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Project overview

AlreumLet's talk today about an average-income unique project that has been successfully operating for 2 weeks, gradually gaining momentum. The design was developed with high quality, in original performance and translated into 4 languages. The user interface is functional and well-designed. For marketing, the program is a piggy bank with a dynamic interest rate for an indefinite period and the ability to withdraw the main investment at any time. In addition, it has several additional functions to increase your daily earnings, in general, see for yourself. (Project start: April 13 2015 years) SCAM!

According to the legend Alreum Business Group manages the financial resources of microcredit in the field of insurance. One of the main areas of activity is integrated servicing of securities transactions. Clients are given the opportunity to conduct operations in all global stock markets and work with the whole range of investment instruments. Cooperation with the largest brokerage companies in the world servicing insurance companies has made it possible to expand investment attraction and increase financial turnover in order to achieve high financial results. The company was registered in Seychelles 18 June 2011 of the year (reg. Number: 095405).

Graphic Design the project has a unique basis with elements of dynamics. Navigation is simple and convenient, all links are working. The site is presented to the user in a multilingual version of 4 translation versions: English, Russian, German and Portuguese. I would like to note that the Russian version of the site contains many errors, the rest have not been checked. But we will not focus on this, since, in general, the preparation of the design is at a high level, especially the “live” personal account pleases, which can be viewed even without registering by clicking on the link “Demo account”. The main page contains detailed statistics on the project, indicating the latest deposits and payments, identifying leaders in earnings and maintaining a history of the daily interest rate.

investment plan There is only one in the project with a floating interest rate from 1.5% to 3% on workdays and up to 1.5% on weekends. The term of the deposit is from one to an unlimited number of days, but the increase in the daily interest rate depends on the length of the term with the help of additional functions, such as: Unique multiplier and Balance booster. About the features and effects of these functions we shall write below. The withdrawal of the main deposit is available in a day, the amount will be transferred to the balance within 24 hours. The minimum investment starts from 10 $. All accruals in the project are carried out in real time.

Plan piggy bank:
Profit: from 1.5% to 3% on weekdays and to 1.5% on weekends
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 50000
The period of the deposit: unlimited
freeze deadline: 24 hours
Deposit withdrawal at any time

Unique multiplier:
Allows you to receive additional profit on the deposit, which depends on the duration of the deposit in the system. A unique multiplier affects the daily interest rate increase by multiplying the resulting multiplier by the current daily interest rate. For example, if your profit on the deposit is more than 30%, then you will be assigned a multiplier "X1.10". Let's say the daily interest rate is 2%, then your total profit for the day will be 2% * 1.10 = 2.2% and so on.

Types of multipliers:
X1.00 - Multiplier that goes by default after making an investment deposit.
X1.10 - Profit on investment deposits from 30%.
X1.15 - Profit on investment deposits from 60%.
X1.20 - Return on investment from 95%

Balance booster:
Another additional function of the project, which allows to increase profits, by keeping the accrued funds in the system. As soon as one of the balances of your earnings exceeds 10 $, you will automatically be assigned an additional percentage to your daily earnings, called the balance booster (Balance booster). The percentage can be increased by increasing your amount on the balance sheet. For example, if your balance in the system is higher than 50 $, then 7% will be additionally charged to the amount of accrued funds per day. Suppose your daily profit is 10 $, then your total profit for the day will be 10 $ * 7% = 10.7 $ and so on.

Types of balance accelerators:
1 level balance accelerator (+ 5.0%) provided that the balance is higher than 10 $
2 level balance accelerator (+ 7.0%) provided that the balance is higher than 50 $
3 level balance accelerator (+ 10.0%) provided that the balance is higher than 100 $

Technical part:
- Samopisnaya script
- The domain is redeemed for 5 years (up to 2020 year)
- Ddos-protection Ddos-Guard
- SSL encryption from Comodo (on 1 year)
- RM-verified account
- Unique design, translated into 4 languages: Russian, English, German and Portuguese.

For more information on monitors with this project you can see here:

Payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin.
payment type: During 24 hours in real time. If your profit is above 120% or the number of the batch ends on 0, then the withdrawal of the main investment is immediate.
The minimum amount and commission for the withdrawal of interest are absent

Affiliate Program (three-level): 5% -2% -1% on deposits of your partners.
5% of deposits partners 1-level
2% of deposits partners 2-level
1% of deposits partners 3-level
Affiliate remuneration is credited during 24 hours in real time.

Skype Administration:
Skype technical support: alreumsupport
E-mail Administration:
E-mail technical support:
Address, feedback form, online support, skype chat (coming soon) and groups in social networks Facebook, Youtube and Google+.

Conclusion: the project was well received by investors, the attention around it is increasing every day, according to statistics, more than 1000 users took part. The design is beautiful, you do not need to register to view the LC. Marketing in the program is convenient and well thought out, there is the possibility of obtaining additional profit with the help of a set of bonus programs. Technical assembly at an excellent level, the project is developed on a unique script. Deposit withdrawal is possible on the next day, the validity period is not limited. All accruals (deposit interest, partnership bonuses, withdrawal of the main deposit) are made in real time during 24 hours. A worthy project to add to the portfolio, they added to the listing with their own up to 1000 $. The project is with us on the portal under the “Deposit Protection” until 14 in May 2015 of the year with a foundation of 300 $. For our partners, we offer refund of the refund 6% of your deposit.

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