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Review and reviews of the project An economic game with a withdrawal of money from 20% to 36% monthly (Personal choice).

Ferma Project OverviewToday we have a cool economic game for publication from the creators of the Drift project, which, by the way, has been in the blog's investment portfolio for more than 5 months and has been consistently making a profit. We fly into the second project of the TOP-admin from the start and undoubtedly hang the label "Personal choice" on it. The preparation is done at the highest level, the personal account is fast and convenient. Those who participate in the first game will understand how the platform's specifics and functionality are arranged, for beginners we will make instructions with screenshots. Marketing allows you to earn from 20% to 36% per month for 180 days, there are free ways to generate income, we recommend that everyone familiarize themselves.

Ferme (Project Start: July 5 2020 years).
PERSONAL CHOICE! A great new project from the top Drift team - I recommend!

Ferma Project Overview

According to the legend the online service Ferma belongs to Drift Games and is an economic game with the aim of developing your own virtual farm and the ability to earn real money with withdrawal to your wallets. In the course of the game you need to buy structures, improve their levels and get even more profit. The company "Drift Games LTD" is officially registered in the UK on January 14, 2020 (registration number: 12403547).

Graphic Design The project has a unique interface, is concise, but is accompanied by high-quality functionality on an individual script of its own design. The site is adaptive for viewing on any devices and prepared in the Russian version. Information content was created at the highest level, within the account there are 3 operational balances for the purpose, wide profile settings and many lotions for the convenience of working with the resource. Navigation in your account is convenient, multi-purpose user menu allows you to go to each page, using all the features. If there is no access to the main address of the site, 3 more mirrors are additionally created, which can be found in the footer of the resource.

Investment program in the Ferma project is based on the purchase of various types of farming facilities. In total, at the moment, 5 types of structures are presented for investment, each of which can be pumped up to five levels. Each building has its own initial and fixed purchase price from 10 to 1000 rubles, which immediately after payment will appear on your account with the first level. By acquiring new levels, you can increase your profitability. For example, the most affordable purchase of the "Ambar" structure for everyone costs 10 RUB and brings 20% per month, and by improving it to the 5th level, the monthly profit will be 30% of the cost. The maximum marketing return is 36% per month. The number of purchased structures is not limited, no refunds are provided for the purchase. Accruals in the project occur in real time and are saved for 180 calendar days until the profit limit for each of your levels is reached.

Ferma project investment plans

1. Barn
20% -30% per month for 180 calendar days
Min / max contribution: from 10 RUB to 1210 RUB
Deposit is included in the calculation
Total profit - from 120% to 180%
Going through the breakeven 100-150 days

2. Greenhouse
26% -32% per month for 180 calendar days
Min / max contribution: from 50 RUB to 6050 RUB
Deposit is included in the calculation
Total profit - from 156% to 192%
Going through the breakeven 94-116 days

3. Mill
28% -34.5% per month for 180 calendar days
Min / max contribution: from 250 RUB to 30250 RUB
Deposit is included in the calculation
Total profit - from 168% to 207%
Going through the breakeven 87-108 days

4. Sheep farm
28.5% -35.5% per month for 180 calendar days
Min / max contribution: from 500 RUB to 60500 RUB
Deposit is included in the calculation
Total profit - from 171% to 213%
Going through the breakeven 85-106 days

5. Fish Pond
29.5% -36% per month for 180 calendar days
Min / max contribution: from 1000 RUB to 121000 RUB
Deposit is included in the calculation
Total profit - from 177% to 216%
Going through the breakeven 84-102 days

Technical part:
- Own script
- Dedicated server
- DDoS protection from CloudFlare
- SSL encryption by CloudFlare (1 on year)
- PM-Verified Account
- Unique design.

Detailed information on monitors with this project you can look at Allhyipmon

You can see the dynamics of deposits in the project at Investorsstartpage

Detailed contributions statistics and detailed technical analysis can be viewed at Hyiplogs

Discussion of the project on MMGP

Payment systems: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, YandexMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Free-Kassa, VISA / MC, mobile operators.
payment type: Instant (for fiat - within 15 minutes; for cryptocurrencies - within 60 minutes).
Minimum withdrawal amount - from 1 to 1000 RUB (depending on the payment system).
Commission for conclusion - from 0.5% to 3.9% + fixed commission for the transfer (depending on the payment system).
Payments are available in currencies: RUB, USD, EUR and cryptocurrencies.

Affiliate Program (duplex): 7% -3% on deposits of your referrals.
7% of the deposits of referrals 1-level
3% of the deposits of referrals 2-level
5% of the replenishment of the balance "for advertising" referrals of the 1st level

Additionally, with the help of the affiliate program you will receive + 20% of earnings by referrals in the section "Surfing sites".

