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Overview of ICO Envion - Innovations in Blockbuster Technologies

The increased demand for blocking technology in application development has led to a rapid growth of the mining infrastructure, which is why many projects have some difficulties, as few of them use renewable energy sources and a mobility strategy for expanding opportunities.

Project Envion is an innovative solution to blockchain technologies, which allows on an industrial scale to use renewable energy throughout the globe. The development team did everything necessary to regularly expand energy suppliers for mining and created a smart network of crypto-modules with satellite communications that use energy directly from the source.

The idea of ​​ICO Envion developers is the use of marine containers with embedded equipment to connect energy directly from the source - these are solar, wind or water type power plants. Before, this has not happened yet. This is a new step in implementing the Crypto currency.

What problems does the platform solve? Envion?

A sharp drop in prices for solar-type batteries led to an instant increase in the number of photo-energy-type stations, which in turn caused the generation of excessive energy from the sun.

To solve this problem, the creators of the Envion platform launched an automatic configuration using a modular solution that allows you to independently run an independent power supply for mining. The technology guarantees ease of transportation and development around the world, ensuring independence from the political decisions of certain countries.

Cheap equipment and optimized technologies are the key to rapid scalability of the project, and the reinvestment strategy will quickly increase the number and quality of new plants for the separation of power plants. Decentralization will make it easy to install small and medium sized power plants, which means that soon, this opportunity will be used by a huge number of people, which will quickly spread the project around the world.

At the time of writing the review, only the draft Envion is able to carry out the mining of crypto-currencies around the world, without experiencing any political restrictions, without facing any problems at a spike in electricity prices and a shortage of necessary equipment. This project uses the cheapest types of electric energy, which allows minimizing costs, maximizing overall productivity and efficiency.


Remote maintenance

A well-thought-out platform for managing system modules can easily connect to any component of the system, using a decentralized network via satellite communication, or LTE.

Cheap energy

The platform uses only excess electrical energy received from sunlight, water or wind. Thus, modules for the implementation of the mining procedure use almost free electricity.

Maximum mobility

Envion creates solutions for mining with maximum mobility, using only advanced technologies, so the deployment of the network is from all sources of energy and virtually anywhere in the world.

Patented cooling system

Innovative development of the cooling system allows to develop energy efficiency, which is higher than similar systems in 40 times.

Fast return on investment

The reinvestment strategy for investors allows you to increase your income on an exponential scale.

The Envion system allows you to participate with profit for all parties - it is the complete independence of the block, the sale of revenues through the savings of electricity and the participation of investors in the ICO due to the successful implementation of the project.

Development team

Mattis Vustman is the general director of the Envion project, an entrepreneur. Among other things, he is the general director and one of the founders of a large energy investment holding.

Felix Krusenbaum is an IT specialist, entrepreneur, is the chief consultant of the general director for strategic issues.

Jonathan Kotsch is a software developer for the Envion project. Has a tremendous experience as a developer in the world's leading company, one of which is the Rocket Internet.

Nikita Funch is a specialist in the field of smart contracts and the chief consultant of Astratum with a focus on the blockbuster of the Etherium.

Januel Malchow is a high-end specialist in software development. Moreover, for a long time he worked in the testing of security systems of numerous projects.

Moriz Strub is an advanced blockbuster specialist, technical director and founder of Envion. He has excellent knowledge in mathematics, economics and technology.

The development team includes many other specialists, but the above-mentioned people are the key figures in the launch of the project Envion.


As you can see from the roadmap, the idea of ​​creating such a platform was born at the founders of the project in 2014 and already in 2017 launch of the ICO was launched. The end of the fundraising for the launch of the project is scheduled for 14 January 2018.

Distribution of tokens

Opportunities for investors

If you decide to become an investor and owner of tokens ICO Envion, then for this you need to go to the official website of the project, which is located at: Then you need to click on the "Invest in ICO!" Button, then you need to go through the standard registration procedure and deposit money into the system.

In order to calculate the possible return on investment, it is necessary to follow this link The developers claim that the profit is 161% per year! Moreover, in the long term, for 5 years, investing 100 thousand dollars, you can earn a total of about 1,7 million dollars. A well-considered reinvestment program is presented in the following picture:

Here you can see the main provisions of the project, learn more about the basic concept of work, ideas and many others.

Hack and predictor Aviator

Envion - this is an innovative, unique and very promising project, which already now attracts a lot of attention from many people due to the constant growth of interest in crypto-currencies and in the technology of blockhouses in general. If developers succeed in implementing all their plans for 100%, then they are doomed to success. It is worth noting that during the passage of the ICO they have already managed to attract investments by almost $ 50 million, and this is quite a serious indicator. Moreover, the end of the ICO is scheduled for 14 January 2018, which means only that soon the developers will launch their idea into the work, there will be a platform crypto currency, which, if it succeeds, will grow in price.

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