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Review and reviews of the P2E game Dominator ( without investments and with a yield of up to 2% per day.

In today's review, we would like to introduce you to the completely new gaming platform Dominator (DMNTR) from the Play2Earn (P2E) series, where you have the opportunity to earn real money without investment. The Dominator game can be considered one of the modern ones in the line of blockchain gaming products that we have previously used, for example Stepn and Spexy. It will also use elements of Move2Earn and Learn2Earn, which push the boundaries of earning financial rewards for simple actions. At the moment, the game is available in alpha mode, many functions have not yet been implemented, we invite you to join us at the start and now start gaining skills in the game for further earnings.

Dominator (Project Start: March 10 2024 years).
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Review of P2E game Dominator

Project DOMINATOR is revolutionary in the gaming industry with a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates smart contracts, NFT marketplace, DeFi products and all of this operates on the BSC blockchain. The game mechanics are unique and have a convenient, addictive gameplay. Currently, in addition to the Web version of the game, there is already a test application in APK format. The latest version of the application can always be downloaded via a direct link to official channel the project.

The main character in the game is the Dominators, who are sold on the internal NFT marketplace for prices ranging from $30 to $2000. Visually, the gameplay can be compared to a snake from Tetris, only the realities of current web3 technologies make it possible to combine gameplay with monetization for both players and developers. It is worth noting that any user can join the game for free, receiving a free Dominator after registration, but in order to experience normal earnings, you will have to invest in buying your own NFT character. All characters bring profit within 240 days; with proper leveling and regular transition to new levels, total marketing earnings can be increased by 2 times the amount spent on the purchase.

Review of P2E game Dominator

There are 5 types of paid characters in total, each of which includes 40 levels (stages of development). The transition to new levels is paid and occurs in local currency. The higher the level, the higher the daily reward. To understand how much is spent on levels and what net profit you can count on when completing daily tasks, we have attached a link to the full table with numbers.

Table of rewards and character leveling

Types of dominators:
0. Free (simple) - is free
1. Common (normal) — cost 29$
2. Uncommon (uncommon) — cost 99$
3. Epic (epic) — cost 499$
4. Legendary (legendary) — cost 999$
5. Royal — cost 1999$

Playing as a Dominator, the main task is to maintain energy by collecting energon on the playing field, as well as destroying opponents in the form of other Dominators and flying bots (fireflies). Eliminating opponents on the field is part of a quest, which includes a list of daily tasks to generate income.

Passing the quest in the P2E game Dominator

Marathon runner — crawl 1000 meters with the Dominator in game mode
Destroyer — destroy 5 enemy Dominators
devourer - destroy 20 flying bugs
Champion — get into the TOP 10 in the arena (optional)
Syndicate buyer — buy at least one Syndicate
Syndicate user - use at least one Syndicate

Quest start is carried out manually by pressing the “Start Quest” button; 24 hours are allotted for completing tasks from the moment of pressing. The task must be completed in full to receive 100% of the reward according to the type and level of your Dominator. If the tasks are not completed completely, the percentage of filling the scale (quanta) will be reduced by 2 times and postponed to the next day. Please note that if there are no personal referrals, the reward indicated in the table will be reduced by 50%. If there is one referral, then the reward will be reduced by 25%, if there are 2 or more referrals, then the profit will be credited in full, provided that all quest tasks are completed.

Dominator levels (1-40):
The higher the level of your character, the more profit you earn for completing the daily quest. The transition to a new level is carried out in the Aviary every 6 days by clicking Upgrade and paying a certain amount from the internal balance of DMD. There you also need to replenish the charge level of your Dominators.

In-game currency:

  • DMD (purple) — an intermediate score for receiving a reward for completing a quest. All financial transactions within the game are made from this balance, namely the purchase and improvement of Dominators, the acquisition of a Syndicate (improvement), and the exchange for DTR and DMD (gold) tokens. When converting to DMD (gold), you need to collect at least 5 DMD on your purple balance.
  • DTR (silver) — you can get coins during the game, as well as when exchanging from gold DMD. With the help of DTR, you can buy Syndicates and further improve the characteristics of Dominators.
  • DMD (gold) — this coin can be withdrawn to an external crypto wallet (Metamask, etc.) at the rate of 1 DMD = 1 USDT. You can get it by exchanging USDT for it from your wallet or by converting from your purple DMD balance. If necessary, DMD (gold) can be exchanged for DTR or DMD (purple).

Partnership program in the DMNTR project reaches up to 5 levels in depth and depends on the type of Dominator you have.

Affiliate program in the P2E game Dominator

1. Free (simple): 1%
2. Common: 3%
3. Uncommon: 4%-3%
4. Epic (epic): 5% -3% -2%
5. Legendary (legendary): 6% -4% -3% -4%
6. Royal (royal): 8% -4% -3% -4% -5%

> > > Registration in Dominator < <
our promo code: Bona

Registration in the DMNTR game, purchase of Dominators and withdrawal of funds:

1. To register, follow the link in the review and fill out a simple registration form, enter your login, password and press the button “Registration" Next, enter your nickname and confirm it with the “Confirm».

Registration in the P2E game Dominator

2. To purchase NFT characters, you need to go to the “Marketplace", select the type of dominator and press "Buy Now" Then get acquainted with the character, click "Buy Now", connect an external wallet (Metamask) and make a payment. Just in case, let me remind you that after registration you will be given a free dominator, which will also bring you profit, but not more than $40 for the entire period of its existence (8 months).

Buying an NFT character in the P2E game Dominator

3. To start receiving income, activate the quest in the “Quest"Click"Start Quest" Next, read the tasks and start playing by clicking on the “Play» in the middle at the bottom of the screen. With the help of your snake (Dominator), collect energon on the playing field to maintain energy, destroy flying insects and other Dominators, and complete other quest tasks to get daily income.

Actions to generate income in the P2E game Dominator

4. To receive a payout from the game, you need to accumulate at least 5 tokens on your internal DMD (purple) balance and convert them into DMD (gold). To do this, in the section "Wallet» click on the button «Withdraw Funds» under the purple account, exchange it for gold, then connect the wallet and withdraw funds to it.

Withdrawal of funds in the P2E game Dominator

Feedback form, e-mail, telegram, telegram channel/chat, social networks Twitter, Instagram.

Dominator (DMNTR) is a fresh blockchain game on the BNB network, which, thanks to innovative technologies, combines several directions and provides many strategies for developing your character and earning money. Now the initial stage of development is going through, the game is available in the web version, but you can already download a test application on Android on the official Telegram channel. The game will appear in stores within a few weeks, first on GooglePlay, then on the AppStore. Serious tasks have been set for the next 2 years, and a road map has been developed in this regard. We recommend starting to play with a free snake, first understand the mechanics, and then make a decision to buy an NFT. To correctly calculate when leveling up your character, use the table of rewards and expenses. There will be questions, be sure to ask them, we will try to answer everyone, our promo code - Good, registration link is above. Join the ProfitHunters team, at the very beginning of next month a laptop drawing among the best is expected, a new section will open with the TOP 10 best players and referrals, where cash prizes and gifts will also be raffled off. New game modes will also be activated, squads with friends will be introduced, a x10 arena will be organized, where you pay from $0.1 to $100 for entry and if you get excellent results, you can take x10 to the original amount. In general, unrealistic development and scalability of the game is planned, a lot of functionality and mechanics will be introduced, we recommend that you already go into the unique DMNTR game without investment and develop your skills.

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