Ferma Project Affiliate Program

Registration on the Ferma website, creating a deposit and withdrawing funds:

1. To create a personal account on the main page, click "Register" in the upper right corner. Make sure your upline is "PROFITHUNTERSBIZ", Fill out a simple form and click"Create an account". A notification will be sent to the specified E-mail, in which you need to confirm the mail by clicking on the link in the letter.

2. We go to the Personal Account and see three empty balances. To invest, first of all, you need to replenish the balance "for shopping". To do this, in the menu section "Balance Transactions"Select the line"Balance replenishment". Next, choose the currency of replenishment that is convenient for you (rubles, dollars, euros, cryptocurrency), indicate the amount required to purchase the structure, mark the payment system from which you will transfer funds, and click on the button "Go to balance replenishment". After payment, the funds will be on your balance “for purchases”.

Top up balance in the Ferma project

3. Go to the left menu section "Purchase upgrades", Choose the building you need and click"Buy". Here you can see how much you need to pay for each level and what the profit will be. To increase the level, go to the page "My farm", Select an improvement and click on the button"To increase level". In the window that appears, confirm the increase with the button "LVL UP«.

Making a deposit in the Ferma project

4. To withdraw, go first to the section "My farm", In the block"Farm cash desk»Click«To collect profit", After which the funds will appear on the balance" For payments ". Go to the menu section "Payout earnings“, Then, as with replenishment, select the currency, then the payment system. In the window that opens, register the wallet, the payment amount and click "Order payment«.

Withdraw funds in the Ferma project

Address, e-mail, Live support, telegram channel, telegram chat, group in the social network Vkontakte.

Conclusion: a new economic game from the # 1 team, which has carefully thought out the entire economy, which allows the project to work for a long time. The administration does not hide its involvement in its first game, Drift, on the contrary, it uses it as a business card for advertising and mass popularity. Each registered user receives his first building as a gift, which will bring from 20% per month. As you develop your virtual farm, you can buy unlimited new buildings and increase the levels of your buildings, increasing your profitability up to 36% per month. There are a lot of payment instruments in the project, including well-known EPS, cryptocurrencies, mobile operators and bank cards. Each of them has its own commissions and minimum thresholds for withdrawal; in your personal account, you can independently familiarize yourself with all the information. In addition to investment benefits, participants can receive profit without investment by completing various tasks, participating in contests, inviting new partners, browsing advertisers' websites, and more. The partners like the project, in a few days our team alone made a turnover of more than $ 700k and this is just the beginning. In general, the project promises to be interesting and long-term, the preparation is gorgeous, the administration is top-notch, we recommend it to everyone. The project is on our portal under "Deposit Protection" until November 1, 2020 with a fund of $ 500. Plus $ 500 - an unlimited fund! We offer our partners refund of the refund 7% of your deposit (autorefback, no need to order).

Do not forget about the new summer Seasonal stocks from the portal.

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80 reviews to "Review and reviews of the project. An economic game with a withdrawal of money from 20% to 36% monthly (Personal choice)."

  1. Victor: is a complete divorce, with the first season everything turned out well, they grabbed money and disappeared, now they came up with season 2, let's fools invest money in a new way. Mail does not work, contact support is unanswered to inquiries.

  2. AntonTTM:

    Thank you!
    ID: 1190136720
    Description: P1025231035 → P1034909992
    Comment: Amount: 10680.00 RUB
    Ferma compensation from the portal

  3. Yang8291:

    hola a todos hace varios dias la pagina de no me carga me tiene preocupado agradeceria que alguien me pudiese ayudar

  4. Good:

    Refback now automatically comes for all games from Drift - 7% of the deposit.

  5. Dmitriy:

    I replenished it for 500 rubles, ordered a refback.

  6. kassir:

    Replenished by another 10K ... Thank you for the refback!)
    Transaction Date: October 15 2020 15: 49
    Operation ID: 1176151178
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    Sum: 800.00
    Amount with commission: 804.00
    Comment: refback for Ferma from the portal

  7. Faust:

    + 551.75 RUB
    Date: 11.09.2020 17:58:17 (UTC+3)
    ID: 1141278129
    Details: anonim → P82216584
    Comment: Amount: 551.75 RUB
    Withdraw to LYI from FERMA.GG | Telegram chat - @FERMAGG_CHA

  8. elenaiarovaia:

    thanks for the refback!
    Transaction Date: 04 September 2020 19: 12
    Operation ID: 1134187816
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    Amount: 2
    Amount with commission: 2
    Comment: refback for ferma from the portal

  9. Nataniel:


    Payment Received
    + 11.35 RUB
    Date: 04.09.2020 18:04:57 (UTC+3)
    ID: 1134121702
    Details: anonim → P8 ***
    Comment: Amount: 11.35 RUB
    Withdraw to N *** from FERMA.GG |

  10. maratkanash:

    Payment from the project: Operation date: 22 Aug 2020 11:27 Operation ID: 1121102633 Operation type: transfer Status: completed Amount: 40.00 Comment: Withdraw to TIM from FERMA.GG From: @anonim Invest with PN

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