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Review and reviews of the project. A profitable piggy bank from an admin with experience for earning from 4.5% per day (Personal choice).

Overview of the Ventouro projectWe diluted the investment portfolio of the blog with a new highly profitable piggy bank, which allows you to receive from 4.5% on deposits and makes it possible to withdraw invested funds at any time with a commission of 10%. Technically, the project is qualitatively implemented, works on a self-written script and has original functionality. Marketing and affiliate program have progressive features to increase income, which will attract additional user interest throughout the work. The development in the project is competent, managed by an experienced administration with a good portfolio, we recommend that you take a closer look.

Ventouro (Project Start: February 11 2022 years).
PERSONAL CHOICE! Experienced admin, knows how to work, excellent preparation of the project - I recommend!

Overview of the Ventouro project

According to the legend Ventouro Finance specializes in the development of software and innovative security systems for peer-to-peer payments, including checking for various vulnerabilities in payment systems. Also, the activity is directly related to the creation of protection for cold storage of crypto wallets, which is relevant in our time and implies a stable income. Officially, Ventouro Finance Group Limited was registered in the UK on January 10, 2022 (registration number: 13838577).

Design The site is modern and, of course, unique. Externally, the site looks very attractive and professional, all the elements are carefully designed, the combination of colors is also chosen with taste. Content and contents are original and presented in English. There is also an adaptive website layout that allows you to use the resource on any modern device without loss of quality and convenience.

Marketing is The Ventouro project is equipped with a single plan with 4.5% accrual per day until 200% profit. As soon as the upper limit is reached, the body of the deposit is returned to the balance. Every Monday at 00:00 UTC, the interest rate automatically increases by +0.5%, but for a valid deposit it can be increased only 1 time. For example, now the base rate is 4.5% (at the start it was 4%), but from Monday your profit on the deposit will be 5% per day, but next Monday the rate will not change for you and will remain 5%. If you make a new deposit from Monday at 5%, then next week the tariff will change by 5.5% and will remain so until the end of this deposit. The minimum deposit is available from $30, the number of deposits is not limited. There is also the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit with a commission of 10% of the requested amount. After the plan is fully worked out with the achievement of 200% of income, the deposit is withdrawn without commission.

Ventouro project investment plan

Charges: from 4.5% daily + 0.5 every Monday
Min/max deposit: $30/$50 – $100000
The investment period is up to reaching 200%
Deposit body at maturity
Early withdrawal with a commission of 10% of the amount is possible
Total profitability - up to 300%
Exit to breakeven within 22 days

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Domain purchased on 5 years
- Dedicated server
- DDoS-protection from StormWall
- SSL encryption from DigiCert (on 1 year) + GreenBar
- Unique design.

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at h-metrics

Discussion of the project on MMGP

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, DogeCoin, Tron, Tether USDT (trc20).
payment type: Instant (withdrawal of a deposit - up to 48 hours).
Minimum withdrawal amount — 1$ (0.0003 BTC, 0.02 LTC, 5 XRP, 0.04 DASH, 20 DOGE/TRX, 5 USDT).
There is no commission for the withdrawal of profit, the commission for early withdrawal of the deposit is 10% of the amount.

Affiliate Program (three-level):
Depends on the current rank and has a double progressive accrual system based on the amount of the deposit and the daily income of your referrals.

Affiliate program of the Ventouro project

Rank 1: 4%-1%-1% of deposits and 5%-2%-1% of income (turnover of personal referrals: $0-$3500)
Rank 2: 5%-2%-1% of deposits and 6%-3%-2% of income (turnover of personal referrals: $3500-$10000)
Rank 3: 7%-3%-2% of deposits and 7%-4%-3% of income (turnover of personal referrals: $10000-$25000)
Rank 4: 8%-4%-3% of deposits and 8%-5%-3% of income (turnover of personal referrals: $25000-$70000)
Rank 5: 9%-5%-4% of deposits and 10%-6%-4% of income (turnover of personal referrals: more than $70000)

Registration on the Ventouro website, creation of a deposit and withdrawal of funds:

1. To register, follow the link from the blog to the main page of the site and press the button "Sign Up". Fill out the registration form with personal data, check the upline (should be ProfitHuntersBIZ), agree with the rules and press the button "Create Account».

Registration in the Ventouro project

2. Go to your Personal Account and open the tab “Investment". Select a payment system, enter the investment amount and click the "Create Deposit". Next, transfer the required amount to the specified wallet address.

Creating a deposit in the Ventouro project

3. To withdraw funds, select the tab “Withdrawal". Choose a payment system with an available balance, specify the wallet address in the settings, enter the amount to withdraw, then click the "Withdraw"To confirm.

Withdrawal of funds in the Ventouro project

Address, feedback form, phone, e-mail, telegram, telegram chat / channel.

Conclusion: a chic platform for investment from an experienced admin, who in the past made good money. The project has been added to the blog in "Personal Choice", prepared in the best traditions, the technical equipment is at the maximum level. A special role is played by original marketing with a high percentage of income and the functionality of the "piggy bank". Each depositor will receive 4.5% every day until it reaches 200% net profit, after which the body of the deposit will also return. In addition to the above, every week, from Monday, the percentage of income increases by +0.5% of the current rate. Another advantage is the ability to request a deposit for withdrawal at any time with a commission of 10% of the amount ordered, which is repaid after the third accrual. We consider the project worthy in the hyip investment market, it has non-standard features and is well-equipped. The excitement from the start is quite large, but competent marketing and an affiliate program with ranks should attract attention for a long time. Payments are instant, all payments are popular, a bounty program will be launched in the near future, we recommend it to everyone. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until February 25, 2022 with a fund of $500. We offer our partners a refund of refcommission 6% of your deposit.

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