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Review and reviews of the project RealCrypto. Overseas fast with 5% yield per day

In this review, we will consider a new fast RealCrypto from a foreign administration. They added a platform to the portal right on the day of launch, the project does not hurry to appear on other resources - apparently, the admin decided not to force events. The project proposes to work with high percentages of 5% per day, and the deposit is not included in these charges and, under the terms of marketing, returns at the end. Such a proposal will be interesting to fans of fasts, as well as to those who prefer instant payouts, since RealCrypto is connected to instant. On the blog issued this fast format VIP with increased 1000 $ protection.

Realcrypto (Project start: June 20 2019 years). PROBLEMS!

According to the legend RealCrypto project was founded by real estate businessmen who risked starting a business with cryptocurrencies. The project’s activities are not described in detail, but it is known that the company performs cryptoinvestment through the real estate business. For most investors, such a justification of the profitability obtained is sufficient; let us not forget that there is fast in front of us, and the detailed study of the legend is unusual for projects in this category.

Design Fund more points to the company's connection with real estate than to activities in the field of cryptocurrency. The design of RealCrypto is unique, with navigation familiar to the HYIP investor. Information on the pages is presented a little, but the features of cooperation with investors are described exhaustively, and this is the main thing. In general, the resource looks organic and all its pages are designed in a single color scheme. Among the shortcomings of RealCrypto, we note the absence of a Russian-language translation, which makes it somewhat difficult to work with the fund for beginners, but you need to understand that the admin is foreign and it is quite likely that the addition of a Russian translation is not planned.

Investment Plans in RealCrypto are represented by a ruler with a daily yield from 5% to 7%. The project offers a rather big profit, moreover, at the end of the investment period, the depositor’s body will return and the deposit body - that is, every day the participant receives a net return. The peculiarity of the project is that regardless of the investment method, your deposit will be converted to bitcoins and profits will also be credited in cryptocurrency. If you have invested in dollars, then the reverse conversion will occur during the withdrawal. By the sum of the entrance all plans are available, so the participant can choose the option to your taste.

1. "5% Daily"

  • 5% per day on 40 days
  • Minimum investment from 20$
  • The deposit is refunded at the end of
  • Breakeven after 20 days
  • Net yield per lap - 200%

2. "6% Daily"

  • 6% per day on 40 days
  • Minimum deposit from 150$
  • The body of the deposit will be returned at the end of the term.
  • Profit in 17 days
  • Net yield per lap - 240%

3. "7% Daily"

  • 7% per day on 40 days
  • 300 deposit amount$
  • The investment returns at the end
  • Breakeven reached in 15 days
  • Net yield per lap - 280%

Technical part:

- Gold Coders script (licensed);
- Data encryption from Let's Encrypt (for 3 months);
- IP address (one site at this address);
- Unique English-language design;
- PerfectMoney wallet has been verified.

Information on the monitoring on which the project is presented can be viewed at Allhyipmon.

Discussion of the project is available in the subject on the main investment forum. MMGP.

You can follow the flow of investments in the project on the website. Investorsstartpage.

Detailed technical analysis and project status on monitors are available at Hyiplogs.

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin. The dollars inside the project are converted into Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency exchange rate is fixed: 1 BTC = 10000 $.
type of payment: instant (instantly on request).
Minimum withdrawal amount: for dollar payments 0.1 $ (0.00001 BTC), for bitcoin - 0.0005 BTC.

Partnership program: 8% on the first level of the structure. When a certain turnover is reached, the percentage increases:

  • from 1.001 to 2.5 BTC - 10%;
  • from 2.501 to 5 BTC - 12%;
  • from 5.001 to 100 BTC - 15%.

Contacts: e-mail, phone number, office address, contact to Telegram, contact form with technical support on the site.

our deposit: 300$.

Hack and predictor Aviator: RealCrypto - a new project from a foreign administration, whose work is just beginning. As for fast, HYIP started smoothly and while there is no mass buying up of advertising. Technically, the project looks standard, nothing special is different from other HYIPs, but it has everything necessary for work. It is known that we are dealing with a foreign admin, so it is possible that development will be conducted not only in the Russian-speaking segment of the market, but also abroad. Marketing from RealCrypto is represented by a line of three tariffs, allowing you to earn from 5% to 7% per day. Since this yield does not include a deposit (its return is expected at the end of the term), we have a fairly substantial percentage of the total profit. The chip of the project is that only three bills are connected, and the funds inside the project are converted into bitcoins with a fixed rate. Nobody cancels the fact that fast marketing is always high risks, but our partners can count on enhanced “Deposit Protection” with fund from 1000 $ up to 11.07.2019, as well as a great bonus of 10% from the deposit. Only with the portal you will receive 12% refback for the second deposit and 15% for the third!

Do not forget about the new summer Seasonal stocks from the portal.

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