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Review and reviews of Alendoo crypto platforms. Powerful project with its own ICO and yield of 4% per day

In the list of our investments there is another replenishment in the form of an interesting cryptoplatform called Alendoo. On the blog a novelty posted in VIP-format and immediately note that this powerful platform is well prepared for work and offers investors a variety of opportunities for profit. In the HYIP industry, the project is presented modestly, despite the fact that Alendoo was launched in mid-March, moreover, the platform is confidently spreading over crypto-related resources. The foundation has a lot of its chips and merits, which we will write down in detail later in the review.

Alendoo (Project Start: March 18 2019 years).

Alendoo Project Overview
Legend the project has been worked out at the highest level, it is quite possible that there are elements of real activity - it’s difficult to judge exactly, but Alendoo looks like a full-fledged crypto project. From the information provided on his website, it follows that we are dealing with a platform that provides loans in Fiat on the security of cryptocurrency. For greater convenience of clients, developers are working on creating a mobile application for conducting transactions without using bank cards. It is for the financing of this project that ICO and cooperation with investors.

As the ICO- Alendoo grounds look quite organic. There is a white paper, a roadmap, a team of developers with links to their LinkedIn profiles. Well, and perhaps the most powerful argument is that the XAL platform token can be seen on several popular trackers such as Ico pulse, Trackico, Coincodex and more

Design Alendoo, in general, does not differ from the design of other crypto sites. The site is presented exclusively in the English version, there is not much information on the main one, but in abundance it is listed in the technical documentation of the project - White paper. The main feature of the Alendoo site is that it is fully functional and any user can take loans, participate in ICO, invest, which you won't see in standard hype.

Marketing is Alendoo is diverse and users are given several earning opportunities at once, which are designed for different percentages of profitability. Firstly, Alendoo has the ability to store cryptocurrencies - such a wallet, which will bring 5% per annum just for keeping coins on it. Secondly, anyone can get a loan in USDT, giving cryptocurrency on bail. The main areas of earnings are the issuance of credits and the purchase of project tokens, we shall write them further in more detail.

LEND - any user of the platform can issue loans and receive profits from this under the following conditions:

  • 4% per day for 40 days
  • Deposit - included in charges
  • Breakeven occurs on 25 day
  • Profit for the period will be - 60%

Alendoo Investment Rate

ICO - users are invited to buy Alendoo tokens called XAL, which in the future, according to the developers, will increase in price. At the moment, presale is held and you can buy coins with 30% discount. Over time, the discount will decrease, and the price of the token will rise from 0.007 $ to 0.10 $.

Ico alendoo

Technical part:

  • Self-written script;
  • SSL encryption from CloudFlare (up to 06 March 2020 year);
  • DDoS protection from CloudFlare;
  • The design is unique, in English.
  • The project has technical documentation - White paper.

Detailed information on the status of the project on monitoring is available at Allhyipmon.

You can get acquainted with the detailed technical analysis on Hyiplogs.

The dynamics of deposits and status on monitors can be tracked on InvestorsStartPage.

The project has a discussion thread on the forum. MMGP.

Payment systems: works with cryptocurrency Dash, Monero, Zcash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether.

type of payment: manual (1 to 24 hours).

Minimal on output: 0.005 BTC, 0.03 ETH, 0.01 Dash, 10 USDT, 0.05 XMR, 0.01 ZEC. The commission for withdrawal is: 0.0005 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.005 Dash, 0 USDT, 0.01 XMR, 0.005 ZEC.  

Partnership program: 6% of first level referrals.

Contacts: LinkedIn developer profiles, email address, Telegram contact, Twitter project page, YouTube channel.

Hack and predictor Aviator: Cooperation offers us a rather unusual platform that is completely sharpened for a crypto project - there is a possibility that this is not just a legend. Alendoo is well prepared both technically and in terms of marketing; there is a Whitepaper, a roadmap, even a token, which is presented on various trackers. Complementing the picture is that the project in the HYIP industry does not have much distribution, while it is actively moving ahead in crypto-related resources.

The Alendoo website is not only an informational function, but is also fully functional. We are offered to use it to store cryptocurrency with 5% per annum, issue and take loans, participate in ICO. As for the investment proposal, it looks quite attractive and will allow you to receive 4% per day with included deposit. Summarizing all the above, we note that Alendoo has prospects, does not threaten the project, since no one is in a hurry with promotion, and the fund works only with cryptocurrency, and this in itself plays the role of a deterrent. Until 01.05.2019, the site will be on Profit Hunters under the protection of deposits with the fund from $ 500, and to all our partners we pay a generous refbek in the amount of 7% from investment!

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10 reviews for "Review and reviews of Alendoo crypto platforms. Powerful project with its own ICO and yield of 4% per day"

  1. Avatar photo cerg76:

    Already the site does not open

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    Support to stop responding, apparently tired)

  3. Avatar photo de-vik:

    On the 15th I tried a withdrawal - the funds were gone from the balance, but they did not receive it on my Eth wallet))

  4. Avatar photo cerg76:

    Repair failed!

  5. Avatar photo cerg76:

    And other currencies

  6. Avatar photo cerg76:

    After several days of correspondence, a response was sent - I found an error - this is related to the address validator. Dev will clean it up tomorrow. This is already translated into Russian. Before that the essence of the answers was. that the programmer is on a mini-vacation. Probably Dev is a programmer. Maybe Monero will work

  7. Avatar photo de-vik:

    I have about the same on air, you try to withdraw the available amount on the balance, write in the upper right corner like an incorrect identification code, an incorrect minimum amount, etc.

  8. Avatar photo cerg76:

    In monero (xmr) do not invest, the output does not work. 3 different wallet set, everything writes the wrong type of address. But everything goes fine on input and everything is correct)

  9. Avatar photo sergomes:

    RCB received! 0.05 ZEC! Thanks!

  10. Avatar photo de-vik:

    Thank you for refbek
    + 0.0217 Eth
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