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Review and reviews of the project. Investment P2E game based on a smart contract with automatic payments.

Overview of the SmartMoneyRush projectIn this review, we want to tell you about a fresh innovative game based on a smart contract, which was created with marketing that works on a queue basis without the need to necessarily attract new users. There are 20 cities available for purchase in the game with different prices and levels, the profit for each phase of the passage is 75% of the amount spent. Only one cryptocurrency, Binance Coin, is supported for investing, all payments are automatic. The preparation of the platform is high-quality, multilingual presentations have been developed, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.

Smart Money Rush (Project start: November 28 2023 years).

Overview of the SmartMoneyRush project

According to the legend Smart Money Rush is a P2E gaming platform with a smart contract that guarantees investment security, does not hold funds and automatically distributes all income. Your task is to pull Elon Musk out of a poor life and build your virtual wealth.

Design The project is unique with an interesting structure and implementation. The site is multilingual and translated into 10 popular languages; a pdf presentation in the native language has also been prepared for each localization. The internal interface is also playful, providing convenient and understandable functionality with excellent adaptability and navigation.

Investment program in the SmartMoneyRush project it is presented in the form of purchasing cities worth from 0.08 BNB to 6 BNB. There are 20 cities in total, but only 3 cities can be available for purchase at a time. At the same time, the last two most expensive cities are always open, the rest open alternately from expensive to cheap with an interval of every 6 hours. After reaching the first city, the cycle repeats, starting from the 18th city. After purchasing a certain city, profit in the first phase is not accrued to you, because it is distributed among the early participants. Starting from the second phase and all subsequent ones, you will receive 75% of the amount spent on the purchase of the city. You can upgrade your cities, reaching new levels and increasing your earnings.

Investment plans of the SmartMoneyRush project

Let's say that at the time of your login the city of Bali is active, to purchase which you need to spend 0.22 BNB. After 6 hours, the city of Tokyo opens for 0.19 BNB, and the previous city of Bali closes. After another 6 hours, Amsterdam opens and so on, while cities such as Dubai and Nuwa are always open. When the time runs out after activating the city of Brazil, a new cycle will begin with the city of Hollywood, then Qatar and again decreasing with the gradual opening of cities. For each new phase in the game you will receive 75% of your contribution to the purchase of the city.

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
— Hosting from BL Networks Gb
- SSL encryption of Let's Encrypt (on 3 months)
- Unique design
Powered by a smart contract (smart contract address).

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at h-metrics

Payment systems: Binance Coin (BNB BEP20).
payment type: Automatic.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.06 BNB. There is no withdrawal fee.

Affiliate program (three-level): 15% -7% -3% of the amount spent on purchases of cities by your referrals.
15% of the purchase amount of 1st level referrals
7% of the purchase amount of 2st level referrals
3% of the purchase amount of 3st level referrals

Affiliate program of the SmartMoneyRush project

> > > Registration in SmartMoneyRush < <
Refback 17% of the deposit amount and $500 insurance.

Registration on the SmartMoneyRush website, creating a deposit and withdrawing funds:

1. To register, follow the link from the blog to the main page of the site and connect the wallet, then click the button “Register" Fast, but paid registration allows you not to fill out a form with personal data; just check the upline ID (must be “lnprfdj"), press the button "Register" and send funds.

Registration in the SmartMoneyRush project

2. To invest in your personal account, go to the section "Cards", select an available city and click the "Activate", after which you will need to pay for the purchase by confirming the transaction. Also, the game team recorded the official video review on working with the platform.

3. The accrued profit is withdrawn automatically to the wallet from which the purchase was made.

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Conclusion: An interesting investment novelty in a gaming style based on a smart contract, which, according to the administration, is completely safe and protected from access by developers. Investor funds are not stored on the contract balance, but are automatically distributed among the participants. Work with the project begins with connecting a wallet and paying a registration fee of 0.04 BNB. Next, you buy an available city or wait for the activation of another and from the onset of the next phase you receive 75% of the deposit. I liked the implementation of the project, everything was done efficiently, the dynamics of development are also positive. In such projects you need to enter only at an early stage; the earlier you enter, the more basic rewards you will receive. The return on investment is fast, payments come automatically. There is also a drawing of 100 BNB for the first 10000 participants, we recommend it. The project is on our portal under perpetual “Deposit Protection” with a fund starting from $500. We offer our partners a refund of the referral commission of 17% of the amount of your deposit.

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8 reviews for "Review and feedback of the project. Investment P2E game based on a smart contract with automatic payments."

  1. Avatar photo Will change:

    Hi all! I'm leaving a review! I would like to support the project administrators, they asked me to leave feedback in the chat. During all this time, I have only received one payment so far, I am waiting for the phase to be completed in order to receive payments in other cities. In general, everything is quite good, no scam is planned (ha ha), but the developers only earn 10% commissions from any transaction.
    1.5750 BNB from Zurich.

  2. Avatar photo Keiris:

    Everything is fine, but not super cool yet, because the advertising is weak so far, but the idea is cool - the payment for Brazil came 0xe217f5db160398044b81ffb59bd344ef2131f4a4e59953b09c956d35619925b2

  3. Avatar photo Nicholas:

    the money arrived, not super fast of course, but safe and straight to your wallet. I will buy more cities 0.0780 BNB

  4. Avatar photo Olya:

    Tokyo here's the payout

    I joined the project from the leader’s advertisement, the admins are in the chat 24/7, which is very pleasing. They maintain a positive attitude in the chat and attract bloggers.
    What I liked most was that they were making jokes and not hiding anything.

  5. Avatar photo Ghosh:

    Yes, everything is clear, they pay, scam is impossible, the project is not taking off sharply, yes, they are looking for their own approaches to advertising. I believe he is well prepared, everything will work out!
    My RIM payout:

  6. Avatar photo Artem:

    Oddly enough, but payments come immediately as soon as the cycle closes.

  7. Avatar photo Roma:

    Pays. For Nyuva, $1024 has already arrived. Go straight to metamask.

  8. Avatar photo Dimadin:

    Interesting ?
    Yes, the main thing is that there is no cash register, at least they can’t do an exit scam, I looked in the chat, the payments are coming, I think we should try