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Review and reviews of the investment project HeruCapital


Working hours: from 11.03.24 | On Hunter: from 11.03.24/XNUMX/XNUMX

Basic (15 $ -199 $): 1.1% per day on 14 days, deposit at the end;
Standard (200 $ -4999 $): 1.6% per day on 30 days, deposit at the end;
Advanced (3000 $ -49000 $): 2.5% per day on 60 days, deposit at the end.
Trading Bots
Spot Grid (from $0.001): floating annual return for 3/7/15 days, deposit at the end;
Infinity Grid (from $0.001): floating annual return for 10/30/15 days, deposit at the end;
Smart Rebalance (from $0.001): floating annual return for 35 days, deposit at the end.
Bet (staking)
Bitcoin (from 0.01 BTC): staking period 90 days, annual yield 200%, deposit at the end;
Ethereum (from 0.1 ETH): staking period 365 days, annual yield 130%, deposit at the end.

The project pays in manual mode (up to 12 hours).
Minimum withdrawal amount: 3$ for USDT BEP20/TRC20, TRX and 100$ for BTC.
Commission for withdrawal: 0.1$ for TRX; 0.3$ for USDT BEP20; 1$ for USDT TRC20; 15$ for BTC.

Project Chips: Trading platform with expanded services in the field of cryptocurrencies.
Domestic trade spot and futures, trading with AI bots, P2P trading.
Stacking Bitcoin and Ethereum, classic investments. Possibility of creating API keys.

A fresh, promising trading platform with classic investment marketing.
Thoughtful implementation of the legend, good site preparation, choice of languages, light/dark theme.
Popular payments with affordable limits, fast payouts, multi-level affiliate program.
The project is at an early stage of development, has not yet been highlighted anywhere, we are adding first - Take a closer look!

Accepts: Tether USDT (TRC20/ERC20/BEP20), Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana.

our deposit: 300 $

Bonuses from the blog: Refund 5% from the amount of your deposit in investments!

15 reviews for "Review and reviews of the HeruCapital investment project"

  1. Avatar photo Natallia:

    +10.51 BSC-USD
    0x0b29521ac8610ff1ba4391cb2c2d0d04bd0c3e959a190312f0023727daf179bf Mar-21-2024 05:12:01 PM +UTC

  2. Avatar photo Natallia:

    -35 BSC-USD
    0xb6933938ba6acf1eb170cb1a5d52cfd0080d25ea967080051f932724725aa48e Mar-17-2024 01:40:05 PM +UTC

  3. Avatar photo Natallia:

    -105 BSC-USD
    0xdae59c814f7def1d0c427e84c0462b5a79dafefab27e6424299c5582bbae3860 Mar-17-2024 01:22:15 PM +UTC.

  4. Avatar photo sergo1964:

    2024-03-21 15:08:50
    I invest with PH

  5. Avatar photo Natallia:

    +28 BSC-USD
    0x988dc96f9f37b28c6bdd78b800080af8dbdf43e668f6226c82a5a69e06ad4eef Mar-17-2024 02:20:47 PM +UTC. RBC from Profit-Hunters. Herucap