches 150, the second level of partners will open, from all whose deposits you will receive 1% of the amount. Upon reaching 500 or more personally invited referrals, one more level is activated, and you can receive 1% of the investment amount of referrals of the 3rd level.

Representation Partner Program:
+5% to the base percentage of affiliate reward.

To obtain the status of "Representative" it is enough to send an application in the form and wait for approval from the administration.

> > > Registration in Funds-Broker < <
Refback 7% of the deposit amount and $1000 insurance.

Registration on the Funds Broker website, creation of a deposit and withdrawal of funds:

1. To register, follow the link from the blog to the main page of the site and press the button "Sign Up". Fill in the appropriate fields with your personal data, enter your login, work email address and password, check the upline (should be "ProfitHuntersBIZ"). Next, confirm your agreement to the terms of service, enter the captcha and press the button "Next". Next, fill in the details of your wallets and click "Sign Up».

Registration in the Funds Broker project

2. To invest in your personal account, go to the section "Open deposit". On the page that opens, select an investment plan, specify the payment system, enter the deposit amount and click the "Make Deposit". After that, check the data on the deposit and transfer the required amount to the specified details.

Creating a deposit in the Funds Broker project

3. To withdraw the accrued profit, go to the menu on the tab "Withdraw funds". Specify a payment system with an available balance, enter the payout amount, click the "Request» and confirm the output.

Withdrawal of funds in the Funds Broker project

Address, feedback form, e-mail, online support, telegram channel/chat, social networks Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Conclusion: a promising long-term project from a TOP admin. Partizanil since 2015, more than 7 years online, so we are determined to make money. The preparation is excellent, beautiful new design, many sections with original information. We design it on the blog in the “Personal Choice” category immediately after the rebranding, so to speak, we go first, active development is just beginning. Marketing is voluminous, includes many tariff plans, but we consider only the Classic plan to be the most relevant, with 1% accrual within 100 business days and a deposit refund at the end of the term. Popular cryptocurrency payments are connected, deposit and withdrawal limits are available, there are no commissions. The admin in the project is experienced, it is always a pleasure to work with him, in the future he can give a chic profit. The project is on our portal under the perpetual "Deposit Protection" with a fund of $1000. We offer our partners a refund of 7% of the amount of your deposit.

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249 reviews for "Overview and reviews of the project. Long-term low-interest from the top admin, working since 2015, profit from 0.42% to 17.77% per day (Personal choice)."

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