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Review and reviews of the project MySolidCoin. Powerful cryptoplatform with 6.66% charges per day

The portfolio of the blog has been replenished with a high-quality crypto project MySolidCoin with an excellent study of marketing, technology and legend. We added the platform as a personal choice and for a reason - there have not been such outstanding funds on the horizon for a long time with great opportunities for depositors. The project has been coolly implemented - according to all data, we are dealing with an experienced foreign administration, which promotes the project more in the crypto environment than among HYIP investors. Advertising on Russian-language resources is minimal, the fund's prospects can be very bright, and each of us has a chance to increase our bitcoins. The project has a lot of chips, further we will analyze them in detail in the review.

MySolidCoin (Project start: June 21 2019 years) PROBLEMS

According to the legend MySolidCoin is a UK-based financial platform with a free bitcoin tap integrated. But the main activity of the company is to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges - it is for its implementation that the project takes control over the funds of investors. The legend of the fund is described in detail, in particular, on the resource pages, you can find out that MySolidCoin pays out free Bitcoins using money from advertising. And as we know, it is under this scheme that all bitcoin cranes work. As for cryptocurrency trading, its company specialists carry out on BitMEX and PrimeXBT. The administration has worked well for the legend and on the project site you can see advertising spaces that are rented for banners - this is an advertising exchange. Interestingly, with the ad blocker enabled in the browser, the user will not be able to visit the site - you will need to turn it off first.

Design The project is not typical for HYIP. Moreover, even the navigation and resource sections are clearly not the same as in the usual for us investment projects. Despite the fact that there are few sections on the site, and all of them are localized in the top menu, the first impression is that the site is difficult to master. In fact, it is enough to attend it for a couple of minutes, walk through sections, and quickly get used to the features of the resource. The information on the pages is presented enough to find out all the necessary facts about the project and cooperation with investors, however, it is available only in the English version. Separately, we note the presence in MySolidCoin active crypto forum.

Investment conditions project tied directly to his legend. Earnings from MySolidCoin starts right from registration, because already after creating an account on the site, you will begin to receive profits in the amount of Satoshi 5 per minute through a bitcoin tap (up to 0.003 BTC per month).

To get more you need to make a deposit in the project, the investment is carried out in two stages. First, the depositor is required to transfer Bitcoins to his balance in the project, and then activate the deposit through the Purchase Treasures tab. It will contain several packages with specific investment amounts, but the return conditions for all of them are the same:

  • 6.66% per day on 30 days
  • Min./max. deposit amount: from 0.0003 BTC to 1 BTC
  • Deposit is included in the calculation
  • Exit to breakeven: in 15 days
  • Profit for the entire term: 100%

Additional opportunities for earnings provides blockchain casino with honesty control. For personal funds or received from Satoshi's tap, a participant can play and test his luck:

  • Play three boxes - the participant is invited to make a bet from 10 to 5000 Satoshi and select one of three boxes. If he chooses a winning option, he gets a prize. You can win an amount ranging from 1 to 3 bets.
  • Play coin toss - a game like "eagle or tails." Making a bet from 10 to Satoshi 5000, the participant chooses one of two options and either loses the bet or gets the same amount on his balance.

Participants with contributions to the project can make larger bets - up to Satoshi 100000.  

Investment Features:

  • A participant cannot have two deposits simultaneously. If you create a new deposit, then the previous deposit and profit from it are canceled.
  • With the withdrawal of small amounts, there is a large commission, so it is more profitable to submit applications from 0.01 BTC.
  • The accruals will continue until the maximum amount is reached, after which the profit will stop dripping. Therefore, funds must be regularly withdrawn to the balance - the smaller the deposit, the more often it will have to be done (from 5 times a day to 1 time in 3 days).
  • Additional benefits can be obtained at the expense of coupons, which are called “Magic Treasure Chest” in the project. You can get coupons in MySolidCoin communities on social networks. After entering the coupon, the participant randomly receives Satoshi or an update.
  • For users with a balance of 0.001 BTC (100 Satoshi), the "King Treasure Chest" function becomes available. It will allow you to get a bonus of up to 000 Satoshi or 5000% to your profit.

Technical part:

- Self-written script;
- SSL certificate from GeoTrust with green bar (until June 2020);
Ddos-protection against Cloudflare;
- Domain from eNom for 13 years (from 2015 to 2028);
- Unique English language design.

The investment flow in the project can be tracked through InvestorsStartPage.

Discussion of the project is available in the topic on a popular investment forum. MMGP.

Investors can monitor the project status on monitors through Allhyipmon.

Detailed technical analysis of the site and statuses on advertising sites are available at HYIPLogs.

Payment systems: Bitcoin.
type of payment: instant.
Minimum withdrawal amount makes 0.001 BTC.
Commission for conclusion: 0.0005 BTC for members without deposits and 0.0002 for those who have contributions. Participants with a balance from 0.00999999 BTC do not pay a commission.

Partnership program: 5% of direct referral deposits. From the investments of partners you can get 0.01 BTC. The project has its own referral exchange, through it you can get a random referral for 3000 satoshi (0.00003 BTC), which will be assigned to you for life.

Contacts: technical support on the site, the community in Telegram, Facebook, Twitter.

Hack and predictor Aviator: a crypto project for marketing and technology has been prepared at a very steep level, there are plenty of opportunities for investors. One of the main nuances of the site is that it is not only a bitcoin tap, but also in reality - everyone who wants to register on the site receives Satoshi 5 per minute. This free profit can be increased by making a deposit into the project, as well as by entering coupons and gambling. The important point is that the casino works honestly and this is provided by the blockchain - each participant can personally verify the veracity. Depending on the amount of investment, investors will receive a certain amount of Satoshi, as a percentage of the daily profit will reach 6.66% with the included deposit. Thus, for the month of the contribution of the participant will double its amount. If this profit is not enough, then there is an affiliate program and even the opportunity to buy referrals for yourself!

We warn our partners that from the start in MySolidCoin there are strict restrictions that cannot be ignored. If you make a second deposit, the previous one will burn, and also forget about the commission - if the amount is up to 0.001 BTC, then pay a large percentage. Therefore, it is better to save money on the balance and only then put on the conclusion. Such limits will have a good impact on the work of the project, besides, it accepts only Bitcoins, advertising is minimal at all - all this hinders the flow of investments. Although the project is not usual for HYIP players, but we advise partners to understand and understand, because it is worth it. The portal MySolidCoin will be "Under protection" until 12.07.2019, all partners pay bonus in the amount of 6% from the deposit (IMPORTANT! the project has a maximum referral payment: 0.01 btc, if you make a large deposit and we get 0.01 btc - in this case we pay a fixed refback of 120% or 0.012 btc).

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