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ProfitBet project review and reviews. Sports watch with perpetual charges from 0.1% per hour

We do not cease to monitor promising HYIP innovations and talk about them in our reviews. This time we present to your attention a high-quality sports watch on a business theme called ProfitBet. Despite the fact that the launch of the site took place about a week ago, there is practically no advertising on the Internet, and we are impressed by the restrained pace of promotion. The advantages of the fund do not end there; separately, we can note balanced marketing, which will allow each investor to find an option to his liking. Further in the review we consider in detail what exactly ProfitBet offers us and what are its features.

ProfitBet (Project start: June 12 2019 years) SCAM!

From the legend of the ProfitBet project, it follows that the company has been organizing match fixing in the lower divisions of Europe since 2008. While someone puzzles over the moral side of such earnings, ProfitBet receives a guaranteed profit due to connections with football clubs, referees and even individual players. Now the company has a goal to enter new markets and organize special matches in other sports. That is why an online investment resource was created and the project began cooperation with private investors.

Design site looks stylish, in the design of ProfitBet can be traced to the sports theme. It will be a pleasure to work with a colorful website, and experienced contributors will find some design elements familiar. There are no complaints about site navigation, all the necessary sections are available, we have the main information for investors on the main one from the start. The data sections are structured and visually well perceived. Additional user comfort provides two language versions in Russian and English.

Marketing is in ProfitBet consists of three tariffs with an indefinite period and hourly pay. Formally, the term of the work of the contribution is 100 years, but we all understand that the terms are essentially unlimited. The trick of marketing is that profits will accrue every hour, so investors can get a high percentage of daily profits from 2.4%. These are attractive conditions, investors on such tariffs will be happy to earn, besides, perpetual marketing has shown itself quite well lately.

1. Home

  • Percent: 0.1% per hour (2.4% per day)
  • The term of the deposit - indefinitely
  • Investment amount: 5$-399$
  • Deposit is included in the calculation
  • Exit to breakeven: through 42 of the day
  • Profit per month - 72%

2. Normal

    • Percent: 0.2% per hour (4.8% per day)
    • Terms of investment - indefinitely
    • Deposit Amount: 400$-1499$
    • The deposit is included in the charges.
    • Achievement of the breakeven on the 21 day
    • Monthly yield - 144%

    3. Global

    • Percent: 0.3% per hour (7.2% per day)
    • The term of the deposit - indefinitely
    • Deposit Size: 1500$-15000$
    • The body of the deposit is already included in the charges
    • The exit in profit comes on the 14 day
    • Profit for the month - 216%

    Technical part:

    - Licensed script from H-script;
    SSL- encryption from Sectigo Limited (until June 2020 of the year);
    IP-address (1 site at this address);
    - Unique design, there are two language versions (English and Russian);
    - Protection against DDOS-Guard.

    View project status on monitoring through Allhyipmon.

    Detailed technical analysis of the project and status on blogs and monitors are available at HYIPLogs.

    Investors' opinions about the project can be found in the ProfitBet discussion thread on a popular forum. MMGP. 

    You can monitor the flow of investment through the resource. InvestorsStartPage.

    Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, Litecoin.
    type of payment: instant.
    The sum of the minimum withdrawal is 1 $.

    Partnership program: four level - 6% -2% -1% -0.5%.

    6% of 1 level referral deposits.
    2% of the contributions of level 2 partners.
    1% of level 3 partner investment.
    0.5% of investments of level 4 referrals.

    Contacts: Telegram-chat, technical support in Telegram, email address, feedback form.

    our deposit: 400$

    Hack and predictor Aviator: Sports hourly ProfitBet looks attractive in the eyes of investors and is just beginning to develop. There is no insider information on the project, but everything for good work is available - how it will be implemented in practice depends on the admin. We have good technical training and a clear desire to start and work without aggressive advertising, at the same time the project is designed for a high percentage of profitability and hourly payments, which in itself should attract investors. I must say that the investment public took the HYIP positively, so it won't be difficult to find the target audience for ProfitBet. We liked the hourly, first of all, hourly perpetual marketing, at the same time, the preparation is at the level, it is felt that the admin understands how to correctly conduct the project. We recommend that you take a closer look at the project, since the work is just beginning, and advertising is carried out without fanaticism. We offer our partners excellent refback from 7%, up to 27.07 ProfitBet will be “Under Protection”, and referrals with deposits from 500 $ will be distributed special insurance terms.

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    25 reviews to "ProfitBet project review and reviews. Sports hourly with perpetual charges from 0.1% per hour"

    1. Avatar photo ValStepanov62:

      Compensation for the project ProfitBet received. Thank.
      Date: 08.07.2019 14: 27: 18
      ID: 823208856
      Details: P36784918 → P1013420711
      Amount: 32.50 USD
      Comment: ProfitBet loss compensation from the portal

    2. Avatar photo Olesya:

      A very strange project. I didn't even visit the site yesterday. I received a message in the mail about ordering and withdrawing funds. They came yesterday. Today I ordered the conclusion itself - I fell for processing. Previously there was instant

    3. Avatar photo olga19:

      Hello, thank you for refonaback 0.70 $ project from Bona portal

    4. Avatar photo Tandem:

      The amount of 0.48 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15803211-> U870 ***. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal Tandem .. Date: 04:17 02.07.19. Batch: 269960488.

    5. Avatar photo ValStepanov62:

      After the delay, the money is credited. The project continues.
      Date of operation: 28 Jun 2019 21: 37
      Operation ID: 818045789
      Type of transaction: Transfer
      Status: Done
      obtaining Amount: $ 20.80
      Comment: Withdrawal ValStepanov62