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Review and reviews of the investment project Stablix. Cryptocurrency platform with 0.5% stake income per day

Considering the popularity of the cryptocurrency direction, we added to our portfolio an unusual project called Stablix, which offers earnings on its own tokens. The project provides investors with an opportunity to profit from staking and high-yield deposits, has many interesting features and is in no hurry to advertise on the Internet. All details about him will be presented in this review.

Stablix (Project Start: 25 September 2021 years).

Legend Stablix is ​​associated with the cryptocurrency sphere, and in general it can be noted that the project is atypical for the HYIP industry. The site has its own STABLIX token, which is based on the Stellar blockchain. The coin has a stable exchange rate, as it is pegged to the US dollar, and it is intended for making simple and quick money transfers, lending, and storing funds. To promote the project, the PROFTIX token was introduced, in which, at the initial stage of the system's development, profits will be paid to primary investors. The exchange rate of both tokens is equal, they can be freely converted between each other through the internal exchange.

Design the site is modern, its navigation is not complicated by numerous sections, and the information presented is well structured. On the main page, users are offered only basic information, while the details can be found in the Whitepaper, video presentations and section FAQ... The fund's website is for informational purposes only and is presented in English, while users are invited to perform all investment actions through their own wallet of the platform.

investment offer is closely related to the project's own token. Investors are encouraged to buy coins and receive a profit for keeping funds in the wallet in the amount of 0.5% per day (15% per month). The accrual of profit will be unlimited in time, that is, you will receive income while you keep tokens on your balance. The project has an interesting mechanism for calculating profit: every day, at a random time, a snapshot of the blockchain will be taken and, in accordance with it, profits will be accrued to the participants, depending on who had how much time at the time of the snapshot.

  • Profitability 0.5% per day (15% per month)
  • The period of the deposit is unlimited
  • Deposit amount from 1 $
  • Withdrawal of the deposit is possible at any time

In addition to staking, the system also has the opportunity to invest funds; participants are offered four after-tariffs with different validity periods to choose from.

Tariff №1

  • Yield 20% per month
  • Deposit work period - 1 month
  • Deposit and profit - at the end
  • Profit for the term - 20%

Tariff №2

  • Yield 30% per month
  • The period of work of the deposit - 3 months
  • Deposit and profit - at the end
  • Profit for the term - 90%

Tariff №3

  • Yield 40% per month
  • Deposit work period - 6 months
  • Deposit and profit - at the end
  • Profit for the term - 240%

Tariff №4

  • Yield 50% per month
  • Deposit work period - 12 months
  • Deposit and profit - at the end
  • Profit for the term - 600%

Technical part:

  • Self-written smart contract based on the Stellar blockchain;
  • SSLencryption from Let's Encrypt;
  • Domain leased until 07.04.22/XNUMX/XNUMX;
  • Protection ddos-attacks;
  • Unique design.

View project status on Allhyipmon.

Detailed information on deposits is available at Investorsstartpage.

Stablix technical analysis and investment activity is available at Hyiplogs.

The project has a forum topic MMGP.

Payment systems: USDC, Stellar, Coinbase (BTC, ETH, LTC, Doge, Dai, BCH), Bank cards, Stablix, Proftix.
Output type: instant on request.
Application amount: no limits.
Withdrawal commission: missing.

Partnership program: single-level in the amount of 5% of attracted deposits.

Registration on the Stablix website, making a deposit and withdrawing profits:

1. Go to the Stablix website using our link, then use the button on the main page "Get Stablix", In order to open an account in the project. Next, a secret phrase will be generated for you, which needs to be saved, below we confirm its saving using the slider, and also accept the project rules. On the next page, you will be asked to reproduce the phrase, copy and paste it completely, after which we press the button "NEXT". Only then will the standard registration form be submitted.

2. If you already have a wallet Stellar, then you can import it, but it is better to create a new one, for this we press the button “GENERATE NEW WALLET". You will be prompted to set an account name and copy its key, then put a checkmark and agree with the conditions for creating a wallet, after which it remains to press the button "Go to account».

3. To activate your account, you need to make a minimum purchase of 1 Stablix, for this we press the button "Buy Stablix". You will need to specify the purchase amount and payment method, after that we click the button "Confirm and pay". You will go to the payment page and you need to transfer funds to the project details.

4. The participant will be able to receive income from staking after converting Stablix tokens into PROFTIX coins. To do this, go to the section “swap", Enter the amount and press the button"Exchange».

5. Since the profit will be accrued in PROFTIX tokens, then for withdrawal it is necessary to convert the coins to Stablix tokens, and already this token can be withdrawn to any of the available payments through the section "sell».

Contacts: feedback form, email address, Telegram accounts and Twitter.

Hack and predictor Aviator: Stablix is ​​an interesting cryptocurrency exchange that offers working percentages of profitability. The fund has been functioning for 1 month, while there is practically no information about it on advertising HYIP resources. This is due to the fact that the project is focused primarily on the cryptocurrency audience, nevertheless, favorable interest rates will cause interest among highly profitable investors.

If we talk about Stablix exclusively as an investment project, then we have a piggy bank with daily charges, which allows you to withdraw money at any time. At the same time, the site provides an extensive set of payment systems, and you can request a withdrawal to any of them, regardless of the investment currency. A big plus is that withdrawal requests are processed instantly, and there are no minimum withdrawals.

Considering the interesting implementation of the site, good results can be expected from Stablix. Transparent marketing, work on the cryptocurrency blockchain Stellar, its own token and wallet make Stablix attractive not only for HYIP investors, but also for the crypto audience. For partners of our blog, the project looks even more interesting, because you have the opportunity to receive a bonus of 7% of the amount of purchased tokens, as well as protection of deposits.

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