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Review and reviews of the project. Decentralized cryptocurrency of a new generation.

Yoda X Project OverviewToday we have a non-standard project in the review, or rather a new investment product with a cryptocurrency focus. We will talk about a promising Yoda X coin with a PoS mining function created by an experienced team of crypto enthusiasts who are well versed in blockchain technologies. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the details of this platform with your own coin, the advantages of which you will learn from the article, where we will tell how we can earn money together with the help of the YOD coin. The project is posted on the blog in Premium format, basic deposit protection is prepared, we recommend it to everyone.

Yoda x (Project Start: March 23 2020 years).

YODA X Project (YOD) It is a platform for the development of a new generation of decentralized cryptocurrencies, which was created to combine all the advantages of the cryptocurrency market and use it in everyday life. Especially for the coin, its own blockchain was developed, during the creation of which they took the strengths of 3 blockchains at once (Dash, Zero, Pivx) and added their own new unique algorithms and technologies, thanks to which the coin is promising in the future. The following key features are expected from the Yoda X coin: instant exchange of cryptocurrencies between blockchains, the provision of financial services for individuals, the operation of the trading platform for any physical goods and services in the p2p or b2p sphere, as well as the integration of the Yoda-X coin with fiat payment systems with the possibility of issuing debit cards.

Yoda X Project Overview

Coin mining is carried out according to the POS (Proof of Stake) algorithm, when the formation of blocks occurs with token holders directly on their balance. At the moment, there is only Presale coins with a weekly increase in the rate, today the cost of one token is 0.9 USD. After 7 days, the sale of tokens ends, and work on the launch of mining will begin. The initial issue for the launch of the blockchain is 20 million YOD coins, at the final stage no more than 20 billion coins will be issued.

Cryptocurrency owners have clearly defined tasks for the next 2 years. The most important of them are displayed in the Yoda X roadmap, which shows that listing on the first two exchanges will happen next month, and by mid-summer it is planned to enter CoinMarcetCap.

Roadmap for the Yoda X Project

Investment program differs from the usual offers announced on the blog, and represents the purchase of tokens with subsequent earnings on collective staking and on the growth of the market rate of the coin. The base value of a YOD coin is $ 1. Now there is an opportunity to buy at a reduced price with a discount and sell after entering the exchanges at the exchange rate - this is the advantage of participating in the Pre-sale stage. The main income from the long-term use of the coin depends on staking, which will take effect after April 24, i.e. when the presale ends.

In fact, when you purchase at least 100 YODs and keep them in your wallet, new coins are generated or "mining" in other words, which will be your income. Profit on staking balance is calculated every day, withdrawal of profit and the entire amount is available at any time. On a liability, each coin holder will receive from 7% to 11% profit per month, depending on their number. Moreover, with an increase in the volume of coins on the balance sheet, profitability weakens, and when it reaches 1.000.000 YODA X, mining stops altogether.

Profitability of the Yoda X project

As can be seen from the table above, it is possible to increase the resulting yield up to 71.5% per month with the help of several raising factors that grow from coin storage time on the wallet and from coin turnover in the structure.

To enable time factor you need to hold coins in your wallet for a certain period, from 7 days or more. The longer the hold time, the higher the coefficient (from 1 to 2.5). As soon as you withdraw coins, the coefficient is reset to zero. To understand how beneficial this is, let's give an example. Let's say you have 100 YODA X on your balance sheet for staking. The first week you will be making a profit of 11% per month. After 7 days, a multiplier equal to 1 is activated, and your profit will already be 22% per month, after 30 days - 24% per month, etc.

Profit increase ratio in the Yoda X project

Additionally increases profitability structure volume factor. This variable is activated after the total purchase by your partners of 10000 YODA X, the more coins in the structure, the higher the coefficient (from 0.5 to 3), and accordingly the final percentage of income will also increase.

Profit increase ratio in the Yoda X project

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption from CloudFlare (for 6 months)
- Unique design.

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at Hyiplogs

Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum.
payment type: upon request via exchanges or P2P exchanger
The minimum amount and no commission for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program: absent.

Feedback form, e-mail, social networks.

Conclusion: a high-quality platform for starting the development of its new Yoda-X cryptocurrency. Surely many have heard of such coins as Prizm or OURO with generation using posmining technology. Likewise, Yoda X does not need additional equipment and “multiplies” right on the wallet. The coin has its own blockchain and includes several unique algorithms that allow it to be technically different from competing cryptocurrencies and further realize its goals. At the moment, there is a presale of YOD coins at a reduced price, after April 24, the official launch of the platform will be announced and it will be possible to earn money on staking. We recommend buying discounted coins now, because then the base cost of one coin will grow and it will be possible to earn money on the difference in the exchange rate. To enable PoS mining, you need to wait for the presale to complete and purchase at least 100 YODs, which is 90 USD at today's price. The withdrawal of all or accumulated coins will be possible at any time through special p2p exchangers or trading exchanges, the first of which will appear earlier than a month later. The project itself is quite serious, the prospects are good and the team is ready for large-scale development, therefore we recommend diluting the portfolios with a new asset and getting ready to earn money. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until September 10, 2020 with a fund of $ 300. The project does not have a refback, so we do not offer partners a refund of the refback.

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19 reviews to "Overview and reviews of the project. Decentralized cryptocurrency of a new generation."

  1. avatar photos TimEight:

    16.12.2020 02: 43: 07
    I invest with ProfitHuntersbiz.

  2. avatar photos TimEight:

    Выплата: +0.81288806 YODAX PROFIT 19.07.2020 01:51:59 b28f8819b4e7eae97aabb81b4ef4351013533bd558ee2362f031bc2508bb2a57

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    17.07.2020 02: 36: 02

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    +0.86930044 YODAX PROFIT 13.07.2020 23:50:53 dbb4722bb484d9b784ca26ab77524df257d37f7888b7dc19aa850f1a6b492e33 Инвестирую с РН

  5. avatar photos Lisa:

    The project normally pays and will pay, and those who came in and after a month trying to get out without helping a coin at the very start, so that later they would destroy it. I’m for a coin and I will continue to develop it, because I am familiar with the creators, and I know what will happen next.

  6. avatar photos Ksenia:

    Why are you deleting my comments? They are the only true ones. Yoda X project with an illiquid coin, because the domestic rate dipped 2,5 times. Will be worse. The exchange is closed. Coin 0 has products.

  7. avatar photos Ksenia:

    And the profits that you write in your comments, so many and 10000 extra coins are formed from it. And you won’t get anywhere

  8. avatar photos Ksenia:

    You write that the project pays. And how does he pay you? With your own coins? You bought them for Fiat. So try Fiat to get there. You will not sell coins at the declared rate. So on July 12.07, iodine pays nothing to anyone. Coins brute force in the system, complete vnutryanka and network card

  9. avatar photos TimEight:

    11.07.2020 18: 59: 00

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