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Review and feedback of the project. Universal advertising laboratory with a return on investment of up to 300% per year.

VALL Work Project OverviewLet's dilute high-yield projects on the blog with a non-standard investment novelty with an advertising bias. The site is based on a self-written script and at the time of the review analysis is at the testing stage to form a user base with partners. Officially, they plan to launch the project on September 15, but already now you can fully use all the resources of the resource and its functionality. You can make money both with and without investments, read the review to the end to understand which method will be most attractive for you.

Vall work (Project Start: August 19 2020 years).

VALL Work Project Overview

According to the legend the VALL project is a platform for distributing and viewing advertisements through the Smart Puzzle system, when tasks involving the collection of puzzles are performed, information with advertisements is conveyed and answers to several basic questions are taken. Such a scheme allows you to make sure that the client is fully familiar with the ad and has understood its essence. This advertising distribution technique is the most effective, which means it can attract many different advertisers. The CEO of VALL is Roman Naumko, who has been creating and implementing great ideas and programs since 2011.

Appearance site of a simple sample, made laconically, light colors prevail in design elements. All information and materials for today are presented in 4 languages ​​- Russian, English, Spanish and Turkish. The personal cabinet is original and has a friendly interface with easy navigation. The preparation is good enough. In the "Files" section you will find a high-quality presentation of the fund, video instructions on how to work with the project, and a brand book for advertising purposes.

As part of investment program in the Vall Work project, you need to complete tasks by collecting puzzles and answering security questions. To receive 100% payment for a completed task, you need to buy a contract package worth 25 VALL. 1 VALL is an internal unit of account equal to 1 USD. Without purchasing a contract, you can complete up to 5 tasks per day and receive 20% of its cost for each task, i.e. 0.041 VALL. After purchasing the package, the payment for completing the task reaches 0.206 VALL. The user can redeem only 1 contract package, but you can purchase an unlimited number of packages with the same value of 25 VALL and rent them out, receiving 80% of the total cost of the task (0.165 VALL), completed by other users with inactive profiles, i.e. not having their own package. The term of each contract is 365 days without return of the invested funds at the end of the term, the maximum earnings for each contract cannot exceed 300% of its value.

Offers for making money in the VALL Work project

How much can you earn in one task:
0.041 VALL or 0.16% per day (if you complete the task every day without purchasing a package)
0.165 VALL or 0.66% per day (if you buy a contract and rent it out without completing tasks)
0.206 VALL or 0.82% per day (if you buy a contract and complete the task)

Fixed package price - 25 VALL ($ 25)
The package is valid for 365 calendar days
The body of the deposit at the end of the term is not refundable
Total profitability - from 20% to 25% per month (240% -300% for the entire period)

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- Domain redeemed for 3 year
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption by CloudFlare (1 on year)
- Unique design.

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at Hyiplogs

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDt.
payment type: Hand (up 72 hours).
The minimum withdrawal amount is 12.5 VALL or 12.5 USD.

Affiliate Program (desyatiurovnevaya): 10% -5% -3% -2% -2% -1% ... 1% of the deposits of your referrals.

The number of open levels depends on the number of contract packages purchased by you personally. The more purchased packages you have, the more levels open in depth for rewarding purchases by your referrals.

Affiliate program in the VALL Work project

Affiliate statuses and bonuses:
1. Wall Master
Bonus - $ 500, Personal purchase - $ 500, Turnover on 5 lines - $ 10000

2.Vall Resident
Bonus - $ 2000, Personal purchase - $ 2000, Turnover on 7 lines - $ 50000

3. Vall Boss (President)
Bonus - $ 5000, Personal purchase - $ 5000, Turnover on 10 lines - $ 100000

Registration on the Vall Work website, creating a deposit and withdrawing funds:

1. To register on the site, click the round icon in the upper right corner and select "Register". Fill in the Name, E-mail, password (at least 8 characters), at least one of the contacts for prompt communication is required. Check that the referral code number is “1365“Then you can count on the maximum refback and protection of deposits from Profit Hunters. Next, go through the captcha by checking the box and press the button "Register". After registration, you need to confirm your email address. Click in the message from the LC “Confirm“, Then we find the letter in the mail and complete the registration by clicking on the link.

Registration in the VALL Work project

2. To complete tasks and view advertisements in Russian, first set the language to Russian in the profile. Then go to the section "smart puzzle", We find available tasks and click"Run". Putting the puzzle together correctly, answering the questions and clicking "To complete". If everything is done correctly, payment for the task will go to the balance.

3. To buy a package, look for the section “Buying / Selling", Press"Buy". In the window that opens, indicate the number of packages, agree to the terms and proceed to payment by clicking the button "Run". You are transferred to a payment gateway, there you select the desired payment system and transfer funds. Transfer fees can range from 1% to 5%.

Creating a deposit in the VALL Work project

4. To order a payment, go to the section "Buying / Selling". In the block "Available balance»Click«Transfer»To transfer funds to the balance for withdrawal. In the window, indicate the amount of the transfer in VALL currency, select the target wallet, form a payment request and click “Confirm". Next, you will need to confirm the withdrawal by clicking on the link in the email. After checking the transfer by financial monitoring, the funds will be on the balance sheet for withdrawal. Press the button "For withdrawal", Enter the amount, then"Run". You will be transferred to the payment gateway, where you will only have to select the payment system for withdrawal, check the amount and wait for the payment to the wallet.

Withdrawal of funds in the VALL Work project

Address, feedback form, e-mail, telegram channel, telegram chat.

Conclusion: an interesting platform with a pre-launch and an application for long-term activities. In fact, it will be an advertising platform, where users will read ads, get acquainted with the goods and services of advertisers, and they, in turn, will pay for their time spent. At the moment, the company attracts customers and does everything at its own expense, a user base is being formed, and in a couple of weeks the official launch of the project is expected. The system is quite working, here anyone can start collecting start-up capital without personal investment, and if you make a contribution, you can count on a profit of 20% to 25% per month for 365 days. Investments mean the purchase of non-refundable packages as a ticket for activating a profile and receiving various privileges, including increased payments for completing tasks, referral rewards, and more. The package price is 25 VALL, as we found out earlier, VALL is the currency for internal settlements. To earn on passiveness, you need to buy additional packages and rent them out, receiving 80% of the task cost. In fact, not everything is so difficult, go through the registration using our link, read the instructions in the review, take a few minutes to your account and understand the essence of the process. By the way, from September 3, the administration is launching an interesting promotion for investors and partners, where for every 3 purchased packages, you will get the 4th as a gift. It is also not necessary to wet, if you know how to invite, then for each package purchased by your partner you will receive 4% of its cost. This concludes our review, which is not clear, ask in the comments or in a personal, in the telegram chat of the blog or the project chat, you will definitely be helped. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until February 5, 2021 with a fund of $ 500. We offer our partners a refund of 12% of your deposit.

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